David Lemieux vs Tureano Johnson

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David Lemieux vs Tureano Johnson
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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David Lemieux has had a good year, surprising, after that embarrassing boxing lesson he got from Saunders in December 2017, but he beat Achour, however lacklustre that was, he made a statement against big mouth O'Sullivan, knocked him out in 1 round. I don't think Lemieux deserves another world title shot, he's been tested against Golovkin, Saunders, we've seen him get found out twice as very limited and one dimensional, but that is only exploited when he fights opponents of a high enough calibre to negate his aggressive tactics and ability to land a fight finisher, which is why no matter how poor he is against Golovkin, Saunders, (and it would 99% be the same scenario against Jacobs, Canelo, Andrade), he will always be able to get to and sooner or later, KO a Stevens or an O'Sullivan. It is good that Lemieux wasn't given a world title shot based on the O'Sullivan win, I think putting him on Canelo's undercard, was the right move.

I've seen Tureano Johnson fight before, it was on the Golovkin vs Lemieux undercard, he fought Eamon O'Kane, O'Kane, a good amateur, beat James DeGale, but as a professional, didn't translate well from the amateurs, and he is not a world level fighter, still, tough, comes to fight, and Johnson vs O'Kane was a good fight, Johnson dropped O'Kane twice in round 1, seemed like he was going to finish O'Kane early, but O'Kane, for the whole fight, was throwing in volume, taking Johnson's shots, pressuring Johnson, and he made it very competitive, but Johnson still won the majority of the rounds by landing slightly more, landing better, and he won a landslide. Johnson looked good against O'Kane, awkward southpaw who could be dangerous, can fight against the ropes, and can fight his way off the ropes, but he wasn't able to outbox O'Kane and make it technical, not let O'Kane get close, didn't have an easy time. Johnson has two losses, one was against Stevens, he was winning the fight, but he gassed out, and late, he was stopped. In Johnson's last fight, he was dominated over 11 rounds, and stopped in 12, against Sergiy Derevyanchenko, who just recently lost close to Jacobs, pushed him to a split decision, but got edged out for the IBF belt.

I think Lemieux will win this, Johnson does not have great technical skill at world level, he is not a complete boxer, he has tired down the stretch in the past, and he can be hurt, he has been dropped a minimum of twice in his career, stopped twice, and I don't think he can take Lemieux's power at all, I think Lemieux hits harder than Derevyanchenko and Stevens, and his sheer power, ability to intimidate and bully his opponents onto the back foot, I don't think is something Johnson can deal with, I think he'll be overwhelmed, he won't be able to hurt Lemieux, he can go on a survival mission, but Lemieux doesn't have to press hard, his lack of foot speed doesn't cost him when his opponent can't take any authority, and the aggressor will win most rounds, it will take a lot more out Johnson as well, and as soon as he is static, and Lemieux lands once, he'll go, it would be more interesting if he could somehow soak it up, like Marcos Reyes did, but still, Lemieux can only fail to make a statement by punching himself out, if Johnson is drained, he can't exploit Lemieux's fatuige, and that is if Lemieux even does go for it and throw the kitchen sink at Johnson, but I think as soon as he lands like he did against Stevens, O'Sullivan, Johnson will be out cold.

I think Johnson will be competitive early, use his feet, attack in spurts, not throw single shots, but attack in combinations, and jump out of range, make Lemieux swing and miss the odd shot, but although Johnson might win 2 of the first 4, maybe, and he'll look like he's in an even fight, he'll be taking a lot out of himself, just trying to win a round, and every time Lemieux lands a shot early, it will register, Johnson will feel the power, and Lemieux's shots will do some level of damage even early when Johnson sees them coming. If Johnson takes a minute off, maybe not even a round off, just a minute, tries to punch pick, Lemieux can just jump all over him, hit arms, gloves, anything, just make him feel the power, just get his distance, bully Johnson, and make him have to step back on the gas to get out of punching range, and that will take it out of Johnson, Lemieux's bad balance might help Johnson briefly, and his slow feet might stall the fight, but sooner or later, Johnson's movement, work rate, shots taken, it will drain him, he'll have nothing left, and when he's fatuiged, he might make a mistake, even if he doesn't, Lemieux will be able to find his range easier, get Johnson where he wants him, and knock him out.

I think Lemieux knocks Johnson out in 7 rounds.