Leo Santa Cruz vs Rafael Rivera

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Leo Santa Cruz vs Rafael Rivera
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Saturday, February 16, 2019
Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California, USA
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WBA Featherweight World Title (Santa Cruz's 3rd defence).


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Good to see Santa Cruz staying active, he beat Frampton in 2017, beat Mares in 2018, so you can't really complain about him taking a tune-up, an easier fight, as long as he steps it back up again, takes another tough fight, later in the year, the Russell unification would be awesome, Valdez, as well, another great unification fight, all Mexican fights always deliver, but a champion shouldn't be expected to have a tough fight every time.

Santa Cruz is probably at that point when he starts to decline slowly, at 30, he is getting old for a featherweight, but he is on a winning streak, should probably have a couple of years left before he starts to look at all old in fights, so in this fight, he's basically still in his prime.

I think this is just activitiy for Santa Cruz, shouldn't be too easy, shouldn't be a tough fight for him, he should lose a maximum of 2 close rounds. This is an ideal fight for Santa Cruz to take next, because he is unlikely to take damage, but he's likely to keep getting the rounds in.

Rivera is not world level, we saw that in the Diaz fight, he lost almost a shutout, but he went the distance in that fight, lost a close decision after that, to another unbeaten prospect, 26-2-2-1, is not a bad record, but it's just a case of levels.

I think this will be an easy fight for Santa Cruz, will be extremely one sided, 120-108 on all the cards.

I think Santa Cruz should be in a unification fight, late in 2019, the Russell fight seems more likely because they are both with Showtime, both managed or at least advised by Al Haymon. Santa Cruz vs Russell is a great fight, might be the best potential fight at 126.