David Benevidez vs J'Leon Love

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David Benevidez vs J'Leon Love
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Saturday, March 16, 2019
AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, USA
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I thini Benavidez has the potential to be a great fighter, he fought Gavril twice, got dropped, struggled tne first time, a tough learning fight for a 20 year old fighter, and in the rematch, he won almost a shutout against the same opponent. I was impressed by Benavidez's dominant performance against Medina, he was very young, did an absolute job on Medina. Benavidez was the WBC champion, he lost the belt because he failed a test, tested positive for cocaine, don't think that's a PED, but it's still not ideal. Benavidez comes off just over a year out, he is only 22, he has a lot of time to rebuild, he isn't inexperienced, but questions have to be asked after the failed test, losing his belt.

Love was poor in his last fight, I thought he would beat an old Peter Quillin, but he lost, and lost very wide. Love has some decent wins, his close win over Rosado was wiped off because he failed a drug test, but he still has wins over Vladine Biosse, Marco Antonio Periban, and his record isn't bad, 24-2-1-1. Love lost to Medina in 2014, and he was knocked out, he doesn't seem to have come back too well, doesn't seem to have been more dedicated to boxing, and he has been disappointing in some fights. Love can be hurt, he was down against Medina of course, he got up off the deck to beat Periban, Rosado (in a sense), and Escalera, so he can come back being hurt, has good recovery, but he does not have a good chin. Love is 31, not young, but it is not too late for him to do better than he did against Han and Quillin, and if he trains hard, shows with desire, he can be better, but I don't think he can beat Benavidez.

Ring rust might be an issue early for Benavidez, but Love isn't the fastest starter, and I think Benavidez will have hurt Love by round 4, and as the rounds go on, Benavidez will have the work rate, he'll have more boxing skills, and Love will have to take risks to have any chance of winning.

I think Love will make this competitive at times, it will be half-decent fight, but I think Benavidez will stop him in 7-9 rounds, won't have problems.