Tevin Farmer vs Francisco Fonseca

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Tevin Farmer vs Francisco Fonseca
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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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IBF Super Featherweight World Title (Farmer's 2nd defence)


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Farmer has looked great in his last two fights, especially his last fight, is very fast in hand and foot, has good technical skill, variety, great combination punching, can break opponents down by attacking head and body in volume. Farmer has had a very active 2018.

Fonseca isn't bad, good record, 22-1, he's only 24, and he isn't inexperienced, he has done very well at Latino and Inter-Continental title level, fought Gervonta Davis last year, tried his best, but was levels below, couldn't hit him, couldn't make David miss, and he was stopped in 8.

I think Farmer will win every round, easily, just use his feet, Fonseca will be a punch bag, won't be able to hit Farmer clean. Farmer could stop Fonseca, if he breaks him to the body, with accumulation of clean punches, but I think Fonseca is very resilient, and Farmer won't do much damage, but he will hurt him to the body once or twice, unload a bit, try to force the stoppage, but it will go 12, and Farmer wins a unanimous shutout, 120-108 on all the cards.

Farmer vs Davis would be great to see, with the difference in power, the unbeaten record, Davis would be a heavy favourite, but Farmer seems to have a lot more discipline than Davis, for the last year or two, he has been much more consistent.