Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton

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Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
Manchester Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
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IBF Featherweight World Title (Warrington's 1st defence)


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Champion97's picture


I think Frampton will win this, I think he is a class above Warrington, Warrington has overachieved, is not bad on any level, but Frampton is a good world level fighter.

Warrington has to try to rough Frampton up, he can not outbox him, and he has little power, so he has to be relentless, fight with the same desire as he fought with against Selby, use his old school fighting ability, get in close, and have the last word as the opponent moves backwards, but the problem with that is, Frampton gives you angles when he moves back, can be dangerous punching off the back foot, he doesn't go back in straight lines like Selby did, he has a great chin, Warrington, but Frampton might be able to outbox him by catching him coming in, waiting for Warrington to just go for it.

I think early in the fight, Warrington will be the aggressor, but the accuracy will come from Frampton. In the mid rounds, I think Frampton will outbox Warrington. In the late rounds, Warrington might have slightly more in the tank, he'll throw the kitchen sink at Frampton, go for broke, Frampton will slug it out with him, land the better shots.

I think the margins will be along the lines of 112-116/111-117, and Frampton will win a UD.