Hiroki Okada vs Raymundo Beltran

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Hiroki Okada vs Raymundo Beltran
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Sunday, February 10, 2019
Save Mart Arena, Fresno, California, USA
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Interesting fight.

Okada is unbeaten, 29, Beltran has 8 losses, he's 37, has been in a few wars, but Beltran has much more experience, and the much better experience, he's been in against Crawford, been in a few world title fights, Okada has had 19 fights, and he has not fought world level.

Beltran has been down at least 5 times, he has been stopped twice, has been in a few wars, has a lot of miles, I think he should have retired after the Pedraza loss. Beltran is moving up, he has not fought above 135 for over 2 years. We will see what Beltran has left, whether he is shot, or whether he has a bit left.

Okada is unproven at world level, he is unbeaten, but unproven. Okada had not fought outside of Japan, hadn't really beaten any half-decent opponents apart from Jason Pagara, when he fought in the US, took on Cristian Rafael Coria (27-6), who had never been stopped, lost wide to Paulus Moses and Daud Yordan, but still a step up from from most of Okada's first 18 opponents, Coria. Okada beat Coria, but only just, it was a split decision, all the judges scored it razor tight, and Okada was down in the last round. Custio Clayton is an unbeaten but somewhat unproven fighter, like Okada, he won every round against Coria, and Yordan, Moses beat him wide of course, so against a 36 year old Coria, a world level fighter shouldn't struggle, nevermind get pushed to only winning as narrowly as possible. Was it an off night against Coria? Was it simply a very tough learning fight? Is Okada not close to world level?

I think this might turn out to be a case of Beltran still having enough left, being strong enough at 140, to beat Okada, and Okada is simply not world level.

I think Okada's possible size advantage, but definitely the fact that Beltran is past his best, will mean Okada can make it competitive, and it will be a good fight, but Beltran is a level above, and he will win a UD, 97-93 on average.