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Sergey Kuzmin

David Price

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This was a good fight I thought, shame it ended the way it did.

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Yeah when I watch David Price, I'm looking for someone to get knocked out, so for neither Kuzmin or Price to get KO'd is a disappointment for me. This undercard overall was very underwhelming, they are lucky Povetkin overperformed and Joshua underperformed in the main event otherwise people definitely wouldn't have got their moneys worth.

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So am I. I wasn't necessarily disappointed for that reason, but nobody wants to see a fight end like that. Campbell boxed well, and Mendy brought it, good fight, wasn't great though. I was very impressed woth Joshua, but he had shaky moments. Fans love to see AJ, many fans would have travelled, paid just for the stoppage from Joshua, like the Tyson fans, they didn't mind if it was over in 30 seconds.

I hope Price gets another chance after his arm has healed, but realistically, as a fan, you could accuse me of wishful thinking, because he says he has to be out for a year, it will mess with his training, he is old, heavyweight granted, but he is very old for his age, with the miles on the clock, he has nothing to prove, any remotely meaningful fights he is in, I think he will lose and get stopped in, shame, we all like Pricey, but I think he shouod hang up the gloves, he has given it a good go, but his boxing career hasn't really been a success.

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I'm interested to see where Campbell goes from here, he's the WBC Mandatory for Mikey's title, but Mikey is trying to make the Spence fight happen and Mikey has the IBF Mandatory already called in Commey. Unless they want to feed him to Mikey, perhaps they will keep him busy with the WBC Mandatory status and try to match him against Josh Taylor if everything goes well for him? I expected Joshua to come out and box Povetkin, tag him when he comes in and neutralize him at close range. I thought at best Povetkin would win 1-2 rounds and wouldn't really ever be in the fight. So I thought Joshua underperformed and Povetkin overperformed. Remember this isn't the Povetkin of old that Wilder was supposed to face as a WBC Mandatory, in recent times he's looked like he's relatively far down the road.

He will get another chance on some level, probably on a Matchroom undercard. People pay to see him still. I agree he should retire though, the way he loses is not good for his health.

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Yeah so am I, Spence vs Mikey shouldn't happen, but crazier things have happened in boxing. Mikey should fight Commey next, Campbell might have to wait a year or so, just keep at it I suppose, it isn't that there is a line for the shot at the title, it is just that at the end of the year it is 99% guaranteed Mikey and Loma will have 2 belts each. I don't know, if I were Campbell, I would rather go down to 130, cut weight, because Farmer, Ito, beatable guys, but obviously, that's unlikely because Campbell is tall, big at 135, it is more likely he'd go in the other direction weight wise, move up, again, like 130, a more opportunistic division, but he might just have to wait until he is mandatory. If Campbell got offered a shot at Loma or Mikey, he would take it, and I think, do better than anyone else at 135 could. You seen Lewis Ritson fight? I know you don't watch domestic level, but Ritson is a highly regarded, dominant prospect.

I strongly disagree, Joshua did not underperform, he used his jab, out worked Povetkin, knocked a lot of steam out of him, used great defence, and fought a phenomenal finish. You were talking about Joshua lacks KO!'s, well Povetkin might not have been out cold on one shot, but you don't see that often from any fighter, and Joshua, you see the damage he did with that left hook?, Povetkin nearly fell out the ring when he was trying to get up. I'm fully aware that at 39, Povetkin is past prime, but he is not that far past prime, he has not looked bad in recent fights, against Price, he got a brutal, scary finish, was winning the fight, finished it in 5, just fought a giant with crazy power and a lot of motivation. Against Rudenko, Hammer, Povetkin impressed, won maybe every round, Povetkin was young for 39, but granted, still 39, not fresh as a daisy, had he been younger, it would gave been an even better fight, tougher for Joshua, but he would still have won in my opinion.

That is extremely hard to do against Povetkin, but he did, controlled the duration of the rounds with his jab. If you thought that you underestimated Povetkin in my opinion, I thought he would be ahead on one of the cards, and it would be close after 7. Remember, Povetkin has been brilliant, dominant, before and since Klitschko, nobody has ever stopped him before, scored regularly with such a clean jab (e.g. didn't use clinches), and finished him like that. You don't like Joshua very much, that's ok, but be fair.

He didn't take too much damage against Kuzmin, but still, maybe he was on the way to getting stopped.

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I don't think Spence vs. Mikey is the worst thing ever, in terms of the money he'll make on a PPV fight versus Spence compared to the money he'll make on a premium cable fight versus Commey I can definitely understand it. Yeah, I didn't consider going down a possibility because he's so big. I rate Commey, I think he is a worthy mandatory and maybe he could do better than Campbell, I don't know. I've heard of Ritson but I haven't seen him, should be interesting now that he's on the European level to see what he can do.

He had a lot of trouble with Povetkin especially in the first round, Povetkin was able to get in and hit him clean using big leaping hooks because Joshua wasn't disrupting his rhythm, keeping him on edge. I thought Povetkin would be KO'd in mid rounds so I wasn't surprised that Joshua was able to KO him. Povetkin is old and he'd looked it previously, he was technically knocked down versus Price and Price is a domestic fighter for a reason, because he has so many glaring weaknesses. Him versus Rudenko and Hammer he should have got them out of there, the version of Povetkin that was Wilder's mandatory that had that KO streak would have got both of them out of there.

Wlad did a good job of managing the distance and keeping a much better version of Povetkin neutralized, it was ugly though, but this version of Joshua isn't as good as that version of Wlad. Povetkin hasn't looked brilliant or dominant since he tested positive, come on man. There's a good reason his power went away out of nowhere. He should have stopped Rudenko and Hammer but he didn't. He should have beat Price easily but he didn't. He was pretty far past it. That version of Povetkin Wlad fought was a lot better than this one, no question about that. It's just that the longer we go without Joshua vs. Wilder, the more excuses we get to see from Eddie and Joshua, the more tired I am of Joshua.

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Not saying it doesn't have benefits, I'm saying the weight aspect ruins the interest of the fight, like Golovkin vs Brook and Alvarez vs Khan. I agree, came very close against Easter, coming off good win over Luna, got a good trainer, I think Andre Rozier is an underrated trainer. When you see him fight, younwill see why Hearn calls him the Geordie Golovkin.

Joshua was disrupting his rhythm, he just was using solo jabs, wasn't inflicting any outright damage until the obvious 7th round. Not in terms of power on the chin he is not!, Price can knock anyone out, Povetkin was keeping Price defensive. Povetkin didn't look far past prime against Price, and even less so in previous fights. No, why?, he did what he had to do, they were both very negative, Povetkin won more or less shutouts, was solid, consistent, I don't know, I think they were too wary of his power, Hammer and Rudenko, but that is a good point, and I am not denying that a 39 year old is past his prime.

Disagree, Klitschko vs Povetkin was a mess, Joshua was ahead on the cards eith fee power shots, for a reason, he was using a solid, clean jab, keeping Pivetkin at distance, Povetkin missed badly for a reason. Come on man, he has, apart from the Price fightbtaht didn't past 5 rounds, when was the last time Povetkin had a bad round? Povetkin has kept it basic, fundamental as of recent, but Hammer and Rudenko were easy fights, don't try to talk Povetkin down kust because you don't want to give Joshua credit. You underestimated Price. What does a lot mean? Significantly, he was better, but not a lot, you can say no question about it all you want like I say no question about Trout having an off night against Lara, you have no more high ground than me, but you won't get me to agree on Povetkin being anywhere near as far past prime as you say just like I won't convince you to agree on Trout being better against Charlo and Hurd than he was against Lara, because that was an off night.

Excuses, look, if a mandatory is there, you either lose a belt, or you take on the mandatory, Joshua has just confirmed Wilder should be next. Even if you don't like him, don't let your dislike colour your judgement, because as a neutral, I can see it does. Joshua is a great role model, a great ambassador for the sport, the most popular athlete in the UK, a household name, and from what I gather, he is very popular in the U.S. as well.

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I don't think it is as big of a mismatch as those fights. We will see if Ritson can take his power up in levels over time.

He wasn't and that's why Povetkin was able to get inside on him. Povetkin got knocked down versus Price and couldn't get Hammer or Rudenko out of there, he's much worse than he once was. Povetkin before he popped was getting guys better than Hammer (who was floored by Fury who is not a puncher) out of there. Guys like Takam and Perez were surely weary of Povetkin's power but they were KO'd anyways, Povetkin isn't as good as he used to be though.

Klitschko won every round though, and I disagree, I had Povetkin up 4-2, as did some others. Povetkin was more often than not landing the more damaging blows, working harder, throwing and landing power shots. Povetkin wasn't fighting great opposition, he should have been able to get Hammer and Rudenko out of there. I was saying Povetkin looked old before this fight was even signed. There were signs before he fought Price but the fact Price was able to get a technical knockdown on him pretty much says it all for those who considered him a top five Heavyweight. Price is domestic level regardless of how he did versus Povetkin, that's why it's bad Povetkin got caught. He was a lot better, look at the level of opposition he was facing before and after Klitschko and how he was beating them compared to the level of opposition after he popped and how he did versus them. I have good reasoning of why Povetkin has declined like I did with why Lara was much better than Trout and was declined versus Charlo and Hurd.

Or pay a step aside fee, or the sanctioning body gives precedent to the unification which has happened many times. Not to mention the Povetkin mandatory wasn't called until after the negotiations were already breaking down. Eddie Hearn was able to get the WBA to delay the mandatory for Usyk, but somehow he isn't able to do it for Joshua? Funny how that works, it's just a convenient excuse for Hearn and Joshua. I'd be shocked if the Joshua vs. Wilder fight happened before the second half of 2019. If Hearn and Joshua are so concerned about the money they wouldn't demand it happen on the April Wembley date, because they can make many times over what they make there in Las Vegas. In my opinion he has a very boring, safe, fake personality, even if Tyson Fury is not a "good" person, he is much more interesting than Joshua. The thing is boxing is not as popular in the US as in the UK, and that people who don't know much about boxing in the US aren't going to know about either Joshua or Wilder, but it is more likely they know about Wilder because he gets pushed on shows like First Take, Sportscenter, etc. If they do know about boxing they'll naturally know about both.

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I've said what I've got to say, all I can do is repeat it, we've been here before, I strongly disagree on Joshua vs Povetkin, thats that, but four things.

He didn't have any problems against Hammer and Rudenko, one paced?, yes, but you can't take much from that. You underestimate the power of a fighter who comes to fight, and has some aspects on his side, Price gave Povetkin trouble, for these reasons, not because Povetkin was shot or even far last prime, just slightly declined from his best years, gradually slipping. You have really changed your opinion on Povetkin, you don't like AJ, since the topic has become about AJ, Povetkin has aged 10 years and his previous performances have declined, haha.
Don't just look for one fighter to be aggressive for a short time, it catches your eye when Pov has a good 10 secs, lands the power shots, but for the duration, AJ, able to keep Pov at distance with the clean jab.
No way he is more interesting than AJ, why is AJ what I just told you he is if that is the case? Do I have to remind you AJ vs Klit was the best heavy fight of this century so far? And if we are talking about the general public, casual fans and all, just entertainment value, the only meaningful fight Fury had was known as boring.
Look, Joshua has been very clear on the Wilder fight, never dodges the question, what you say about step aside fees and everything else, is just speculation, you don't know what is going on behind closed doors, and Joshua is now adamant that Wilder is next.

By the way, did you tell me what changed your mind about Wilder having a 10% chance against Joshu?

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When someone who is supposed to be a top level fighter faces much lower level opposition like Povetkin did, I expect them to get the opponent out of there, which I think is a fair expectation. The "he wants it more" cliche is not something I'm really interested in. Someone like Randall Bailey, who is limited, has a ton of power, but is overall a lot better than Price lost wide to Alexander. Why? Because Alexander was good enough to neutralize Bailey's advantages while Povetkin got caught. He's 39, couldn't KO Rudenko or Hammer, was technically knocked down by Price, if that isn't evidence enough nothing will be. I said he was out of his prime before he fought Price, it was clear he was after he fought Price. He wasn't jabbing nearly as much as you act like he was, watch the fight again yourself, Joshua only really committed to the jab in rounds two and six.

He is more interesting than AJ because he will actually speak his mind, regardless if he is right or not, instead of giving bogus boring political answers. AJ is more popular because of his Olympic pedigree and his clean safe image. AJ vs. Klitschko was a great Heavyweight fight, but it was because AJ had trouble with old Wlad, Fury was right in saying it's better to be boring and win easily than get dropped, almost lose and scrape a win. Casual fans don't know about boxing, they don't appreciate the craft of Fury. Joshua is much easier to understand from a casual fans perspective. That isn't to say Fury hasn't had extremely boring fights, but he is a notable technician.

Joshua blows an insane amount of smoke, acts like he wants Wilder but guess what? If he really wanted the fight to happen, it would happen. He's more than happy to follow Eddie's plan of making as much money as possible and drawing the wait out. It's not speculation, that's factual to say that there is a precedent that sanctioning bodies will give unifications precedent over mandatories, it is factually true to say Eddie was able to resolve the WBA's mandatory for Usyk but magically couldn't for Joshua, it is factually true to say that Povetkin wasn't called as the mandatory until negotiations were already breaking down. For me, there is a 0% chance Wilder will be next. Eddie has made it clear that he wants to milk this fight like Oscar and Canelo did with the Golovkin fights, and Joshua is okay with that. They are the only ones to be blamed for this fight not happening, their demands have been ridiculous and illogical. At least Wilder is willing to take a risk with high risk, low reward guys like Ortiz and Fury.

Wilder proved a lot for me with his fight versus Ortiz, I was wrong about both of them, especially Ortiz. For me, Wilder is the best puncher pound for pound in boxing and he proved that when he was able to stop a fighter with a bad stylistic matchup in Ortiz.

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Meh, not really, a stoppage isn't that important, he just schooled them, did what he had to do, didn't struggle. You can be disinterested all you like, but that is a big, big part of boxing, it is no cliche. You can't be serious, you Bailey stank, didn't try, didn't have 10% of the desire Price had. Can we not keep repeating stuff? Yes, a big puncher dropped him, Price could drop Joshua, Wilder, anyone, Pov was winning and sparked him. There is no evidence. Yeah, but he wasn't as far as past prime as yiu are making him out to be now, you exaggerate a lot. I've seen it once, you need to watch it again,he was jabbing consistently, kept Povetkin at distance.

Fury doesn't speak his mind, he says shit, everyone should use steriods in boxing, Fjry is the biggest shit talker in boxing.
Why the fuck does Fury TALKING make him more interesting than the 3 belt champion and the most popular athlete in the UK?? 90,000 at Wembley, stop chatting shit! Bogus answres! He's a swering the questions directly. If you think champions having to face mandatories and having a lot of political struggles doesn't genuinely delay fights, you must not follow boxing!! Bullshit, he is a very entertaining fighter. Yes, and it is also better to win a world title, defend it many times, than to win, one fight!, and get obese and not fight!
Casual fans pay to watch fights, what are we talking about here? Business? Selling?, casuals are important in that regard. You are going off topic, Fury didn't fight for 2 or 3 years, you expect fans to get behind him? Again, we are talking about who is popular and why, not who is the more talented boxer.

So promotional issues don't delay fights? If both fighters want to fight each other it happens right away? Joshua tells the truth, does not blow smoke, just promised to fight Wilder! It's speculation when you try to solve thewhole mystery, you don't know why Hearn could sort the cruiserweight mandatory but not Joshua's, Povetkin, or whatever mandatory, does have a team, the ability to push for a fight protest, appeal. Povetkin has been mandatory for ages. 0%? That's an exaggeration to say the least. No he hasn't, it is aboyt money!, they can't agree on the percentages! Joshua wabts to fight Wilder, just trust me on that one. What demands? Majority share?, Joshua is the draw!, look at the numbers he is doing, Hearn is doing the best he cab for his fighter! So is Joshua, Povetkin was high risk low reward, so was Whyte, we are not going to agree on Joshua or Hearn. Hearn is the best promoter in boxing.

He looked like trash at the time. You seem to have developed a strong dislike for Joshua in the last year

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Tyson Fury, who is not even close to being a power puncher, floored Christian Hammer and forced a stoppage, which Povetkin couldn't do. For good, quality fighters who face lower level opposition, getting the job done involve getting the opponent out of there. Yet Bailey won two legitimate championships because of his power, so for all the desire Price has that means nothing when his weaknesses are so glaring. My point is still valid regarding Bailey/Alexander and Price/Povetkin. It's irrelevant if he can drop anyone if he can't set the shot up, it's the Matthysse issue again. He wasn't jabbing consistently, compubox is not perfect but check the statistics. Joshua was outworked by Povetkin for the majority of the first six rounds.

He does speak his mind, sometimes it is garbage, but he is at least honest and interesting unlike Joshua. Joshua has a boring, robotic style, Fury is right about that. 90k at Wembley means nothing when the gate is far less than any notable Las Vegas PPV. Joshua is extremely boring unless you want to hear cliche answers about how he's a young hungry lion and how dangerous every opponent is to him. Fury's one win over Wlad is better than any win Joshua has, if Fury beats Wilder he is the legitimate #1 Heavyweight in the world, no questions about that. I don't expect fans to get behind Fury, Joshua is a safe, easy to like person for casual fans.

If Joshua wanted the fight to happen, it would happen because it makes enough money for Wilder and his team to want it now, but it doesn't for Joshua and Eddie. Barry Hearn literally said this week that Wilder and his team are crazy for wanting the fight now versus waiting and letting it make even more money. It's clear Eddie and Joshua don't want the fight. They are the Canelo and Golden Boy to Wilder's Golovkin and K2 Promotions. Eddie and Joshua benefit the most from letting the fight wait both financially and in their chances to win like how Canelo and Golden Boy did versus Golovkin. The reason why Eddie couldn't solve the Povetkin mandatory is because he didn't want to. It makes them more money in the long term to fight Povetkin, Whyte, etc instead of Wilder now. Povetkin has not been the mandatory for ages, he has only been the mandatory since the Price fight and the WBA did not call the mandatory until the negotiations were already breaking down. It is precident that mandatories have to wait in unification fights. Lipinets was the mandatory for Indongo's title versus Crawford and he took a number and got in line because the unification took precident. Exactly, it is about percentages, Eddie wants to make more money off Joshua so here we are stretching it out, the fight will not happen in April, it will be Joshua vs. Whyte II and we'll get to hear how dangerous Whyte is for months on end from Eddie and Joshua. Eddie wanted a flat fee for Wilder, something that never happens in PPV's, and when they accepted he made up excuses of why that couldn't happen. Eddie and Joshua gave Parker, who has zero draw compared to Wilder, a percentage instead of a flat fee, so you know they don't actually want the fight. Now we get to hear all about how Wilder has to sign to fight Joshua now or it won't happen, because if Wilder beats Fury he can demand more money. A bum can promote Joshua, he is the easiest fighter in the world to promote by far. Povetkin was not high risk low reward and neither is Whyte. Everyone predicted Povetkin would get KO'd in mid rounds, so how is that high risk? Hearn is the most overrated promoter in boxing, it's his fault we aren't getting Joshua vs. Wilder, DAZN has a mediocre stable of fighters, he lost a purse bid for Saucedo vs. Hooker to old man Arum and he lost a TV rights bid for Alvarez vs. Kovalev II to the old man as well when he has a massive amount of money to spend. Top Rank is the best promotion in boxing at the moment, but even they have their drawbacks.

And Wilder has proven otherwise has he not? It's easy to dislike someone who doesn't want to make the #1 vs. #2 fight everyone wants to see because they want to milk more money out of it. It would be a dream to see Fury beat Wilder, ruin that payday for Joshua and then put on the most boring, defensive domination possible versus Joshua so all of the British casuals, Sky Sports, and Matchroom meltdown.

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Yes he is, he isn't a puncher, but he has a bit of power, enough to hurt yiu if he hits you with the right shot. Hammer retired on stool, wasn't sparked. No, Povetkin did very well indeed, shut the guy out, Hammer didn't want to engage, tha was a good, solid performance, I mean, you are saying he is far past it because he didn't stop Hammer, BS in my opinion.

Ok, but in the Alexander fight, the pace was very underwhelming, I always thought Bailey was overrated because Jones was, and against Alexander, he has no desire. You're wrong about that, remember what weaknesses we are talking about, bad chin, gas tank, well Price was done after 4, gassed, as you so dramatically put it,"cut up, knocked out, sputting blood", so don't contradict yourself. Also, a few months ago, the commentary was biased, weak knockdown, Pov wasn't even hurt, it was a mismatch. It is the worst point you have ever made, and absolute bullshit, very stupid, and that's the truth.

It is not irrelevant, because it takes one shot, I told you before the fight that Price was likely to hurt Povetkin, Price has height and reach on his side, had he been good at using his reach, Price, believe me, that would have been an interesting fight, bjt just having the height and reach was enough of a help that he could catch Povetkin, it was only one shot, and also, don't forget his survival instincts, tumbled back into the ropes, was good at taking the last 2 seconds away from Price.

He was, Compubox is garbage, Joshua's defence was brilliant, jab was brilliant, stop with the stupid grudge.

Honest and interesting?, there is no honesty from him, interesting? He doesn't ever give a good analysis, he is terrible for boxing, just has to be credited for his boxing potential, but you must be very immature if you think Fury is honest and interesting.

Boring, robotic style?, what are you smoking pal? Joshua is the most entertaining fighter in the world, Fury hasn't been fighting, Joshua has 3 belts, been in two brilliant fights, two fights I've rewatched more than once. You are the only person I have talked to who thinks Joshua is boring. Did Joshua steal your girlfriend?
At the end of the day, what's funny is the hypocrisy and lack of realism, don't call someone boring and dishonest, in the same paragraph, he tells the truth, Fury LIES when he says everyone who isn't a traveller is a pussy, he is LYING when he says he would go into a fight with two broken hands, Joshua is telling the simple, wel known truth when he says all he jas to say, has to stay consistent, let the promoters do the promoting, NOT LOOK PAST OPPONENTS, Joshua cannot win with people like you. Only slightly, Joshua beat Klitschko, Stopped him as well!! I agree on that, and Fury is better than Wilder and Joshua, but the timing aspect means he is unlikely to win, because he lacks the dicipline of Joshua and Wilder. What annoys me, is the way you praise a talker, and criticise a fighter. He isn't, he is likeable, but he is also a great role model, conducts himself like a true champion, the sort of person hope my son looks up to, opposite to Fury.

It's not that simple, you have anonymity, but I'm 99.9% sure you are not part of either team. Joshua wants the Wilder fight. Wilder needs it more, of course he will press harder for it. Wilder vs Fury is an eliminator for Joshua. You say all this shit, well Alvarez just beat Golovkin, now Joshua may be trying to smoke Wilder out, but I don't think so, as I've said mandatories, SOMETIMES can't be avoided, and the dispute is over money, can't blame eiether side. Bullshit, Povetkin has been mandatory for a while, there was nothing they could do about this one, Joshua vs Povetkin was a good fight, Joshua vs Wilder, we al want to see but no rush. Joshua vs Whyte II would be a great fight, Whyte deserves the opportunity, after the Parker win. The Wilder fight can still happen in the future, probably still next year, it could happen in April. Also, what about Wilder's team, where are they in all this? Why is it Wilder takiing to Hearn?, they shouldn't even have ever spoken, Wilder shouldn't be left doing his own promotion.

Look, stop being silly, the Internet is full of you at opposite sides, making it one sided, other people say the opposite to you, but you are both wrong, just be impartial, think about from both sides.

He would be easy to promote now, because Hearn has helped him get to where he is promotion wise.

Because he has done great apart from Klitschko, is a dangerous veteran, hadus all worried in that firet round, is a good fighter who is underrated, that was high risk, low reward, Povetkin is a fighter who isn't entertaining, but does enough to win, high risk, low reward.

Hearn is the best promoter in boxing! that's why he is getting us all the great fights! You are one of those unrealistic people, Hearn's job isn't to satisfy people like you who are imoossible to pleasem his job is to deliver, do the best for his fighters, if another fughter tries not to be the bside, when Hearn is adamant he is, that's that, doesn't mean Hearn isn't a great promoter. If Hearn is an overrated promoter, why has he gone international? Why do we get to see Saunders vs Andrade? That card on October 6, why are so many young fighers getting support and recognition earlier in their careers?, by the way, that makes it harder for glory hunters like you.

It is not that they don't want the fight, they do! You are making stuff up and speculating, you take some facts, which I accept are valid points, but you rule out possible other explanations, get very carried away.

Well that just sums you up doesn't it, your attitude towards boxing in another country. Matchroom, SkySports boxing brings me a lot of enjoyment, it is a successful business, I am more than happy to pay £20 for Joshua vs Povetkin, now, as a British fan, I'll tell you first hand, what you are saying is very wrong, if you got your way, British boxing would be ruined, now, BT sport, that's the shit channel, that's the channel that charged us £56 for Fury vs Seferi, Fish Eyes is a shit promoter, by far the best promoter on the world in ky book, is Eddie Hearn, that's not a fact it's an opinion, but 'It would be a dream to see Fury beat Wilder, ruin that payday for Joshua and then put on the most boring, defensive domination possible versus Joshua so all of the British casuals, Sky Sports, and Matchroom meltdown', that is disgusting.

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Tyson Fury has not knocked out or knocked down a single legitimate good Heavyweight in his career. Hammer quit because he was getting beat up, Povetkin couldn't beat him up, I watched the fight and Povetkin was coming forward landing clean on Hammer, he just couldn't get the job done. It's not just because of Hammer, it's also because of Rudenko and especially the Price fight.

No one really rates Bailey so I'm not sure if you can say he's overrated, he certainly has a huge punch and very limited skills otherwise though. Saying he had no desire is extremely vague and based in assumptions, Alexander did what he had to do to neutralize Bailey's power safely which Povetkin didn't do. Bad defense as well is another issue with Price, it was a technical knockdown, not a real one. It was a mismatch, shouldn't have happened, Price is a domestic level fighter who has an outsized name compared to his ability. The fact Povetkin got caught shows he was pretty far down the road.

Yeah, like it was only going to take one shot for Matthysse to chin Pacquiao. Price has no idea how to use his range, I've watched him fight.

He wasn't, I watched the fight, his defense was leaky, got him caught clean on the chin by Povetkin's telegraphed hooks and he didn't jab anywhere near as much as he should have.

He isn't an analyst, why would he have to give good analysis? People on Sky Sports give terribly biased "analysis" as well, what's the difference? Just this weekend Johnny Nelson honestly said that Bellew could outbox Usyk, unbelievable, I don't think Tony Bellew would say that himself. He is honest in that he says what's on his mind, he isn't trying to say what makes him the biggest media star like Joshua does. It's not surprising that someone would appreciate a professional athlete saying what they want to say versus giving boring, canned, safe, cliched answers over and over. If you don't think Fury is a good speaker you are lying to yourself, watch his press conference versus Klitschko and Haye.

Absolutely not the most entertaining fighter in the world, he had one excellent fight in the one 50/50 fight he's had in his career. He hasn't had another truly entertaining fight otherwise. He is boring and dishonest, guess what, like I said, he won't be fighting Wilder next, he doesn't want the Wilder fight, and we'll get to hear about how good of a matchup him versus Whyte is, we'll see the clip of Whyte catching AJ played hundreds of times, and it will be called a "50/50" fight while Whyte gets KO'd in mid rounds again. Fury is the best talker in boxing today, no question, not everything he says is meant to be taken 100% at face value. Joshua just tows the company line because it makes him money which is extremely boring and robotic. He says he wants to let the promoters do the promoting because Hearn will make him more money by avoiding Wilder in the short term. Joshua got put on the deck and nearly lost though, it goes both ways. It is not 100% known if Fury will be in good shape for the Wilder fight or not, he is very volatile. Fury talked his way into the Klitschko fight, he'd been calling Klitschko a bum for years prior and guess what? He won. Same thing Ali did with Liston. Before Floyd fought Oscar he was not a mainstream attraction, but he talked trash on Oscar and ascended to become the new pay per view star of boxing. It shouldn't be a surprise people like charismatic figures like Fury rather than boring ones like Joshua. If Fury is a good person or not is irrelevant, he is not a criminal who hurts others, so it matters very little to me. All I know is that if we are talking about heart and will, Fury has more than Joshua or anyone else in boxing for that matter, he believes in himself to a fault.

Joshua doesn't otherwise it would happen, Joshua could have left Matchroom when his contract was up, went it on his own as a free agent and signed the Wilder fight easily. Wilder vs. Fury is an eliminator to fight Joshua in a year or more, the only chance Joshua fights one of them in April is if Fury wins and I wouldn't bet on that either. It isn't shit to compare Canelo and Golden Boy to Joshua and Matchroom, we had to wait years for Canelo to commit to fight Golovkin because it didn't make enough money and their chances of winning would go up if they waited, Joshua and Matchroom are doing the same thing. Sanctioning bodies are a business, they want to get paid, Joshua vs. Wilder makes more money than Joshua vs. Povetkin, that's a fact. Povetkin wasn't made the mandatory until April i.e. after he fought Price. Google it if you don't believe me. Hearn is in with the WBA, that's why he was able to sort the Lebedev mandatory. There was no attempt to sort it because he didn't want it to be sorted. You don't think Povetkin would want two paydays, a step-aside fee and a fight paycheck, rather than just one? Joshua vs. Whyte will be boring, Whyte will be KO'd mid rounds like he was before, he shouldn't have even beat Parker. I'm happy the WBC screwed Hearn over for trying to force Whyte as Wilder's mandatory when Whyte wouldn't take the fight versus Ortiz for a final eliminator. Wilder's team has talked to Hearn, but guess what, Hearn doesn't want the fight.

AJ was already a massive star after the Olympics, he did his own promotion in the ring. What has Eddie done for him, put him on Sky Sports? Plenty of people could do that.

Povetkin was a dangerous and entertaining fighter at one point, before he popped for steroids. Povetkin was low risk, everyone knew Joshua would win and the betting odds support that. Povetkin has a name, is a big ticket in Russia with a lot of backing, someone like Ortiz is way higher risk and way lower reward in comparison.

"All of the great fights", do you work for Matchroom? He can't get us the one fight everyone wants to see. Yes, I am being impossible to please by asking Eddie Hearn to make a percentage based split with Joshua and fight on PPV in Las Vegas where they will make tens of millions of dollars each, how unreasonable. He is doing "the best" in terms of making money for Joshua by avoiding Wilder in the short term, that's true. He's gone international because he has no competition in the UK, his US stable is not good either. The reason we get to see Saunders vs. Andrade is because the WBO mandated it, plain and simple. Again, Hearn lost a purse bid and a TV rights bid to Top Rank when he is supposedly the #1 promoter in the world with large financial backing.

They will fight eventually like Canelo and Golovkin eventually did, but like Canelo and Golden Boy, it makes more financial sense for them to stretch it out, take other medium to low risk fights in the interim, build it up and make more money versus a likely slightly diminished Wilder.

I paid zero for both of those fights so it doesn't really make a big difference to me personally. Neither of those fights are PPV level in the US. Matchroom and Sky Sports sell narratives, so for a loose cannon like Fury to come and up end all of their carefully calculated plans would be hilarious.

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I will not read your comment, I have my own issues to tackle, and although I enjoy talking boxing with you most of the time, these stupid discussions cause me stress and aggravation I do not need.

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