Ivan Baranchyk vs Anthony Yigit

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Ivan Baranchyk vs Anthony Yigit
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Saturday, October 27, 2018
Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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World Boxing Super Series, quarterfinals


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Great match, battle of the unbeatens, battle of the untested, fight between two fighters who have a lot to prove, should be a good fight, it is for a vacant world title as well, and part of a great tournament, I think it might just be, the best fight at 140 in the quarterfinals.

Both were good amateurs, but I think Yigit was the better amateur, both competed in various tournaments, but Yigit competed in more tournaments, was a 2012 Olympian, made the top 16, lost very close in the second leg, and also in the unpaid ranks, beat Francisco Vargas, came very close against fellow WBSS participant, Josh Taylor.

For general professional experience, as well as amateur experience and pedigree, you might say Yigit is better prepared, he has had 22 fights, Baranchyk has had 18, done almost double the rounds Baranchyk has done.

For levels of competition, it is interesting, both are title fighters, Baranchyk has had a few USA title fights, Yigit has had Baltic and then Eurpoean title fights, so title wise, Yigit might have the better experience, however, in terms of opposition, I think at world level, Yigit is very much untested, because Sandor Martin, Joe Hughes, great at European level and lower, but at world level, they are not good fighters at all, and Baranchyk, despite having never fought for anything more than a USA title, has in my opinion, the better resume, has been in against better opposition, Abel Ramos, Petr Petrov, in my opinion, better than anyone Yigit has fought.

The only blemish in their 40 fights combined is a draw for Yigit, but I don't think that means anything because it was a 6 rounder, and it was 5 years ago now.

Yigit has a KO ratio of 32%, Baranchyk, 61%, it seems highly likely that Baranchyk has the superior punch power in this fight.

Yigit comes off 10 months out, definitely longer than ideal, Baranchyk comes off 8 months out, activity seems to be on Baranchyk's side, however, in 2017, Yigit did 36 rounds, Baranchyk did half that, so inactivity shouldn't be an issue for Yigit either.

Yigit has been the full 12, 3 times, Baranchyk has never been 12 rounds, he has been 10 rounds, 3 times, and all in 2016 and 17, and he went past 7 rounds in his last fight, so he has done the rounds, but if this goes into the championship rounds, Yigit might be stronger, and it should work in his favour, because he has that 12 round experience, adaptation that Baranchyk doesn't have.

There is no record of Yigit ever being knocked down on BoxRec, he may not have been down as a professional, Baranchyk has been down once, he went down against Ramos, in a round he also scored a knockdown in. I think Yigit can be hurt, he was against Sutcliffe, but in that fight, when he was in trouble, he weathered the storm, didn't go down, so he is at least fairly durable, has a decent chin, but Baranchyk is wild, charges forward, can walk through punches, but might leave himself at risk of being caught with one he doesn't walk through, getting dropped, that was what happened against Ramos, he was gung-ho, and he walked onto one.

Yigit and Baranchyk have very different styles, and the clash of their styles will make this fight very interesting and entertaining.

Yigit is the better outside fighter, and I think the better boxer, Baranchyk is the better fighter, definitely the better inside fighter, so control of the pace, tempo, control of what sort of fight it is, could be key.

I think Yigit is a Pacquiao fan, he is a southpaw, and I get the impression he has tried to emulate Pacquiao, and it seems to work for him, he works in spurts, throws that left down the pipe, throws fast, varied flurries, for an impressive 15 seconds before moving back again, similar to Pacquiao.

Baranchyk is a relentless fighter, he is a puncher, and with power and relentlessness, he is a horrible opponent, he attacks body and head in close quarters, punches at angles, throws the overhand, is very physically strong, forces the fight, forces the pace, is a good enough brawler and puncher that he can manhandle his opponent and bully him out of making it more technical.

I think Baranchyk is very beatable at world level, he can't box going backwards, his defence is poor, he lacks the jab, could be telegraphed, timed, outboxed by a great boxer, easily, but Baranchyk has great stamina, output, power, variety, he is a pressure fighter, and he has the ability to feint, get his opponent in position, but I've not seen this from him in the ring many times, and I think he is limited.

Yigit has the much better footwork, is much better at distance, has better defence, but he isn't defensively great himself, he makes mistakes as well, I've seen him move quickly, but maybe move too much, and be inconsistent, stand in the pocket too long, get hit with silly shots. Given how occupied Yigit was against Sutcliffe, Hughes, even though he beat Hughes wide, I don't think he is a good world level fighter, I might be wrong, if I am, credit to him, he seems like a nice guy, but I just think the work rate of Baranchyk, coming forward all the time, pressing, attacking body and head, with power on every shot, I think he can wear down Yigit, if he hurts Yigit, I don't think he has the survival skill to see it out, I think during the fight, because Yigit also doesn't have a great jab, he won't be able to establish that distance, keep Baranchyk off, and I think Baranchyk can swing away for the fences, without Yigit really making him pay, I don't think Yigit is incapable of hurting Baranchyk, but I don't think he would produce the onslaught to stop Baranchyk, before punching himself out.

I think this will be a fight of the year candidate, I think both fighters will be hurt at least once in the fight, Baranchyk will be on Yigit from the opening bell, start fast, Yigit will have a good spell in the early-mid rounds, but Baranchyk's relentless pace and head-body/body-head attacking will take a real toll on Yigit, and he will fade, I think he will drag every shot he can out of himself, but I think with sustained volume, power, I think with the last onslaught, Baranchyk will give Yigit a beating, and he'll get the stoppage.

I think Baranchyk stops Yigit in 10. I would not be shocked of Yigit beat Baranchyk, it is not an easy fight to predict because it depends on two fighters who are both somewhat untested.