Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards

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Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
02 Arena, Greenwich, London, England, UK
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WBC Flyweight World Title (Rosales's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


Let's hope Rosales wins this, Edwards's reaction to his knockout against Nelson was bad.

This is a good match up.

Rosales is the much more experienced professional, had 31 fights, at only 24, some going, he didn't have much of an amateur career, Edwards was the better amateur, but he has only had 14 professional fights, Rosales has done 177 rounds, Edwards has done 88.

Both have already learned the hard way, Rosales, losing to Yafai, Selby, Edwards, losing to Casimero, and both are better fighters now for getting that experience, but out of who has improved more, learned more, you'd have to say Rosales, given that he is the champion, he did very well to pull out the upset and stop Higa, and Edwards, made a great statement knocking out Nelson with that great right uppercut, but Butcher, Nelson, not really on the same level as Higa and maybe even Barnes, who Rosales destroyed with a great body shot in his last fight.

Edwards displayed his power in his last fight, he might hit harder than you would think with 43% KOs, but I still think Rosales, with 61% KOs, is the more dangerous fighter.

I think Rosales wins this, I think he can stop Edwards, Edwards is the faster, maybe more technically skilled fighter, but I think Rosales will break him down, do more damage, and get the better of the late rounds.

I think this goes the distance, but Rosales wins by UD.