Frank Buglioni vs Fanlong Meng

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Frank Buglioni vs Fanlong Meng
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Saturday, November 24, 2018
Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Medecin, Monte Carlo, Monaco
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Vacant IBF Light Heavyweight Inter-Continental Title


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This is a step up for Meng, Buglioni is a good British level fighter, and is capable of winning an Inter-Continental title. Buglioni has a lot more pro experience than Meng, he is younger as well, but Meng is the unbeaten fighter, the fresher fighter, had a better amateur career.

Meng is undefeated, he might be a good world level fighter, but he has a lot to prove, if he can't beat Buglioni, he won't be a world champion.

I think Meng will win, but Buglioni is a fundamentally decent boxer, has a good chin, qhits quite hard, is experienced, so Meng might struggle slightly in the early rounds, but his superior skills and amateur pedigree will be the difference as the rounds go on, and he will win a wide UD.

Meng is undefeated, but he has not had everything his own way so far, he has had one tpugh fight, got dropped twice, his chin is questionable, his chin might be tested in this fight.