Kubrat Pulev vs Hughie Fury

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Kubrat Pulev vs Hughie Fury
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Saturday, October 27, 2018
Arena Armeec, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Eliminator for the IBF Heavyweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This is a good one, very interesting fight, not punchers, but tough fighters, good boxers as well.

I think both guys have the same amount to lose in terms of where they are now, but Pulev has more that he can't afford to lose, in his home country, it will be tough for him if doesn't win, and he is about 13 or 14 years older than Fury, so if Fury loses, he has bags of time to rebuild, learn, improve, but for Pulev, this might be his last shot.

Pulev is the more experienced fighter, he's a veteran at European level, and a good world level fighter as well, he schooled Tony Thompson, Kevin Johnson, Dereck Chisora, and of course he fought Klitschko, he was terrible that night, he looked like he was doing ok, but Klitschko had his number from the start, Pulev had no success, finished the fight on his back, and in 5 as well. Apart from the Klitschko fight, Pulev has been impressive pretty much throughout his career. Fury is younger than Pulev, he is taller, I think he might be the puncher, and he has activity on his side, like Pulev, he has had one world title fight, lost, but fared a lot better than Pulev, Parker isn't as good as a 2014 Klitschko, but Fury was at an earlier career stage, when you could put a loss down to experience, but Pulev was already in his prime when he fought Klitschko.

We know Pulev isn't great at world level, we know Fury is still learning, but is Fury a potential top fighter?, he may or may not be, but this is a good test for him, good learning fight, very difficult learning fight, but it is a fight which could help him as a fighter, it isn't too much, too soon, Fury is getting more experienced as he stays active, and there is the Parker fight, and Pulev is not young, active or dangerous.

Fury is very young, especially for a heavyweight, so fighting at British level, is just activity, maybe the Sexton fight was too easy and he would have been better off at European level rather than British, but the main thing is he didn't just fight Parker and then have 5 years at British level, he fought Parker, lost, got back to winning ways, and now, just two fights later, fighting another opponent of Parker's level, if anything, it might be too soon, but it might not be, because Pulev, definitely at this point, is not as good as Parker, not at 37, coming off 18 months out, and for these reasons, you have to say this is a very winnable fight for Fury if you rate him highly.

I think Pulev will try to take centre ring, try to land that counter jab whenever Fury opens up, beat him to the punch, clinch, nullify his combinations, smother his work, I don't think Pulev will be aggressive, push the fight, I think he will be patient, wait for Fury to take a chance.

I think Fury will change direction, feint, be patient, aim to counter Pulev at awkward angles when he has the opportunity. Fury should use his foot speed, make the older fighter miss, but he also should make it an inside fight as the rounds go on, I don't think Pulev is a great inside fighter, Fury is a very good inside fighter.

I think in terms of reflexes, counter punches, timing, rhythm, it is hard to argue that a 37 year old fighter who hasn't fought in 18 months will get the better of a 23 or 24 year old fighter who fought 5 months ago, went the full 12, a year ago. I think Fury will land on the counter more than vise verse. I think after a slow, rusty start, Pulev's experience, ability to land those long counter punches, in the mid rounds, will serve him well, but I think Fury will have more in the tank in the later rounds, and that might be the difference, especially if Fury proves to have the intelligence, skill not to get dominated by Pulev's awkward style and consistent technical ability.

Provided the judges are ok, I think Fury wins a UD, 111-117, 112-116, 113-115.

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Pulev is fighting Fury not only in Bulgaria, but his hometown in Bulgaria. There is a reason why Miller wouldn't take the fight, he didn't think he would have the power to stop Pulev and he couldn't get a decision there. I think Hughie is in the same boat as Miller. Props to him for taking the fight, but unless he dominates thoroughly he's not gonna get a decision in Pulev's backyard, and he doesn't have the power to KO him.