Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller

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Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller
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Saturday, June 1, 2019
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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WBA (AJ's 4th defence), IBF (AJ's 7th defence), WBO (AJ's 2nd defence) Heavyweight World Titles


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Miller is very lucky to get this shot, he should have been made to fight a top 8 heavyweight before fighting Joshua, that way he could have picked up valuable, important experience, and proven he is as good as he might be, because some people don't think he is good, don't rate him, which is understandable, because at world level, he is an unproven fighter.

I think Joshua is the best in his division, he has improved a lot in the last 2 years, he might improve very slightly more with his next 3 fights, but I think Joshua is basically in his prime now. Joshua is facing a challenge reputation wise, all champions suffer the impossibility of pleasing all the fans, all champions have a lot of critics, he also has a lot more competition now than he did, this time, last year, with Wilder and Fury fighting to a draw in that great fight in December.

Experience, pedigree, well on Joshua's side, in both the amateur and professional aspects.

Joshua was a very good amateur, Olympic Gold medallist, he struggled, but he was also in against tremendous amateur fighters, Erislandy Savon, Roberto Cammarelle, he won a Silver medal in the world amateur championships in Azerbaijan, in 2011. Miller didn't have anything like as good an amateur career as Joshua, had 10-20% of the fights, and the highest level he ever fought at was the New York Golden Gloves.

I think Miller's best opponent was Duhaupas, Joshua has been in against Klitschko, that is experience on a different level, I think Joshua's top 5 opponents (in no particular order, Klitschko, Whyte, Parker, Povetkin, Takam) might be better than anyone Miller has ever beaten, they have had a similar amount of fights, but there is no comparison for pedigree, and I don't think Miller's kickboxing background helps him.

I rate Miller very highly, he isn't without his faults and weaknesses, his footwork is not great, I don't think he's a good defensive fighter, lacks head movement, but I think he is a phenomenal body puncher, pressure fighter, has an incredible amount of strength, fast hands, decent, underrated jab, and I think he can give Joshua problems. I think Miller is physically stronger than Joshua, and if he is, then that is definitely advsersity Joshua hasn't faced before.

Joshua is very good, but he also has the mindset and attitude of a champion, he doesn't overlook opponents, had he been thinking about fighting Wilder and Fury in the build up to the Povetkin fight, it may have cost him the fight, and as long as Miller getting under his skin doesn't affect his professionalism, as long as he respects Miller as an opponent, focuses 100% on beating Miller, from now, until the fight, he should be mentally prepared, should be at his best in the fight.

I think Joshua can hit Miller at will with the jab, that's there for him all night, Miller has a good jab himself, but I think Joshua has the better jab, he also has half a foot of reach on Miller, which is a big advantage.

We don't know exactly how good Miller's chin is, we know his body weight helps him soak up power, we know he has at least a decent chin, but he has never faced a puncher like Joshua, we haven't seen him take that amount of power. If Joshua can get Miller's respect early, get him to back up a bit, make him relent and ease up on the pressure, that could make a huge difference, could mean Joshua gets off to a brilliant start, but if Joshua lands clean early, and Miller takes it fine, then this will be a very interesting fight.

Joshua wants to be light in this fight, not too light, not below 240, because he needs enough weight late in the fight, when both fighters are tired, leaning on each other, just fighting on the inside and almost running on empty, but if Miller, at over 300, carrying a phenomenal amount of muscle beneath fat, is as strong as I think he is, Joshua should not come in at his strongest, be 250 or more, try his best to match Miller for strength, because not only would the strength difference still be a fair amount, but still pressured, Joshua would have less in the tank, would sacrifice stamina, Joshua, at 255, is stronger than he is at 240-245, but at the latter, he won't tire anywhere near as easily. Joshua should come in at 240-245, because Miller will push him, he will have to work under pressure, and he will want to keep up that pace.

Miller is not a puncher (although his power hasn't been really, really tested), but not only is he a good pressure fighter, but he is a very good body puncher, and if despite his slow feet, he can take his time, cut off the ring, pressure Joshua, work the body, in the early-mid rounds, that will take a toll on Joshua, pay dividends later in the fight.

Joshua is tall, has long arms, but he can fight on the inside, can work the body well himself, if I think if Joshua uses the double jab upstairs, and goes to the body with the right, maybe uses the left on the way out, if he throws that combination, he scores the points, does body work which will take a toll on Miller, and he still keeps the fight on the outside. Miller might not take body shots so well, he looks soft, might do more work in the gym with his abs than it seems, that will be tested in this fight.

Miller does have slow feet, and if he simply can't get close to Joshua, and Joshua's jab is the difference in the fight, this might turn out to be a one paced, underwhelming fight, and Joshua might win by putting up a good, solid display of fundamental, consistent boxing skills, fans won't like it, but that might what Joshua is best of doing, but I don't think this will be a negative fight, because I think Miller is a good enough pressure fighter, an aggressive enough fighter, that he will force the fight, and Joshua hit him coming in, with more than just what he needs to score the points and win the rounds.

I think the ring size will be very important in this fight, I think the smaller the ring, the better it will be for Miller. I think if the ring is very small, Miller will have a good chance to win, if the ring is very big, Miller has a very slim chance, because on the inside, this is a close, back and fourth fight, on the outside, Joshua's jab tells the story of the fight.

I think this will be a great fight, Joshua will use his jab well, early, Miller will do a good job of cutting off the ring, he will pin Joshua on the ropes in round 3 or 4, attack the body, really let the shots go, Joshua will land a few counters, but Miller will soak it up, out hustle Joshua, and probably win the rounds.

I think in the mid rounds, it will be a great fight, it will be back and fourth, high action, Miller will be the one who can push Joshua back, he will hold his ground, but both will attack the body (especially Miller), and Joshua will be able to generate more power, land the harder shots.

I think in rounds 9 and 10, both will be tiring, both trying to take a breather, Miller more so, as the fighter who carries more mass, and the body shots from Joshua will have taken more of a toll than vice verse, and when he takes a step back, takes a gulp of air, Joshua can use the jab to set up that right uppercut, maybe from an angle, if Miller, when he's tired, taken a lot of shots, doesn't see it coming, takes that right uppercut, clean, he is in trouble. I think Joshua will have Miller in big trouble, but Miller will prove to have a granite chin, will take the follow up shots from Joshua, take a beating, but Joshua won't manage to put him down, and he will punch himself out.

I think in the last 2 rounds, both will be spent, but if they both take a step back, both take a breather, tell each other to bring it, Joshua will be able to steal the points with the jab. I think both will empty their tanks, throw the kitchen sink at their opponent, both land clean shots, neither will able to generate the power they could, earlier in the fight, but Joshua will land more shots, his jab will be mostly the difference, and he will use his experience, will prove to be the better at stealing rounds without needing to push the fight, and he will edge the last 2 rounds.

I think Joshua wins by UD, 116-112, 117-111, 117-111.

I don't know miller realy well

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None of us do, that's why he shouldn't be fighting Joshua yet, because we haven't seen him tested against a top 10 heavyweight.

It's worst in my case because I didn't see his fight against duhaupas