Matty Askin vs Lawrence Okolie

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Matty Askin vs Lawrence Okolie
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, England, UK
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BBBofC Cruiserweight British Title (Askin's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


Good match!

This is a great test for Okolie, Askin is big, he can punch, he can box, he has had 3 times as many fights Okolie has had, he is only 29, he hasn't lost since his close MD defeat to Ovill McKenzie in March 2015, he is British champion, and is a proven, great fighter at British level, so this is a test for Okolie, it should be a tough fight, Okolie is flying, not occupied, and Askin has a few losses, found his level really, but I think Askin is significantly better than Chamberlain and Watkins.

Askin is big, 6'4, but he is a well conditioned fighter, is mobile, has the output, it will be interesting to see if Okolie can break him down, be patient, use the experience and pedigree he already has, but I think we will see him have sloppy patches, learn on the job, I don't think Okolie will catch Askin early, Askin will respect Okolie's power, and he won't make a bad mistake, he'll know experience is his best weapon.

Okolie is a puncher who has been blasting opponents out early, but against Chamberlain, he did 10 rounds, with no trouble at all, he has no stamina issues, he is an athlete, Okolie, doesn't carry a lot of muscle, just natural size, height, but he is still untested as far as going rounds when he is being made to work harder, when he takes more shots, is made to move more, and we will see how he handles the distance against a fighter who is much bigger and much more experienced than Chamberlain.

Okolie can hurt Askin, but Askin has survival skills, it will be interesting to see how Okolie capitalises when he catches Askins clean and hurts him. Askin's jab is a very good weapon for him, it will be interesting to see how Okolie can deal with that.

I think Okolie wins this, and by KO, maybe in round 11 or 12, so very late, I think Askin will give Okolie some problems, but Okolie will prove his mental toughness, adaptability, and I think he is the better fighter, he'll still be getting the better of Askin, landing with the damaging shots, and in a late round, he will have Askin in big trouble, he is a good, clinical finisher, and he will get Askin out of there.