Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Alvarez II

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Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Alvarez II
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Saturday, September 15, 2018
T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Titles at Stake: 
WBA (Golovkin's 20th defence) & WBC (Golovkin's 5th defence) Middleweight World Titles
Benjy Esteves Jr

Official Judging
Dave Moretti 113 - 115
Steve Weisfeld 113 - 115
Glenn Feldman 114 - 114


In Las Vegas, Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez battle it out in a highly anticipated rematch, having fought to a split draw 12 months earlier, Golovkin keeping his WBA, WBC, IBF belts without a win, having later had the IBF title taken from him for opting not to take his mandatory, Golovkin goes into the rematch, still as the WBA, WBC champion.

Golovkin, considered by many, unlucky not to have gotten the decision the first time, goes into the rematch, a slight favourite.

Unlike a respectful, professional fight the first time, the rematch, due to failed drug tests, insults, is a real grudge match, there is animosity between the two fighters, with Golovkin, questioning Alvarez's ability to fight like a proud Mexican warrior, Alvarez, admittedly, fuming with rage at Golovkin, the two have to be separated by security at the weigh in.

Alvarez takes a different tactical approach to the first fight, and Golovkin uses his jab regularly, but not with a lot of authority. Alvarez lands a great, stand out left hook in round 2, Golovkin soaks it up, isn't hurt, but is backed up.

Golovkin is very busy in round 4, takes the round, but is backing up for most of the early-mid rounds, is made to work, and Alvarez lands more shots, gets the best of most exchanges, seeming to take a toll on Golovkin.

After 7 rounds, it seems to be going against Golovkin, Abel Sanchez tells him he's losing, Alvarez's aggressive tactics seem to be working well.

Golovkin rallies in the late rounds, has a great round 10, lands a smashing right hand, which Alvarez walks through. Golovkin fights fire with fire against Alvarez in rounds 9 and 11, and seems to come on stronger than Alvarez.

Both fighters go all out in the last round, as Golovkin starts with a few clean, crushing shots which Alvarez walks through, but Alvarez seems to take over the round by pressuring Golovkin and being the aggressor for most of the round.

The fighters embrace as the fight ends, have clear mutual respect, and both seem very confident of victory.

There doesn't seem to be any general consensus, as some say Golovkin has clearly won, some say Alvarez has clearly won, and many say it could go either way.

It is announced that it is a majority decision, even on one card, the overruling two, scoring Alvarez a close winner.

Saul Alvarez beats Gennady Golovkin by Majority Decision, Alvarez gives a happy post fight interview, whilst a devastated Golovkin leaves the ring straight away.

At the post fight press conference, Golovkin is his usual humble self, is gracious in defeat, congratulates Alvarez, but is still clearly in strong disagreement with the decision, Abel Sanchez claims his fighter could have been tactically better, not unexpectedly protests for the trilogy.

Golovkin Quotes

'I'm not going to say who won tonight, because the victory belongs to Canelo, according to the judges. I thought it was a very good fight for the fans and very exciting. I thought I fought better than he did'.

Alvarez Quotes

'I feel satisfied because I gave a great fight. It was a clear victory'

Media opinions

Steve Bunce: 114-114
BoxingScene: 114-114
The Guardian: 116-112 Golovkin
Bad Left Hook: 115-113 Golovkin
CBS Sports: 116-112 Golovkin
The Telegraph: 116-112 Golovkin
News.AU: 115-113 Golovkin
BloodyElbow: 115-113 Golovkin
MMA Fighting: 114-114
Boxing News: 115-114 Golovkin
HBO: 116-112 Golovkin
Sports Illustrated: 114-114
Kevin Iole: 114-114
World Boxing News: 115-113 Golovkin
CBS Sports: 116-112 Golovkin
Michelle Joy Phelps: 115-113 Golovkin
The Ring Magazine: 115-114 Golovkin
Los Angeles Times: 115-113 Golovkin
USA Today: 115-113 Golovkin
New York Post: 114-114
ESPN: 114-114
Forbes: 114-114
Complex Sports: 116-112 Golovkin
Boxing News: 115-114 Golovkin
talkSPORT: 116-112 Golovkin
Washington Post: 115-113 Golovkin
TV Azteca: 115-113 Golovkin
MonteroOnBoxing: 115-113 Golovkin
Televisa: 116-112 Golovkin
DailyMail: 116-113 Golovkin
The Sweet Science: 117-111 Alvarez
BBC Sport: 115-113 Golovkin
Saturday Night Boxing: 115-113 Golovkin
SecondsOut: 114-114

Boxing peoples' opinions

Andre Ward: Alvarez
David Lemieux: Alvarez
Jaime Munguia: Alvarez
Claressa Shields: Alvarez
Al Bernstein: Golovkin
Lou DiBella: Golovkin
Manny Pacquiao: Golovkin
Roy Jones Jr: Draw
Lennox Lewis: Golovkin
Danny Jacobs: Golovkin
Terence Crawford: Golovkin
Barry Jones: Golovkin
Matthew Macklin: Golovkin
Anthony Fowler: Alvarez
David Haye: Alvarez
Carl Frampton: Golovkin
Robert Garcia: Alvarez
George Foreman: Alvarez
Richie Woodhall: Golovkin
Mikey Garcia: Alvarez
Floyd Mayweather Sr: Alvarez
Dewey Cooper: Draw
Andrew Tabiti: Alvarez
Kevin Newman: Alvarez
Will Clemons: Draw
Rolando Romero: Alvarez
Luis Tapia: Alvarez
Rafael Garcia: Golovkin
Paulie Malignaggi: Golovkin
Martin Murray: Alvarez
Victor Ortiz: Golovkin

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Champion97's picture

Here is the answer, drugs.

Gold's picture

Canelo looked better in the second fight in terms of stamina, looked identical in terms of physique and was on VADA 365 so that lends credence to Canelo's excuse.

Matchroom's picture

Just because a fighter is enrolled in VADA 24/7 doesn't mean he actually gets tested, all it means is the can show up anytime to test you. A fact most people seem to always overlook.

Gold's picture

He has been tested since he was enrolled, this was a sticking point to the rematch negotiations. If the Golovkin camp had an issue with Canelo's testing they would have been more than vocal with it like they were with the hand wraps, gloves, etc.

Champion97's picture

The drugs issue is still very much just that, but not because Alvarez was unclean for II, that isn't the issue, it is a moral, conscience issue, because the fact is, he took drugs, and he isn't now but why?, because he isn't a skumbag? Or because he knows he can't get away with it anymore?

People just need to cool off, the 10-2, 9-3 scores for Golovkin are way off the mark, obviously, but they are not a mystery. As time goes on, the robbery talk will fade, because people will calm down.

Gold's picture

We clearly have a very different view on drug use in the sport so I'm just going to leave the topic as it is.

I agree and I understand why people are mad, it's unfortunate when that hurts the quality of the fight in some people's eyes because this really was a historic fight. Two top pound for pound level fighters trying to make adjustments and counter-adjustments, hitting each other with seriously quality shots, walking through them and ultimately leaving it all out there. Very rarely does that happen.

Champion97's picture


I know, hopefully people will learn to appreciate the fight as time goes on. People are devastated for Golovkin as well, they feel sorry for him coming so close to taking his legacy to that level he strives to prove to be on, and when you watch a fight, are biased, you can see all sorts, just one round at a time, Golovkin's success registers more, and you see a different fight, but at a certain point, like I was saying with Pacquiao vs Horn, when the trainer says no robbery, that's evidence, when experts, and not journalists, fighters, people who 100% understand boxing, say no robbery, people can't keep arguing.

Champion97's picture

His reputation has been tarnished, and after that failed test, the outcry of robbery can be no surprise, the bias, landslide margins for Golovkin, it isn't rocket science, it is because are desperate for Canelo to lose

Matchroom's picture

The fight was ruined by the decision, nothing legendary about this. All most people will remember about it in 20-30 years is that GGG was robbed.

Champion97's picture

You must know really that Golovkin was not robbed, you want to say he is, but Abel Sanchez had it a draw, if it was a robbery, then Mikey and Robert Garcia, Claressa Shields, Andre Ward, George Foreman are all wrong. Golovkin himself probably thinks he won 8-4

Gold's picture

It really is unbelievable, worse of an outcry than the Ward vs. Kovalev 1 decision.

Champion97's picture

That was a disrespect and disservice to Ward, he was behind after 6, but won every round in the last half imo, definitely 5/6, and he didn't lose every round in the first 6

Gold's picture

A lot of people scored it wide for Kovalev, but like you said, credit to Ward for making adjustments and coming up clutch in the second half.

Champion97's picture

Yeah Harold Lederman and Doug Fischer, fools, Ward won 3 or 4 rounds? BS.
I had Ward winning by 3 points, he bossed the second half, proved his adaptability, and he was only dominated in the second round, for 3-6, it was basically even.