Shawn Porter vs Yordenis Ugas

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Shawn Porter vs Yordenis Ugas
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Saturday, March 9, 2019
Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California, USA
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WBC Welterweight World Title (Porter's 1st defence)


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This is not an easy fight for Porter, but it is not too tough a fight coming off the Garcia win, and 6 months is probably the perfect amount of time between fights for Porter, should be no ring rust, but it's enough time to rest, train, prepare.

Ugas was a very good amateur, and as a professional, he is not bad, very technically skilled, knows how to do damage, good at cutting off the ring, but I think Porter has too much foot speed, too much output, and is too strong for 12 rounds for Ugas to have the beating of him.

I think Ugas can catch Porter on the counter, won't be frustrated early by Porter's foot speed on the back foot and ability to change direction, but I think when Porter feints, moves in and out of range, he'll use his jab well, and Ugas will take time to settle down.

I think in the mid rounds, Ugas will time Porter, land the counter right, over the jab, but he won't be able to hurt Porter, Porter will keep throwing, out work Ugas, and his output will be too much for Ugas when they exchange, and Ugas won't be able to keep him off.

I think Ugas will tire down the stretch, and after 8 rounds, he will blow a gasket. I think Porter will dominate the late rounds, attack to head and body, hurt Ugas, and maybe even get a late knockdown, I don't think he'll finish him, but he will give Ugas a beating in the last couple of rounds.

I think Porter wins, UD, maybe 117-110 on average.