Eleider Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev II

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Eleider Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev II
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Saturday, February 2, 2019
Ford Center at The Star, Frisco, Texas, USA
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WBO Light Heavyweight World Title (Alvarez's 1st defence)


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Champion97's picture


Great rematch, Kovalev was the A-side, the favourite, the first time, he deserves the rematch. Alvarez proved himself at world level the first time, he moved well, worked the body, didn't get intimated and let Kovalev work at a slow pace, and when Kovalev punched himself out, Alvarez was able to make him pay and then some, staggered him, sustained his attack, and had the output, power, finishing ability, to get the stoppage.

I think the biggest aspect is timing, in terms of how this fight differs from the first fight, I think it is only the beating that Kovalev took last time, the mental and physical damage, and the confidence, momentum it must have given Alvarez, that makes this fight different to the first fight. Kovalev is just slightly older than Alvarez, Alvarez doesn't have a lot of time himself, but Alvarez is much fresher, and Kovalev took a heck of a lot more damage in their fight than Alvarez did, so in terms of who is or isn't declining, or who is declining faster than who, you would have to say the timing benefits Alvarez.

Provided Alvarez doesn't get complacent, doesn't forget at all how dangerous and experienced Kovalev is, I think he wins again, and I think he wins earlier and with less difficulty than the first time. I don't think Kovalev can win this if Alvarez is at his best, he hits very hard, a very dangerous puncher always has a chance, just because Alvarez held up last time doesn't mean Kovalev can't do more damage if the right shot lands, and he can definitely hurt Alvarez, but Alvarez has a much better chin than Kovalev, is far more resilient. I think Kovalev's punch resistance will be significantly weaker this time.

I think Alvarez stops Kovalev in 4 rounds. If this fight goes the way I think it will, I think Kovalev should and will retire. I think Alvarez, late next year, should be in a unification fight.