Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

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Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, England, UK
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WBA (Joshua's 3rd defence), IBF (Joshua's 6th defence) & WBO (Joshua's 1st defence) Heavyweight World Titles


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Champion97's picture


Great match up, looking forward to this fight!

This is a very interesting fight, should be very entertaining, one of the best fights if not the best upcoming fights for the rest of the year in my opinion.

Anthony Joshua is more than occupied with this fight, this is a real challenge, and he knows it, there is no reason to think Joshua will look past Povetkin, I don't think he is thinking about Wilder, letting Fury's BS distract him, he is 100% focused on Povetkin, but it is very important for him that he doesn't overlook Povetkin, at all.

Povetkin is not Parker, he is a very different fighter, so Joshua will have to adapt to the differences, make adjustments between fights. Povetkin is much older than Parker, he is much smaller than Parker, he has nowhere near as good a chin, but Povetkin has much, much more combined amateur and professional experience, I think he is overall the more skilled, he is definitely a more compact boxer, I think much less flawed, makes little to no mistakes, Povetkin, so Joshua will have a lot less flaws and mistakes to capitalise on against Povetkin than agaisnt Parker.

Joshua and Povetkin were both great amateurs, Joshua won the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, Povetkin did the same in 2004. Joshua and Povetkin both have two wins over Roberto Cammarelle, a brilliant world level amateur, who rarely lost, and beat Tony Yoka twice, Filip Hrgovic, David Price 3 times, Oscar Rivas, Kubrat Pulev twice, so Joshua and Povetkin beating him not just once but twice, is very impressive. Joshua and Povetkin both had brilliant amateur careers, Olympic gold medallists, but Povetkin had over double the amount of amateur fights Joshua had, and Povetkin won a gold medal in a world tournament in 2003, won gold medals in two European tournamets, Joshua won a silver medal in a world tournament in 2011, but didn't compete in as many national tournaments as Povetkin.

Povetkin is 39, he isn't as good as he used to be, but he is still brilliant, seems to be declining slowly, he is a veteran, as a professional, he has more years, more fights than Joshua. Povetkin is a solid boxer, very good fighter, gets into that unbreakable rhythm, does what is necessary to keep winning, he can punch, he breaks down opponents, makes opponens work, goes through the gears. I think Povetkin is not absolute top class, but he is everything but, he's just a notch below.

The obvious differences here are size and age, but I think Joshua is just simply slightly better, Povetkin did have his chance against Klitschko, if he is as good as he has been made to look, why did he lose by 119-104? Joshua stepped up and fought Klitschko, got up off the deck, in an absolute classic, stopped Klitschko, granted, Joshua did not beat the same Klitschko as Povetkin lost to, but Joshua beat Klitschko at a time when you could put the loss down to experience, Povetkin was about 35 when he fought Klitschko, may have been in his prime, if he was ever going to be good enough to beat Klitschko, that was his time, but not only did he lose, he was terrible that night. I think Povetkin is as good as fighters who aren't top level come, as good as fighters come who are not special, but Joshua is top level, Joshua is a special fighter.

I think the early rounds will be very interesting, Povetkin will be patient, focused, he'll probably try to work the body, slip any return shots, get the right distance, and work in spots, get back into a position to counter, when Joshua tries to repsond, but I think Joshua will be focused as well, might throw in some feints, use his jab, establish that distance which is too much for Povetkin to find the range, and if Povetkin tries to walk through the jab, he might be able to hit him coming in, land the counter right.

Joshua needs to keep Povetkin busy in the early rounds, keep throwing the jab, keep his defence tight, but keep Povetkin's head moving, keep him mentally distracted with his defence, try to catch him cold, but early, Joshua doesn't need to do that, he might need pretty much just the jab, it could be the difference, but Povetkin is great at getting inside, attacking the body, he is fluid with his attacks, mixes it up, body to head, he is more than capable of hurting Joshua, but at the same time, Joshua can time punches, if he lands the uppercut as Povetkin comes in, he will hurt Povetkin, and although Povetkin's survival knowledge is brilliant, Joshua is a clever attacker.

In relation the the Parker fight, I think Joshua's tactics should be different, he did a good job of putting Parker on the back foot, just firing out the jab, mainly to the body if I remember rightly, making Parker work, he kept him at distance, and when Parker was in a position to be hit clean, Joshua might have just landed a couple of decisive clean punches, Parker was blocking, moving his guard, aware, mobile, but he didn't have the extreme level of technical skill never to let Joshua catch him clean, Joshua was still able to hit him with enough, but against Parker, whenever Parker came in, and Joshua tried to catch him coming in, he did, but it only made it tougher for Joshua, because Parker walked through it, still cut the distance, and took the fight to Joshua, and at that point, Parker might have been getting the better of Joshua, or at least taking that control away from him, he'd swing, have Joshua trapped, and the fight became messy. Against Povetkin, Joshua should still make him work, use the jab, but very subtle jabs, just to establish the distance he wants, he should keep Povetkin's head moving, but Povetkin, I think being pushed back like Parker was, wouldn't be caught clean before he'd land one himself, because he doesn't make mistakes, doesn't give you anything, and he can find gaps, so Joshua, throwing the jab to the body, few power shots, trying to force Povetkin into a vulnerable position, might not work like it did against Parker, but on the other hand, if Joshua can land that clean jab, and he can be maybe that one step ahead, which I think he can be if he can time Povetkin and keep him where he wants him, then he can hit Povetkin coming in, and that's where this fight will be easier than the Parker fight, because I don't think Povetkin can walk through Joshua's power. I think in the second half, Povetkin, mentally, will be calmer and less pressured than Parker was, which gives Joshua less to capitalise on, but I think he will also struggle for pace a lot more, be tired after 6 rounds, and the minute won't be as good for him, and Joshua will find him easier to break down.

I think Joshua will start well, edge it with his jab in rounds 1 and 2, mayhe land one right hand and slightly hurt Povetkin, but Povetkin will kill time and recover. I think Povetkin might look to be out boxing Joshua, maybe even out working him in rounds 3-5, I think he will do a good job of finding flaws, doing absolutely nothing more than is necessary for him, and he'll have success without taking risks. I think as Povetkin starts to tire, and Joshua's patience pays off, Joshua might get his jab working again in rounds 6 and 7, Povetkin will be struggling to know exactly how to negate it, and he will be reluctant to take risks, as well as fatuiged. I think Povetkin might try to be more aggressive in round 8, take a chance, but Joshua is such a great counter puncher, that I think Joshua can time the jab, and that could set up the right uppercut, I think as soon as he lands that shot, Povetkin will be really hurt, and Joshua can just hunt him down, land whenever Povetkin is vulnerable, be patient, but when Povetkin is in big trouble, tired, and it is all going against him, I don't think Joshua will need to be that patient, and Povetkin won't hold up against much of a beating, Joshua might land just a few distinguished follow up hayemakers, and with the last one, he'll put Povetkin away, if Povetkin goes down but gets up, I think he can't recover quickly, and Joshua can just stay smart, patient to the necessary extent, and resume his attack, and I definitely think he'll finish Povetkin.

I think Joshua stops Povetkin in 8.

Matchroom's picture

Fantastic write up, don't know what more could be added to break the fight down further. There are people not giving this fight hype because they want Joshua vs Wilder now, but this is a good and intriguing fight that Povetkin has a real chance of winning though the heavy favorite has to be AJ. I'm with you Champ I can't wait for this well card & fight, Hearn & Matchroom always put on great PPV cards, and give real value for money imo. Of course if you can't tell by the name I might be a tad bias lol.

Champion97's picture

Seriously though, Matchroom is awesome, Hearn isn't the most popular, but he can't be questioned as less than brilliant promoter. Frank Warren is a joke in my opinion, apparently £20 for Whyte vs Parker was a rip off according to him, he charged us £56 for Fury vs Seferi, I didn't buy it, just saw it after. Hearn delivers, the only fight he has hyped up that we haven't seen and probably won't see, os Brook vs Khan, and Khan doesn't want the fight.

Joshua wins easy