Alberto Machado vs Andrew Cancio

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Alberto Machado vs Andrew Cancio
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Saturday, February 9, 2019
Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, USA
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I think Machado is good, did well to knock out Jezreel Corrales, in a good learning fight, he was dropped, was behind, but got the win. Machado did great in his last fight, on the Jacobs vs Derevyanchenko undercard, stopped Yuandale Evans in one round, nothing Javier Fortuna didn't do, back in 2012, but Evans was coming off a win over a previously unbeaten fighter. Machado made a big statement in his last fight, but he is still somewhat unproven at world level, he is probably at his best now, at 28, 21-0, having been 12 rounds, beat Corrales, but it is hard to say if he is in the same class as the champions.

Cancio is no bum, 19-4, not a bad record, and he has wins over Rocky Juarez (past prime), Rene Alvarado, Jerry Belmontes. Canicio is coming off two wins in a row, beat an unbeaten but inexperienced fighter, then beat Dardan Zenunaj, before his last two fights, Cancio fought Joseph Diaz Jr, was stopped in 9, he also has a loss against Ronny Rios, and two close losses.

I don't think Cancio is a step up for Machado, I think he is better than Evans, not as good as Corrales, don't know about Mensah. Cancio has a good chin, he took a beating against Diaz, was stopped standing, but I think Machado hits harder than Diaz, and this is a weight above as well, so I think Machado is very capable of hurting Cancio, can definitely stop him. Machado can make a statement, impress if he stops Cancio earlier than Diaz, especially if it is over inside 6 rounds.

This might be somewhat competitive, but I think Macado will win, will stop Cancio at some point in the mid rounds.