Jermall Charlo vs Willie Monroe Jr

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Jermall Charlo vs Willie Monroe Jr
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Middleweight Interim Title


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Champion97's picture


I think Charlo is the business, might be the best in his division already, I don't think this is going 6 rounds, Monroe doesn't have a good chin, he doesn't have the most heart when it comes to having to dig deep and give it 100% at this level, he has little power, and he doesn't have the output that a non-puncher needs, which is why Tevin Farmer dropped Dib, stopped Tennyson, because he has an extremely good output, and fighters who are punchers, like Adrien Broner, that lack output, can get away with it, but Monroe lacks both.

Charlo is a phenomenal puncher, has a lot of power, is very dangerous, but it is his timing, precision, outstanding, that right uppercut that finished Julian Williams, that was a brilliant shot, Charlo's ability to box going backwards hasn't been tested, he hasn't needed foot speed, but he can cut off the ring, can walk his opponent down. Charlo's defence hasn't been great when I've seen him fight, but the only time I've seen him struggle, need his defence and lacked it was against Trout, in his other fights, his opponent hasn't been able to have any authority. I don't think Monroe can test Charlo's defence.

For 3 or 4 rounds, Monroe will be pushed back, made to work, will not be able to hurt Charlo at all with his best shots, and Charlo will just be patient, just get the jab going, and probably start to tee off in round 3, but in round 5 or 6, when Monroe is slowing down, he'll set Monroe up, and knock him out, I think in 6 rounds.

Hopefully, Alvarez will be ordered to fight Charlo, this is not his first interim title fight, Alvarez should not be allowed to go to 168 and keep the belts at 160, delay the title fight process at 160. I wonder if Alvarez and his team, if De La Hoya will want him to fight Charlo, they might vacate the belt like Alvarez did to avoid Golovkin (younger than the Golovkin he edged out), Alvarez might stay at 168. If Alvarez vs Charlo happens next year, Alvarez would be the heavy favourite, with the wins over Cotto, Lara, Golovkin most of all, his resume is on a different level, but I think Charlo beats Alvarez.

SalTnutZ1's picture

Just heard today from Canelo's team that are strong talks of staying at 168, as they think(at least that seemed to be the implication) Zurdo and Benavidez are both beatable, but also could be big Latin American events for their holidays.

Champion97's picture

Yeah I heard that, Clenelo doesn't want Charlo and Andrade. Good fights at 168 though for Alvarez, I 100% think Callum Smith beats him at 168, and I think Fielding will give him a tough fight. Alvarez is too small at 168, he should remain at 160, he is in his prime, he should fight Charlo next year, at some point, unify, but if he doesn't, and does go to a division which is less competitive, then he shouldn't be allowed to just hold the belts hostage.

TheAlterPlace's picture

I'm actually kind of excited for this fight to happen... a lot of people want Charlo vs GGG but I don't think Charlo is ready for that yet. Good fight in the since that Monroe is a tricky fighter and has gone rounds with some of the best in his division... (12 with saunders, 6 with G,) however I think Charlo will have a lot of problems here. I don't think Charlo will stop him and I think monroe actually might have a chance to pull an upset. MIGHT. I think Charlo UD but if Monroe can really be focused and try his best he's going to surprise some people.

Champion97's picture

We'll see, but Monroe lacks heart, desire in my opinion, lacks output, power, and I think this will be an easy fight for Charlo. If this goes 12 and Monroe wins 4 rounds then Charlo isn't as good as I think he is.

TheAlterPlace's picture

Yup! We'll see brother lol