Badou Jack vs Marcus Browne

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Badou Jack vs Marcus Browne
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Saturday, January 19, 2019
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Interim WBA Light Heavyweight Title


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scorecard by SALTNUTZ1


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Great match up!

Jack might be the favourite, he is the proven world level fighter, with the wins over Dirrell, Groves, Bute, and the non-defeats against DeGale and Stevenson, we know he is a good fighter.

I think Browne is good, I was impressed by his performance when he blasted out Ntetu in 1 round on the Spence vs Peterson undercard, he dominated, stopped Thomas Williams in 6 rounds, he has been dominant overall, stopped fighters earlier than current world champions.

Browne has not proven he is world level, he has been dominant overall, impressed, but it has not been a walk in the park throughout, he has been dropped twice, and pushed to a close split decision on one of those occasions. Browne's chin is very questionable, it is highly likely he does not have a tough chin, but it remains to be seen, whether he is a fighter he who is not particularly resilient but can take a good shot quite well, or whether he has a serious weakness chin-wise, and being able to hold up against a good shot is an issue.

Jack is not great, he is good, he is a two-weight world champion, he doesn't have any outstanding strengths, but no weaknesses which make him an easy target, doesn't do anything spectacular, but is a solid, compact boxer, a great athlete, does the basics very well. Jack was a good amateur, 150-25, fought Oleksandr Usyk, beat Erik Skoglund, is a 2008 Olympian. Jack is 35, he is declining, and the Dirrell, Groves, Bute, DeGale, Stevenson fights, all hard, close fights, he was hurt against Stevenson, Bute, he has that one loss to Derek Edwards as well, when he was knocked spark out in 1 round, he is not a fresh fighter, but I don't think he will be a shot fighter for another year or two, and/or after a bad loss, against Stevenson, he definitely didn't look like a faded fighter.

If Jack wins this, I believe he will fight Dmitry Bivol, retirement can't be too far off for Jack, but that is a great opportunity, a fight he would be under pressure in, going into, a good payday, and if he wins this, loses that, I think he'd probably retire, but he has to win this first. I don't think Jack beats Bivol, Gvozdyk, Beterbiev, or Alvarez, I think he gives them all problems, makes any fight competitive.

For Browne, this is his biggest test, chance to prove he is world level, he is fighting a 35 year old Jack, who didn't actually beat Stevenson, so if he is a really good world level fighter, has a good chance against any of the top guys, he should beat Jack. Jack is has medium power, enough power to drop Groves, DeGale, but not enough to really hurt Dirrell, Bute, or trouble Groves many times throughout the fight, enough power to have a gassed Stevenson in serious bother, but not enough power to finish or even drop Stevenson when Stevenson was running on empty. Browne's chin will be tested in this fight, we will see how he takes it when he is caught clean on the chin.

Based on getting opponents out of there earlier than Beterbiev, Kovalev, Stevenson, Browne is a puncher, we've seen his power in fights. Jack can be hurt, he has a good chin, took Groves's best shots, was never really hurt against DeGale, most importantly, took Stevenson's power well, but he has been hurt in a few fights, knocked out, so it is highly likely Browne can hurt him.

This is coming at the perfect time for Browne, he is 28, 22-0, he has done 10 rounds twice, never 12, but 10. This is not too soon for Browne, not too late, I think he is a good fighter, I think he will win this, and I think he is up there with the best in the division, has a good shot against all of them, but I could be wrong, and if he loses this fight, he might never fight for a world title, and his chances against the champions are slim to none. Browne only beat Radivoje Kalajdzic by SD, and he got a lot of criticism for struggling in that fight, but Kalajdzic was unbeaten, a young fighter, and Browne beat him, probably learned a lot from that fight, Browne had a relatively short amateur career (certainly didn't have as much of an amateur as Jack had), so he has had to learn a lot in the pros, like a lot of fighters, Saul Alvarez being the best example.

I think Browne will win this, I think it will be a very interesting fight, Jack will start well, take centre ring, push Browne back, and outwork him, but Browne will clearly be the heavier handed fighter from the start. If the fight is how I think it will be for 4 rounds, Browne will have problems, and that's when his adaptability will be tested.

I think Browne will hurt Jack, maybe in round 5 or 6, if he does, it will be interesting, because Browne might punch himself out, because Jack's blocking abilities are solid, is good at surviving, so if Browne hurts him, it is not job done, and he will have to be smart.

I think if Jack recovers, he can come back into the fight, and it will be very competitive, but in round 9 or 10, Browne will land the right shot, inflict a sustained beating, and stop Jack.

Jack has done very well, overachieved, most of us thought he would lose to Dirrell, if he loses this fight like I think he will, he can walk away from boxing on a high.