Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Jose Zepeda

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Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Jose Zepeda
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Sunday, February 10, 2019
Save Mart Arena, Fresno, California, USA
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WBC Light Welterweight World Title (Ramirez's 2nd defence)


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140 is on a high at the moment, the top 5 are very competitive, Ramirez is up there, along with Prograis, Taylor, Baranchyk, Hooker, and Relikh is still a champion in his own right.

Ramirez was impressive in his last fight, dropped, dominated Orozco, did better after he had started training with Robert Garcia, and seemed to have learned, improved from the Imam fight. Ramirez is 26, 23-0, he will probably improve over the next couple of years.

Zepeda has a great record, 30-1, his loss came against Terry Flanagan, in 2015, for the WBO title at 135, it was an early stoppage, but Zepeda suffered a dislocated shoulder. Zepeda has had 8 fights since his only loss, the first was a No Contest, because he suffered a bad head clash cut, but he won the other 7. Zepeda hasn't beaten any proven world level fighters in his career, but he did get up off the deck to beat previously unbeaten Carlos Diaz Ramirez, in the fight before his last, Diaz Ramirez, 26-0, great record. Zepeda is 29, he is active, all but 1 of his fights since his defeat have been at 140 or higher, so he should be adapated to the weight, he is experienced, I think this opportunity is coming at the right time for him.

Both fighters have been down only once in their careers. Zepeda has 78% KOs, Ramirez has 70%, Ramirez's opposition has been better, but for power, it is interesting. Ramirez isn't really a puncher, but he has some power, and he is a great volume puncher, has that very high output which more than makes up for him not being the hardest hitter.

If Zepeda can hurt Ramirez, it will be interesting to see how good Ramirez's recovery and survival is, but also, if Zepeda can just get Ramirez's respect, early, gets him to back off a little bit, it will be interesting to see if Ramirez can box on the back foot a bit, if he can win most of the rounds without being relentless. Ramirez was able to walk throigh Orozco's power, which was a problem for Orozco, he was out worked, and he couldn't take the control, momentum from Ramirez, it might be the same in this fight.

I think this will be a good fight, it will be very competitive early, Zepeda will be at his best, there to win, but Ramirez will take his power, Ramirez will have too much variety, too much volume, and as the rounds go on, Zepeda will fade, Ramirez will come on stronger, and maybe in round 10 or 11, Zepeda will be running on empty, Ramirez's punches will do more damage, and he'll get the stoppage.

Given that Taylor, Baranchyk, Relikh, Prograis are all tied up in tne WBSS, I think the fight that makes the most sense is Ramirez vs Hooker, that would be a great fight, I think that should happen this year.

i actually think zepada will win this fight im telling you this guy is the real deal he is in prime has great counter punching which works nicely against ramirez style power to back it up as well Zepada AND NEW!!!!!