Sergey Kuzmin vs David Price

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Sergey Kuzmin vs David Price
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, England, UK
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I don't see this coming together for David Price, he has the guts to keep getting in the ring, but at some stage, Price is going to have to retire for his own safety.

Turner was the perfect comeback opponent for Price, he would have likely won, got some confidence, momentum, kept active, but now, with Turner pulling out injured, Price fights not only almost a fortnight earlier, but he fights a much, much more challenging opponent, and an opponent who is a big threat to him.

Kuzmin was a very good amateur, didn't have an outstanding amount of fights as far as BoxRec knows, wasn't an Olympian, but he beat Joe Joyce, he beat Roberto Cammarelle, that's two brilliant victories, wins over the 2012 and 2016 super heavyweight silver medallists. As a professional, Kuzmin is unbeaten, 13 fights, never been down, can punch a bit, 9 stoppages, good record, but as he is untested, only fought one half-decent opponent and that was a No Contest, you can't say much positive or negative.

Kuzmin is 31, still young for a heavyweight, but he won't be for that much longer, and he has a lot to learn, his chin hasn't been tested yet, he might not be a good fighter in the pros, but he also might be, and that's what we will find out in this fight.

Price is old for his age, mid thirties, been down at least 5 times, was beaten to a pulp against Hammer, Thompson in the rematch, without going down, was sparked by Teper and Povetkin, took a beating against Povetkin, has been known for a while to be a fighter who tires, and has a very vulnerable chin. Price, mentally, might be in a bad place, but mental health isn't something you can be sure about based on what it seems it should be based on the past, and I think Price's mentality will be good in this fight. Price will be less resistant to punches than ever, that gas tank won't be improving, but one thing he does have, is much more experience in the professional ring than Kuzmin, had over double the fights he has had, and Price might be easy to hurt, but he is no coward, and he can punch, you can't deny he is a puncher. Against Povetkin, Price got dropped, got up, angry, fought tooth and nail, and rocked Povetkin, dropped him late in the round, got knocked out a couple of rounds later, but still, showing he has courage, and that if he hits you clean, you are in trouble.

Price knows his own weaknesses, if Kuzmin makes an early mistake, goes for Price's chin rashly, and it turns out he doesn't have a good chin, he might end up down and out, but at the same time, if Kuzmin is any good, he won't struggle to hit Price once he has half settled down, Price doesn't control range well at all, and Kuzmin will hurt Price when he hits him clean unless he is not the puncher his record makes him seem to be, but you don't need Deontay Wilder's power to hurt David Price, and I think Kuzmin can hurt Price without much difficulty considering Price's chin is obviously not naturally durable, and he has taken a few brutal beatings, has miles.

If Kuzmin is mich worse than 12-0 makes him look, and is gassed after 3 rounds, doesn't have a good chin at all, then Price can win if it goes past 3 or 4 rounds, but, I very much doubt it, no reason to think Kuzmin can't take a shot, even if Kuzmin isn't the new Povetkin but maybe the new Ustinov, if he is decent at European level, has a decent chin, decent stamina, then if Price doesn't land something explosive early, Price will tire, and he will be there to be stopped, and he will go from being a big threat, to being a vulnerable opponent who is there all of a sudden for one reason, and that is that he is too tough to quit.

I think Kuzmin will stop Price, maybe in 6 rounds, I think he might get hurt in round 1 or 2, if Price lands one, his chin will be tested and then some, but in rounds 4, 5, Price will fade and fade, and at some stage, maybe in 6, Kuzmin will get him out of there.

This would be Kuzmin's best win so far, bit of a statement if he could stop Price, but it could be easy to overestimate him based on it of he does blast Price out even in 3 or less, because just how over the hill is a post Povetkin Price?, and it hasn't taken a Povetkin to beat Price, Hammer, Teper, not great fighters. If Kuzmin is potentially world level, apart from having to be wary of Price's power for 2 or 3 rounds, he should win this with no difficulty.

What a result for Price if he could get a KO here, I doubt it will happen, but that would be quite something.