Dmitry Bivol vs Jean Pascal

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Dmitry Bivol vs Jean Pascal
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Saturday, November 24, 2018
Mark G. Etess Arena, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
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WBA Light Heavyweight World Title (Bivol's 4th defence)


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Third fight this year for Bivol, very good 2018, been 11-12 rounds twice, won both without taking damage. I think Bivol is very good, top at 175, is still improving, but in his last few fights, he may have peaked, has impressed. For Bivol, this is not a tough fight I don't think, but it isn't easy, is a good stay busy fight. Pascal was good in his prime, beat Chad Dawson, drew with Bernard Hopkins, was a world champion for 2 years, but he is well past his prime now, has been declining for several years, took a brutal beating against Kovalev, twice, he's 35 now, has been in a few years fights. Pascal has been very active, is coming off two wins in a row over unbeaten fighters, didn't do too badly against Eleider Alvarez last year, so if he is motivated, comes to fight, this should be a good fight, and under the circumstances of being old, having miles, Pascal might do well, might have a big fight or two left in the tank.

I think Bivol has the power to hurt Pascal, but Pascal does have a granite chin, only been down once or twice in his career, his punch resistance isn't what it used to be, but he is still resilient, still, I think Bivol can hurt him. I think Bivol has a good chance of stopping Pascal, but I don't think he hits as hard as Beterbiev, Kovalev, I think his skill, speed, output are very good attributes, he still hits hard, and if he keeps the pressure on, keeps unloading punches, the accumulation might break Pascal down.

I don't think Bivol's chin has really been tested, if Pascal does land one flush, it will be interesting to see how he takes it, he hasn't been dropped, Bivol, if his chin was an issue, he probably would have struggled slightly when Barrera rarely landed, but we don't know if he has a granite chin, or if he can be hurt.

I think Bivol is better than Pascal, and he will outbox him as well, he won't take silly risks, just stick to his boxing, sustain a good pace, Pascal will have his moments, but Bivol will be winning most of the rounds, and in the late rounds, Pascal will be tiring more, having taken a lot of energy sapping punches, being the older fighter, and even though he will go for broke, Bivol will get the better of it, but I think Pascal will stay in there, keep fighting until the final bell, but will be on the end of big shots towards the end of the fight.

I think Bivol will win a UD, 117-111/119-109