Billy Joe Saunders vs Shefat Isufi

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Billy Joe Saunders vs Shefat Isufi
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Saturday, May 18, 2019
Lamex Stadium, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK
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Don't like this match up.

Isufi's last two wins were intercontinental title wins, but they were against an inexperienced fighter, and a fighter with a poor record, one of them lost at Belgian level, the other, 37 years old, had been knocked out in all 4 of his last 4 losses, and Isufi failed to stop him.

Isufi has 3 losses, his last loss was in 2015, a long time ago, and he has been active, but that loss was against Dariusz Sek, who Anthony Yarde dominated and stopped. I don't think Isufi is top 200, this is the fight of his life, he should be in his prime at 29, he is active, on a winning streak, experienced, he will probably try his best, but I think this is about levels, and he is nowhere near good enough. Isufi does have activity, size on his side, he might hit harder than Saunders, but winning this fight would still be a very big ask because of the vast difference in calibre.

Saunders is unprofessional, but he is extremely skilled, talented, very good boxer, he was out of the ring for year after he put a masterclass against Lemieux, he fought in December, in an 8 rounder, fought Charles Adamu, who he was always going to lose no rounds against, but he did do well to stop Adamu for only the second time in Adamu's career, having lost 14 times. Saunders might be slightly rusty, he is moving up in weight, which will not help his power, but he is 29, hasn't been too inactive over the last 2 years, should be close to his best if he has a good training camp, and he should win this with ease.

I think this will be all Saunders, he will easily outbox Isufi early, but will attack head and body, take a toll on his opponent, and in rounds 5 and 6, he will start to take Isufi apart, and in 7, he'll stop him, unleash a sustained onslaught, Isufi will not know how to survive, will be defenceless, and he will get stopped.