Yvan Mendy vs Luke Campbell II

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Yvan Mendy vs Luke Campbell II
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, England, UK
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Great rematch!
First one was close, was an upset, the rematch was always a good option, and at this point, I don't think Campbell or Mendy have better options.

Campbell was a very good amateur, won Gold in the 2012 Olympics, started brilliantly as a pro, from his debut, to beating Tommy Coyle, but when he lost to Mendy in 2015, on the undercard of Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte, we wondered whether it was an off night, or maybe he stepped up and was found out at a higher level, maybe it was a learning experience which came too early. Since the Mendy loss, Campbell did well, was on a winning streak between the Mendy and Linares fights, was training with Jorge Rubio, beat Argenis Mendez, beat Darleys Perez. Against Linares, Campbell was the best I've ever seen him, terrible start, but he was brilliant for a lot of the fight, had work rate, variety, brilliant defence, he didn't win, but he did very well. Campbell is training with Shane McGuigan now, might be a good career move, McGuigan has proven himself as a top trainer in recent years. Campbell is 30, not old, he's experienced, he probably wouldn't change trainers and take on a challenge like the Mendy rematch if he didn't believe he could be a world champion, and against Linares, he got beat, but he didn't look a fighter who didn't belong at world level, he should work towards another world title opportunity I think. It is a year betwwen the Linares and Mendy fights, he isn't that active, only had the one fight in those 12 months, 6 round scheduled bout back in early may, on the Bellew vs Haye II undercard, stopped Troy James in 5 rounds, that is something I supoose.

Mendy is a very good European and inter-continental level fighter, he hasn't lost a fight since losing to Edis Tatli, who beat him in 2015, he beat Campbell 3 fights later, and since beating Campbell, he has won 7/7. Mendy is the Silver champion, which is good, he isn't fighting at world level though, and whenever he has stepped up to world level, or close to it, he has lost, he lost to Viktor Postol, no shame in that, he lost a landslide, but still, Postol is a very good world level fighter. Mendy is a veteran at 40-4, he is 33, not a young fighter, but he is a brilliant athlete, he is very durable, takes a shot.

Both fighters have been active since the first fight, I think Campbell, as well as obviously the Linares fight, has fought at the higher level, against Perez, and maybe Mendez. Age is on Campbell's side, he is the fresher fighter, I think Mendy had reached his prime when they fought the first time, I think Campbell's best was still to come, and for these reasons, I tnink Campbell will win this fight.

I think it will be competitive again, but I think Campbell will win quite comfortably, not necessarily one sided, but not close, maybe 112-116.