Josh Taylor vs Ryan Martin

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Josh Taylor vs Ryan Martin
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Saturday, November 3, 2018
SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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World Boxing Super Series, quarterfinals


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Another battle of the unbeatens in this great tournament! Looking forward to it.

Josh Taylor must be Scotland's most popular athlete at the moment, they have high hopes do the Scots, that Taylor can be another Jim Watt, another Ken Buchanan. Credit to Martin for travelling, but after that terrible judging business in Taylor's last fight, you might question whether Scotland isn't the best location for this fight.

I thin Josh Taylor is one of the best, if not the best prospect in the UK, he was a very good amateur, a 2012 Olympian, beat Jeff Horn, Anthony Yigit, Robson Conceicao, and as a pro, he is doing well, is impressing, making statements. Taylor is 13-0, been a pro for 3 years, not a lot of professional experience, but a fair bit, and his last fight was a good learning fight for him, when he stepped up and fought Viktor Postol, past prime, but by no means shot, having lost only to Terence Crawford of all fighters, it was a very competitive fight, after 8 rounds, I thought Postol was flying, it seemed like he was going to win the fight, but Taylor, although with problems, dug deep, proved his adaptability, and with a late rally, scoring a late knockdown, going into the championship rounds for the first time, handling the 12 round distance very well, and seeming to have done enough to win, but disgracefully, 3 terrible judges giving him a landslide win.

Taylor, at 27, is in his prime or approaching his prime, he might improve in his next couple of fights if anything, but we will find out just how good Taylor is, quite soon. Taylor, at British and Commonwealth sort of level, he was not challenged, he looked exceptional against Campos, made a big statement with a sickening body shot finish against Vazquez, after destroying, easily beating the fight out of Big Mouth Ohara Davies, but the Postol fight showed us that you can't get carried away with untested prospects who leap up a level, and at world level, the Postol fight was the assignment he needed, Davies was ovrrated, overhyped, all his other opponents were as limited as expected in relation to world level, so the Postol fight, a big step up for him, and although inexperience was an issue, maybe he underestimated Postol a little bit, he still showed us a lot in that fight, came from behind (was not legitimately ahead after 8 rounds!), and swung it back in his favour.

I think Taylor is top 3 at 140, along with Regis Prograis, and WBC champion, Jose Carlos Ramirez, in this competition, I think Taylor and Prograis are the main rivals, but Taylor can not look past Martin.

I've seen Ryan Martin fight a couple of times, on the undercards of Golovkin vs Jacobs and Golovkin vs Martirosyan, I was impressed with his performance on the forst of those two, looked like a decent fighter, but against Prescott (second one), that was his last fight, I wasn't impressed, Prescott, and this point, with 12 losses, mid thirties, is an opponent you would expect a good fighter to really make a statement against, which I don't think Martin really did. Against Bryant Cruz, Martin looked solid, but he did seem to be a one paced fighter, who is not bad, can pick apart and dominate a fighter of that calibre. Martin is an undefeated fighter in his own right, he might be underrated, but I don't think so, Bryant Cruz, stopped earlier against Dardan Zenunaj and Christopher Diaz, than he was against Martin, Prescott, stopped and beaten more emphatically by opponents we know aren't good at world level, before Martin beat him, and on the Golovkin vs Alvarez undercard last year, he only just beat Francisco Rojo, who whilst being decent at a certain level, I don't think is at all good at world level.

Martin was a good amateur, had a record of 202-22, lost out on competing in the Olympics when he lost to Robert Easter, but he did win a gold medal at the Under 19s in 2010.

For professional experience, it is interesting, Martin has been a professional for 2 more years than Taylor, has had 9 more fights, has done about 40 more rounds, and it doesn't come at the cost of age at all, because Martin is very young at 25, 2 years younger than Taylor. In terms of levels they have competed at, the obvious difference is the Postol fight for Taylor, Postol, by far the best opponent of the 35 opponents between them. Taylor not only took his resume to a levels above Martin's resume, but he went the full 12 rounds, Martin has been the full 10, but never the full 12, so that experience, adaptation for Taylor should mean that it will work in his favour of it goes past 10. For amateur experience, it seems to be the same scenario (assuming Taylor didn't have as many as 224 amateur bouts) of Martin having more experience, but Taylor having the better experience.

If this is a fight, you might think it will favour Taylor, his KO ratio is 85%, Martin's is 55%, Taylor has not been down as a professional, Martin, only once, but he went down against Edgar Llanes in 2014.

Ryan Martin has lost 4 points in his career, in 3 different fights, for pushing and low blows, if Martin brings dirty tactics into this fight, it will be interesting to see how Tayoor responds to that with his own tactics.

Both these guys have been active, both fought twice this year, both been at least 8 rounds this year, both fought at least 3 times last year as well, but for Taylor, after that hard fight against Postol, I wonder if maybe 3-4 months might be too soon, it might not be, if he didn't need much rest time, maybe even trained lightly as he was recovering, but has been in camp for a long time, but after a close, 12 round, gruelling fight like that, you would think maybe a good 6 months would be wise.

Both guys are tall for 140, especially Martin, at 5'11, very tall for 140, Taylor has been at welterweight, but he has fought at 140 in his last 5 fights, made the weight every time. Martin is taller than Taylor, but if he is naturally bigger, which he may or may not be, he is not stronger at 140 that Taylor is, and strength is on Taylor's side, because Martin was at 135 against Rojo, and for 3 fights, from September 2016, to March 2017, he was at 135, all but his last fight have been at lightweight and light welterweight, and that was at 140-142, he has never been at 147, Martin. Weight is on Taylor's side, it doesn't heavily favour him, because Martin has a lot of experience at light welterweight, is coming off two consecutive fights above 135, but it the weighy scenario should work slightly in his favour.

This should be a good fight, but I think Taylor is on another level, won't be nearly as tough a fight as Postol. Taylor is a great body puncher, if he works the body in the early rounds, he can do damage, break down and weaken Martin, so I think for Taylor, investing in attacking the body early is a good tactic. I think the fight will go more and more Taylor's way, Martin will fade, and by round 7, Martin will be just gritting it out, Taylor will beating him up, and after a while, when it is so very one sided, and Martin is taking a real lot of punishment, can't hurt Taylor, is drained, has had it beaten out of him, his corner will stop it.

I think Taylor stops Martin on stool, maybe after 10.