James DeGale vs Chris Eubank Jr

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James DeGale vs Chris Eubank Jr
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Saturday, February 23, 2019
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UK
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This is a 50/50 fight in my opinion.

Eubank is in his prime, DeGale is past his, but not too far past his prime.
DeGale is slightly better in my opinion, no contest as far as amateur careers go, and he has wins over Dirrell, Bute, drew with Jack, but Eubank, with no wins that compare with the exception of a 37 year old, more or less shot, Abraham. DeGale has the better resume, and has had more fights at a higher level, but he lost to Truax, granted, he avenged it, boxed well, but still, given that he vacated the belt, and it was still a tough fight for him against who in the first place was supposed to be a tune-up opponent, and even though Eubank lost to Groves, it wasn't as demoralising a loss as DeGale's loss to Truax, and I think the momentum is with Eubank.

Eubank hits slightly harder, has the output, is the better aggressive fighter, but DeGale has the much better footwork, is the better combination puncher, is the better defensive fighter, switches from head to body better. Both fighters have good variety, but DeGale is more selective.

DeGale wants this on the outside, straight shots, point scoring, that's his fight.
Eubank wants this on the inside, a tear up, as the fresher fighter, with the better chin, that will give him a great chance of winning.

If DeGale can do what Groves did, just put a solid 7 or 8 rounds in the bank by using technical skill and not letting Eubank force his brawn before brain tactics, he wins, if Eubank can cut off the ring (which I don't think he can do well), stop the movement of Degale, or can hurt him and unleash a follow up, he wins.

The amount of time DeGale spends against the ropes could be key in this fight, he should focus on staying off the ropes, could make all the difference when it comes to Eubank trying to attack.

When you think about pedigree, and consider how technically limited Eubank has been proven to be, it is easy to lean towards DeGale, but when you think about timing, it is easy to lean towards Eubank.

Eubank needs this, DeGale does not really, he has had his career, had his big fights against Dirrell and Jack, has been in tough fights, but Eubank has never been a world champion, and I think if he loses this fight, he never will be.

If DeGale loses this, he should retire, he's better than Eubank, and when you lose to a fighter who isn't honestly as good as you, you should think about retiring, ponder your career.

If Eubank loses this, that's 3 losses, and I don't think he will be a world champion because it could take him years before he could get a world title shot, and on top of him not being nearly the fighter he was made out to be, he won't be the fighter he is now, in a few years, so I don't think Eubank will win a world title, ever, if he doesn't win this fight.

I'm going with a draw, if this was the DeGale who fought Jack, he would win I think, but now, it's completely even in my opinion, I could find a reason to lean towards either fighter, but draws do happen in boxing, not that rarely, and a draw is my prediction for this fight.