Ryan Garcia vs Braulio Rodriguez Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



Ryan Garcia

Braulio Rodriguez

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I think Lopez vs Garcia would be a good fight, they are both inexperienced, Lopez looks more dominant, but Garcia has had a lot more fights, and it would be interesting to see Lopez deal with the height and reach of Garcia, but still, Lopez is more experienced at 135, and Garcia has been impressive, but not made a statement like that KO for Lopez last week. They probably will not fight for a while if ever.

Impressed by Zurdo against Hart? By the way on that note, predicting the disputed decision brought you to a lead in PCOM.

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I think in terms of where they are, Lopez is closer to fighting in big fights, possibly for titles by end of next year. I don’t think Garcia is there until 2020 at least. I think Garcia has a lot of skills, but there aren’t many fighters that I’m higher on than Lopez. I think Lopez would hurt him, as he is physically more imposing, has power, and can pressure box, which I think would give Ry a lot of issues.. I think his ceiling is higher than Munguia, and you know how high I am on him. I think Lopez could be fighting and beating guys at Lightweight like Beltrán, Fortuna, and even an Easter right now. Ryan should be fighting guys at Super Feather like Sosa, Martin Ward, or Shafikov. If he were to fight another prospect, him against Shakur I think would make sense.

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With 100% respect my friend, I think that's crazy, the kid is 21, 11-0, and ok, Menard, Silva, not bums, but no preparation for a world title fight, we have different opinions on when a fighter is ready for big fights, that's for sure. I think as Garcia learns to use his reach, he'll be better at handling that distance, which is a problem for anyone, and when it is going against Lopez, does his arrogance, attitude affect him mentally?, can his dad be calm and tell him what to do?, because I want to point out that Garcia Sr admitted his son could learn more from a better trainer, so he stepped aside, encouraged him to go to the Reynosos, Lopez Sr, does have the decency to do that?, I doubt it?, then again, it may be a father/son team that just works well, Angel Garcia, Kenny Porter, I don't believe were well known before they trained their sons, but if the way he talks about opponents is anything to go by (which it might not be), Lopez Sr is not up to much, and he should do what Garcia Sr did.

Here's my issue buddy, I more than respect your opinion based on what you've seen, but for all we know, Lopez could be a hype job, for all we know, he could be the next boxing star, but he needs more tests, needs to learn, because a fighter as young and inexperienced as him, in my opinion, is fry in a big fish aquarium when it comes to Lomachencko, etc. I don't think he beats Easter, but fighters between Menard and Lomachencko, I think he should fight next, when it is so easy, he needs to step up otherwise what's the point?, but too much, too soon.

This is a topic we strongly disagree on, but if we look back to the Munguia discussion, Roy Jones Jr, who knows more than both of us put together, sad Munguia is ready for Charlo in 1-2 fights, I said 3-4, you said he's ready now, so that suggests that for this topic, we might both be right, to an extent.

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I'm not saying Lopez SHOULD fight for one next year(though I like his chances), I'm saying they are talking like he's going to be fast tracked. He is with TR, so making a fight with Loma would be easy, and there is already one title vacant, with the potential of another if Mikey drops his belt. He is already a year older than Ry, and in spite of the experience differences, he is at a better weight than Ry is, which I think should be 130, not 135. I think Lopez Sr will likely do that when he thinks he's taken him as far as he could get him, much like Garcia.

He could be all hype for sure, I just think the days of the slow build for fighters who are "ready" are over. Guys who have an amateur pedigree and settle into a pro style early are going to start getting shots earlier than they used to. I don't always think it's the best, I'm more following what I see as the trend. I don't think Easter uses his size well enough to keep him off, and doesn't have a chin that I think could hold up. I think unless he steps up to that level, who else is that much better than Menard, but not the level of Easter or Beltran, that he could get a fight with? TR Lightweights are limited, so if may come down to who can he make a fight against that will actually be challenging. I don't think Bryan Vazquez, Verdejo, or Muwendo are much better than Menard. Pedraza and Beltran are the only other step-ups they have other than Loma. The only other Lightweights they have are prospects, like Conceicao, Saul Rodriguez, Jospeh Adorno, Bryan Lua, and Gabe Flores, and I don't think they'd feed any of them to him.

As with everything, time will tell, but all I can say in the end, is based on what I've seen of the kid, and how people talk about his future, and how soon his ascension could come, I think he's the real deal.

Forgot about the Zurdo question in the first post. I wasn't that impressed, as he does the thing he always does that drives me crazy, which is giving up his height/size to get inside, more forcing it, rather than getting inside when the fight dictates it, and lets the smaller fight hit him. He was even letting Hart press him to the ropes. A guy with that size and strength needs to show it more. I think him moving up may be necessary, but I don't know if I'd favor him over any of the current crop of champions at 175.

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In my opinion, it is simply that he isn't ready this year or next year, not saying the Lomachencko fight isn't realistically a deal that can be done, not saying he isn't the sort of fighter who should be fast tracked, I'm just saying he has a lot to learn, and 11-0, 21, with his level of opposition, in my opinion, not only is a world title fight not next, it is a way off. He should do that, unless he is a better trainer than I think he is.

I don't think so, there are a lot of fighters who are working towards big things in the fiture but won't fight for a world title until they are ready. I agree to an extent, fighters with lesser amateur experience will need more pro adaptation. I understand, Lubin was thrown in against Charlo at 21, Edwards was thrown in against Casimero at I believe the same age, but with that, let's look at how those fights turned out and how much of a factor age, inexperience was. Don't agree at all, I know he hasn't always it well, but against Garcia, he seemed to have learned from previous fights, used his jab very well in that fight, but I just don't see Lopez having the general experience to beat Easter at this stage, and I think he would get outboxed, overpowered. Good question, I think Easter is much better than Beltran, for a start. Beltran would be a good opponent, maybe someone a little bit less dangerous against a kid as green as Lopez, maybe Darleys Perez, Dejan Zlaticanan, an opponent of that calibre, definitely a step up from Menard, but not Easter, or Campbell, who I think Lopez is not ready to fight.

I respect that, it's called tabbing a fighter I believe, you say before the fighter has peoven himself that he will be a champion, maybe you get vindicated, I'll tab Marcus Browne to be world champion, Daniel Dubois, Diego De La Hoya, could be wrong, but I believe these unproven fighters are as good as you think Lopez is.

I agree, one thing he lacked was ring positioning, when Hart had him on the ropes, spin him off, turn the tables on him, take the momentum away from him, but he stood there for too long, not for most of the fight, but in the mid-late rounds. To be fair to Zurdo, he had an arm injury, and what a last round, but still, I agree, he doesn't use his reach enough, is too easy to hit. No me neither, and unless he is drained and malnourished at 168 which he didn't seem to be against Hart, then the move up in weight won't give him more power, he might carry what piwer he already has, up to 175, and he would be stronger, but wouldn't hit harder, and he would be fighting bigger opponents as well.

Do you think Charlo vs Korobov is a better fight than Charlo vs Monroe?

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I do, at least based of what I think Korobov has shown as a pro, and his pedigree as an amateur. His size and strength should give him a leg up on Monroe, and he doesn’t fight as negative as Monroe, so he will make it a fight. Whether or not he can put enough out to challenge Charlo is another thing, but I don’t think Charlo will have to chase Korobov the way he would have with Monroe.