Maurice Hooker vs Alex Saucedo

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Maurice Hooker vs Alex Saucedo
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Friday, November 16, 2018
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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WBO Light Welterweight World Title (Hooker's 1st defence)


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Champion97's picture


Intersting fight.

Hooker might be the the favourite because he has more experience, but I think Saucedo wins this.

I think Saucedo is good, he is still learning, still isn't at his best yet. I don't think Hooker is good, I've never rated Flanagan at world level, although, I thought Hooker would lose to Flanagan, he proved me wrong, so Hooker is probably better than most of us thought, before that fight, but I still don't think he is a good, I wasn't impressed at all by his performance against Perez.

I think Saucedo is ready for a Hooker fight, he hits quite hard, he has proven he has can land a hurtful shot, use his power, as he did against Lopez, and he proved he can have a tear up, weather a storm and fire back, in what was a great fight against Leonardo Z.

I think Hooker will start well, Saucedo isn't the fastest starter, he isn't a good defensive fighter, but I think Hooker is also defensively quite poor, his distance is good, but when he exchanges, he gets hit. I think Saucedo is the better offensive fighter, can do more damage, and I don't think Hooker has either the power to get enough respect from Saucedo to discourage him, or the technical skills to really frustrate Saucedo stop him dragging him into a dogfight.

I think Saucedo wins a UD. I think this will be a good fight.