Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine

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Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine
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Friday, November 30, 2018
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Good fight for Australian boxing fans.

I think these guys are roughly as good as each other, Mundine doesn't have any wins like Horn's win over Pacquiao, but Horn has only had slightly more than a third of the fights Mundine has had, only had 3 world title fights comapred to Mundine's 11, and Mundine is a two-time world champion.

Mundine is a lot bigger than Horn, he is 2 inches taller, was a world champion at 168, Horn has never even fought at 160, and 156.5 is new to him, Mundine should be strong at the weight, fought at 160 in his last fight, and Horn moving up a division and a half, so Mundine has a size advantage. Although Mundine has a size advantage, has the experience, Horn is not only the fighter with by far the best win between them, but he has a huge age advantage, he is 30, still quite young, Mundine 43, very old, and although Horn took a lot of damage against Pacquiao and Crawford, it is just two fights, he didn't take as much damage against Bailey and Funeka as the knockdowns suggest, and he doesn't have too many miles, but Mundine has been stopped 3 times, been dropped at least 13 times, been sparked once, beaten up a few times, stopped brutally at least once, so Horn is the much fresher fighter.

I think Horn is slightly better than Mundine, and I think even if it was absolute 50/50, the size aspect wouldn't compensate for the 13 year age advantage, the damage Mundine has taken, and although Mundine has more experience, he doesn't necessarily have the better experience, considering Horn has been in against Pacquiao and Crawford.

I think Horn's awkwardness, early, always moving his feet, and his swarming tactics, might be tough for Mundine to deal with, his feet will be slow, he'll be lethargic, and Horn will have the better start. I think Mundine will have a couple of good rounds, and it will be a good fight, he should be able to overpower Horn, push him back, but I think trying to force the pace, trying to utilise his weight advantage will also be very draining for him, and in the late rounds, the minute will be better rest for the younger fighter, Mundine won't be able to get it back after punching himself out.

I think in the late rounds, Horn will have a lot more in the tank, Mundine will have nothing left after 8 rounds, his weight advantage will mean Horn needs more volume, Horn might struggle doing the late rounds above 154, but that will be a much smaller factor than Mundine's age and damage taken, Mundine should be able to soak up punches easier because of his natural size advantage, but he won't hold up when Horn lands several flush shots in a row when Mundine is running on empty.

I think Horn stops Mundine in 11 rounds.

horn is far better then mundine right now