Brandon Rios vs Humberto Soto

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Brandon Rios vs Humberto Soto
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Saturday, February 23, 2019
Auditorio Municipal Fausto GutiƩrrez Moreno, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
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Champion97's picture


Should be a great, all action fight.

Both are former world champions, Rios was a 135lb champion in 2011-12, Soto is a two-time world champion, was a 130lb champion in 2008-09, and a 135lb champion in 2010-11. This fight is at welterweight, neither fighter is a natural welterweight, but Rios is the slightly bigger, definitely the more experienced 147lb fighter.

Both fighters are past prime, both have at least a few losses, but Soto is much further past his prime than Rios, he is 38, Rios is 32, he has had 80 fights, Soto, 9 losses. Rios looked like he was done when he lost to Danny Garcia, he made that fight competitive, but was stopped brutally. Rios proved in his last fight, that he is not shot, he dominated, stopped Ramon Alvarez, looked solid. Soto comes off 3 wins in a row, his form hasn't been bad, but his last 4 fights have been non-title bouts. Soto fought twice in 2018, but didn't fight in 2017, fought once in each of 2015 and 16, so he hasn't been that active, Rios hasn't been active either, but in his last few fights, he has fought at a level above.

Soto has a great chin, but it is hard to know how much resistance he has left now, Rios is relentless, has a fair bit of power, breaks down his opponent, so Rios could stop him.

I think Rios wins a landslide, 117-111/118-110, in a one sided, but competitive, entertaining fight.

I'm amazed BR is still fighting. He should have stopped a long time ago after the Bradley fight. I get the feeling he doesn't know what else to do with himself. I wouldn't be surprised to see an upset here. Rios has struggled with motivation in the past and I just wonder how much he'll be able to get up for a fight like this. I'm not saying he'll lose but I wouldn't be shocked. It's crazy that he's only 32 after being in so many wars. Some serious miles on the clock.

Champion97's picture

Disagree on that man, look how well he did against Garcia, he isn't shot yet, mentally, he is doing well, he was drained in the Bradley fight, knew he could do better, and since then, has trained harder and lived the life better than he ever has. If he didn't know what else to do with himself, Robert Garcia, behind the cameras, would tell him to retire, Rios has been better in his lasr 3 fights, than the Bradley fight, no doubt, is training very hard. That is one question we don't need to ask, unless he has come off the wagon in the last few months, is in the gym everyday, training hard, living the life. He has a lot of miles on the clock, but being 32 and not older is still very much a factor, helps him improve his conditioning, recovery. I don't think the miles will catch up to Rios just yet.

Gold's picture

Definitely agree, he has taken a lot of brain damage throughout his career. I don't think it is too bad to see him face guys at this level if he chooses to, but it would be terrible to see him fed to another top guy looking to rebound or a top prospect where he'll take unnecessary damage.

Champion97's picture

I agree, not saying he should fight at the top again, but he is not shot just yet, and in terms of mentality, living the life of a fighter, so at this level, he is fine, I would worry more about Soto.

MINIMaxBOXING's picture

Soto SD. 115-113, 115-113, 113-115.