Daniel Roman vs Gavin McDonnell

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Daniel Roman vs Gavin McDonnell
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Saturday, October 6, 2018
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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World Boxing Association World Super Bantamweight Title


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Champion97's picture


I think McDonnell will win this.

This is a 50/50 fight in my opinion, both these guys are good fighters, both have great output, 12 round engines, neither are punchers. I don't think either Roman or McDonnell are great, but they are both good even at world level, both definitely good enough to win a world title against the right opponent.

I think Roman is the better offensive fighter in terms of variety, but McDonnell does the basics very well, I think he has a better jab.

Roman is the younger, fresher fighter, but I don't think there is much in it, because McDonnell is still not old, he didn't get beaten up against Rey Vargas, just clearly defeated, and that is his only loss, so he doesn't have too many miles.

They have a similar amount of experience, but I think McDonnell has the edge in experience.

Roman might have slightly more power natural power, but McDonnell is bigger than Roman, should physically stronger, because McDonnell has height, reach, he has vary rarely fought below super bantamweight, and he has even fought at lightweight.

Both guys have been on good form recently, Roman won the title, has defended it twice now, was impressive in his last fight, against Moises Flores, and McDonnell pulled put a great upset against Gamal Yafai, who he bullied, proved to be too experienced for, and in his last fight, McDonnell, he was impressive against former IBF bantamweight champion, Stuart Hall, boxed very well. McDonnell has looked like an improved fighter in his last two fights, but Roman as well, beating Flores better than I thought he would, a world champion in his own right.

I think McDonnell will box out of his skin in this fight, this might be his best shot at becoming a world champion, I think if he uses his experience, gets behind the jab, mixes it up, overpowers Roman, when it's necessary but uses his better defensive ability, uses his footwork as well, makes Roman miss, makes him pay, uses his boxing brain, he can win this, but it is a big ask, because Roman is good, he will probably be at his best in this fight, and he might be simply too good, this might be about levels, because beating Yafai and Hall, was impressive, but this is another level, he is facing a fighter much more experienced than Yafai, and a much younger fighter than Hall, so this is a much tougher test.

Roman should be a slight favourite, because he is the champion, McDonnell lost his only world title opportunity, but I think McDonnell will pull out a slight upset.

I think this will be close, but McDonnell will win, maybe by MD, maybe 114-114, 113-115.

Matchroom's picture

Hey the poster is working now! That's weird, I didn't think it worked when I created this card. At least the last time I checked it didn't. Roman all the way in this one, not saying McDonnell wont put up a fight but Danny wins comfortably. I see him being the best at 122 some day soon.