Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan

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Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan
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Saturday, April 20, 2019
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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WBO Welterweight World Title (Crawford's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


I think Crawford is still the best in the world, and I think now, he is adapted to 147, is big enough that he is strong at the weight, isn't at a size disadvantage anymore, he is still not old, has not taken much damage in his career, and seems to be very consistent year after year in training. The fight at 147, one of the 3 or 4 best match ups to be made in boxing, is Spence vs Crawford, Spence has his fight against Mikey Garcia, and Crawford has this fight, but hopefully, that fight can still happen. This is a good fight for Crawford, Khan is a bigger name than anyone he's fought apart from maybe Gamboa, it's a high profile fight for Crawford, but I think it is also a low risk fight.

Khan was good in his prime, in 2014, when he dominated Collazo and Alexander, he was a threat to anyone, still not the best in his division in my opinion, but he was very good. Now, Khan is past his best, he has a lot of miles, been down 10 times, been in very damaging fights against Prescott, Maidana, Garcia, Diaz, and Alvarez, he's never had a good chin, but now, his punch resistance is weaker than ever. Khan isn't as fast, sharp as he used to be, he is 32, not young at all for his size, not old, but he has been through a lot in his career. Khan took a lot of time out of the ring earlier in his career, so when he was at his best, in 2014, when he was young, but experienced, working with Virgil Hunter, we didn't see much of him, the Alvarez fight was a bad idea, he admits it was a mistake now, because even though he boxed well in that fight, with Khan's chin, struggling to take shots at 147, at 155, Alvarez was only going to need one big shot.

The Lo Greco fight was nothing, Lo Greco was so terrible, wasn't there to win, he didn't test Khan at all, but the Vargas fight was interesting, Vargas did show up to win. Vargas is not world level, not even just below world level, and he put Khan down, was a physically very tough opponent for him late in the fight, ring rust was still a factor, but an opponent as limited as Vargas should be easy work for any world level fighter, Spence and Danny Garcia had no difficulty shutting him out and stopping him before the late rounds.

I don't think Khan has anything really on his side, Crawford is a strong welterweight now with the Horn and Benavidez fights, he is slightly younger than Khan, but more improtantly in this case, much fresher, with Khan having been in probably 5 very damaging fights, and Crawford has been in none. Crawford lives the life, has been consistent throughout the years, Khan hasn't. Khan should be better in this fight than he was against Vargas, because the inactivity factor is much less than what it was before he fought Vargas, but he can't get back to what he was in 2014 and what he could have been in 2015-17.

I think this will be a mismatch, because Crawford hits harder, has a better chin, because Crawford is younger and fresher than Khan, but particularly because Crawford has more technical skill, has more speed in hand and foot, Khan is not used to not being the best in those aspects, in fact, I'm not sure he ever has been the slower in a fight, definitely not for hand speed.

I think the only way Khan can get through the rounds is by not letting Crawford catch him clean, but I don't think he has the speed or agility to stop that happening, he does control range, but I don't know if he still can when it comes to fighting a Crawford level of opponent. Crawford is a great finisher, he is great at not letting opponents off the hook, and I think when he catches Khan clean, Khan won't hold up, he will be badly hurt, and Crawford can punch through him, he will probably hit harder in this fight than he did against Benavidez and Horn, and I think Khan has the worst chin out any of Crawford's opponents since Gamboa.

I think this might end in 1 round, a long round, a good 2-2 and a half minutes, but still just 1 round. I wouldn't be surprised if Khan came back to fight Brook after this fight, he would no doubt be alright for money, but he might not want to put his bragging rights on the line against Brook, and if he loses this fight as badly as I think he will, the fight might lose a lot of potential to be a good seller, and Khan might scupper that fight by fighting Crawford.

MINIMaxBOXING's picture

I'm excited for this fight. I think Khan wins the first 3 rounds and starts off with an early lead, but Bud starts to adjust, and land some nice shots, I think in the 9th round Crawford hurts Khan, puts him down, Khan gets up,Crawford attacks him and puts him down and out. The judges will have it 77-75 77-75 76-76 with Crawford ahead.