Kid Galahad vs Toka Kahn Clary

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Kid Galahad vs Toka Kahn Clary
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Saturday, October 20, 2018
TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Eliminator for the IBF Featherweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


Good match up.

Both fighters are highly rated, expected to do well.

Both fighters are unproven, but this is an eliminator, so next year, the winner of Warrington vs Frampton, should fight the winner of this fight, and we will find out if Galahad or Kahn Clary are good at world level.

In terms of general ring experience, Clary is more prepared than Galahad (and it isn't about age, because Clary 26, 2 years younger than Galahad), he has had a few more fights, and he had the far better amateur career, that being said, Galahad has done more rounds in the professional ring.

Galahad doesn't seem to have any amateur background really, whereas Clary had 130 amateur bouts, competed, won medals in the US Nationals, Pan American Games, National Golden Gloves.

Galahad was banned for 18 months after failing drug test, which is very disappointing to put it lightly. Galahad returned to the ring in 2016, having been out for 19 months, which delayed his career, took away the time a drug cheat deserves to lose. Galahad has been active in the 30 months since his return from the ban, he has had 6 fights, so activity, ring rust, obviously won't be an issue now based on that.

For levels of opposition, I don't think much can be said for either Galahad or Clary. Clary has never had a 12 round fight, he has had a couple of North American title fights, but he hasn't fought world level opponents, has only fought one unbeaten fighter with a fair amount of fights, to his credit, he did stop then unbeaten John Vincent Moralde (19-0), last year, but apart from that, I don't think any of his wins suggest he is world level. Galahad has a good reputation, resume, at domestic level, within his own country, stopping tough, good British level fighters like James Dickens and Josh Wale, and in his last fight, he fought Irving Berry, who has world level experience, but Berry, and old 32, had been stopped twice before, dropped 8 times, defeated 7 times, and had been very well beaten by Jhonny Gonzalez, Jonathan Victor Barros, so Galahad's win over Berry wasn't particularly impressive, doesn't strongly suggest he is world level, but stopping Berry in 3, 3 rounds earlier than Walters did (albeit not the same Berry Walters fought), that was impressive, Galahad has never fought a half-decent world level opponent.

Galahad is undefeated, Clary is not, he has only one loss, it was a first round loss, against Jhon Gemino, I don't know if it will be relevant or any sort of factor on fight night, and sometimes, fighters have an off night, lose in the first round, like Jack against Edwards, Khan against Prescott, Mares against Gonzalez.

Both these guys can punch, they have the same KO percentages, 63%, which suggests they roughly hit as hard as each other.

Galahad is slightly taller, but Clary has never fought lower than featherweight, Galahad has had many fights a weight lighter, but Galahad has been at 126 for a while now, so I don't think weight will be a factor, and they are basically the same size.

Galahad comes off 9 months out, slightly longer than ideal, and he didn't do 3 full rounds against Berry, but still, 15 months ago, he did 9-10 against Cayetano, Berry, 2-3 rounds, but a competitive 2-3 rounds, he fought twice last year, and 9 months is just maybe slightly too much time, so I don't think inactivity will be an issue for Galahad. Clary has been very active, fought 5 months ago, went 10 rounds as well, fought 4 times in 2017, so very active, went past 6 rounds twice last year, so activity might be on Clary's side, but the fact that he was so active last year might say something about his opposition, because when fighters are competing at a fairly high level, they fight 3 or more likely 2 times a year, but Galahad, a 6 and then 3 8 round scheduled fights, and they were the first 4 of the 6 fights he has had since the drug ban, so his opposition is nothing to boast about.

Clary has been down at least 3 times, his chin is questionable, Galahad has been down once, not as much reason to question his chin, but neither of these guys have really had their chins tested, so we will see who can hurt who, in this fight.

As much as I don't like Galahad (and I hope he loses this fight, I think he is a bully, not a nice kid, and drug cheats should be banned for life), I think he is good, a talented fighter with potential, obviously, I hope he is found out as a fighter who has been made to look good when he isn't good, and more the point, Clary, mentioned as a good fighter himself, Peter Manfredo said he was the most talented fighter he's seen in his gym in 35 years, mentioned his speed, skill, heart.

I'm rooting for Clary, but that is irrelevant, and I think Galahad wins this, this is a step up, should be the toughest fight of his career so far, but I think Galahad will win.

I wouldn't be surprised if Galahad stopped Clary, because I don't think Clary has a good chin, but I think Clary can hurt Galahad as well. I think both fighters might hurt each other, but Galahad might hurt Clary a few times, and although it will be competitive, Galahad's superior skill and ability to do more damage will be the difference, and he will win a fairly comfortable UD, 116-112/117-111 maybe.

100% rooting for Clary, hope my prediction is wrong.