Luis Ortiz vs Christian Hammer

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Luis Ortiz vs Christian Hammer
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Saturday, March 2, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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This fight is not bad, but Ortiz against Usyk or Joyce would have been better.

I think Ortiz is still well within the top 10, declining slowly, but is very active, did well in his last fight, won every round and got the late stoppage, and now he is fighting again, for the third time since the Wilder fight.

Hammer is not world level, but he is good at European level, has wins over Erkan Teper and David Price, has been in against Povetkin, Fury, but he was proven not to be world level, they were easy wins for Povetkin and Fury, and Ortiz is probably about as good as Povetkin, is a very good fighter, so this should be a case of levels, and it should be an easy win for Ortiz.

Hammer is 31, he is young, and he is coming off a win over an unbeaten fighter, he seemed like he couldn't have done better against Povetkin, so if he trains for the fight of his life, tries his best, he can make this more competitive than the Fury and Povetkin fights.

I think this will be a decent fight, Hammer will try to be more aggressive than he was against Povetkin, he will have a small amount of success, might win a round or two, but he will open himself up more in this fight than he did against Povetkin, Ortiz will do pretty much all the damage, and he'll stop Hammer, maybe in 8 rounds.

If Usyk and Joyce were really pursuing fights with Ortiz then this is disappointing. Hammer doesn't have anything for him.