Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez

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Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez
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Saturday, January 26, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBA Welterweight World Title (Thurman's 5th defence)


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Good to see Thurman finally returning to the ring, he's finally defending the title which he should've lost ages ago. Thurman has been out for closer to 2 years than 18 months, that's a long layoff, he is undefeated, he has only had one quite damaging fight in recent years, in his whole career, 2 or 3 max, so Thurman is fresh, not old for his age in terms of damage taken, but the prime of his career has been cut short by his inactivity, nothing beats fighting, and 21 months-2 years out, is a lot, also, if it really hasn't been Thurman's fault, and he has had at least 2 severe injuries, then recovery, breaks from training, process of rebuilding, all raise questions about enduring the wear and tear of boxing once he's back in the ring.

Josesito Lopez is not bad, he has fought Canelo, Maidana, he's a veteran, he is 34, old, and he isn't fresh, took a lot of damage against Alvarez, Maidana, was decked twice and stopped by Berto, he has 7 losses, but, he is not shot, hasn't taken that much damage, and recent years, after losing to Berto, Lopez has been training with Robert Garcia, which seems to be doing him a lot of good as a fighter, he maybe even be better than he was a few years ago, I don't think he is at his best, but he isn't at his worst since hitting his peak either. The Berto loss was 4 years ago, Lopez returned with a 6 round shutout win, after taking 18 months out, he came back 4 months later, started training with Robert Garcia, dominated Saul Corral over 10 rounds, he was out of the ring for another year, but was still in one of the best stables in boxing, and in April 2018, he came back, went 10 rounds again, getting another one sided UD win, beating unbeaten Miguel Cruz, and looking very good in that fight, he put his performance down to how good training at the Garcia gym has been for his career. By far Lopez's best win is his win over Ortiz, he did well against Maidana, made it very competitive for a short time.

This is a great opportunity for Lopez, beating Keith Thurman is a big ask, Thurman beat Garcia, Porter, he's younger, fresher, is unbeaten, but if you are going to fight an unbeaten champion, this is a good time to do it, when he's coming off nearly 2 years out, when he's been injured, when he can't be in the best place mentally and can't be really on his game.

For Thurman, better late than never, but he needs probably 2 Fights before he can expect to get his boxing back to what it was against Garcia. This is a sensible fight for Thurman to take, it is not too much, too soon I don't think, but it is not too easy, it's tough enough that it's a fight worth taking, a fight he has to prepare for properly, a fight he will be tested in at least to some extent, but he is fighting an opponent who is past prime, not really a good world level fighter, 7 losses, so this is a good fight for him to take for his first fight back.

Lopez has some power, and he is dangerous on the inside, can fight, has that natural ability to do well when his opponent takes the fight to him, he hurt Maidana, Ortiz is not durable, but Lopez can hurt his opponent, has scored a few knockdowns in his last two fights, but he doesn't have a high KO ratio, and he isn't a puncher, still, I don't think Thurman has a good chin, he isn't naturally resilient, and I think Lopez can hurt Thurman. Thurman can hurt Lopez, Lopez is tough, but he doesn't have a granite chin, Alvarez dropped him a few times, he didn't go 6 against Chino, he was boxing well against Berto, but when Berto came on in round 6, he got stopped, might have been premature, but he still got stopped. Thurman has top level power, he might not be at the high end of that category, but he is still a puncher, and he can definitely hurt, drop a fighter with the chin and sustained damage, of Lopez.

I think Thurman is better than Lopez, he hits harder, has a lot more boxing skill, I don't think he does the fundamentals better necessarily, lacks the jab, but he has more offensive versatility,. better defence, great footwork, I think Thurman should win this without a lot of trouble.

We can expect a slow start from Thurman, he will be rusty, early, his timing, rhythm will be off, Lopez must exploit that. I think Thurman having trained, sparred, being better, still having unified in the last 2 years, will have more than enough to get the best of Lopez by round 6, and in the mid rounds, Lopez will soak up a lot of big shots. If Thurman tires, late, if his time out of the gym, or lack of intensity, is a factor, and Lopez has the stamina of a fighter who has fought in and trained a lot in the last year, and the minute is enough for him to get some gas back in the tank, then Thurman might struggle to coast to a win, not to steal the late rounds, but will struggle to make a statement. If Thurman's age helps him, if he doesn't tire, it he has been training enough, been in the gym and been disciplined enough that his fitness is good, then I think he stops Lopez.

I think Thurman wins, by stoppage, I think the fight will be close for 4 rounds, Thurman's skill and power will factor in rounds 5-7, and he will unload flurries of hard shots to head and body, draining punches, and Lopez will soak it up, keeping coming. I think Thurman will tire in rounds 8 and 9, but I don't think Lopez can stop him taking a rest, he'll be drained from all the shots taken, especially being less resilient than he used to be, but he will out work, not let him have it easy, and maybe take the rounds, but in round 10, Thurman will unload, land crushing shot after crushing shot, and Lopez won't hold up against the power, defenceless, staggering, and either the ref will stop it, or the towel will come in.