Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr

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Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr
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Saturday, July 28, 2018
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
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WBC & IBF Lightweight World Titles


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Coach Reg - Garcia
Devin Haney - Garcia
Andre Ward - Easter
Kofi Jantuah - Garcia
Amateur fighter - Garcia
Boxing trainer - Easter
Boxing trainer - Garcia
Boxer - Garcia
1-0 Boxing prospect - Garcia
J'Leon Love - Easter
Anthony Peterson - Easter
Leo Santa Cruz - Garcia
Claressa Sheilds - Easter
Steve Farhood - Garcia

Garcia: 9
Easter: 5

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I think both fighters will be cautious at the start, I think Easter is going to try to start by keeping Garcia static, keeping him off with his long jab, but I think he will struggle to actually get his jab going early, because Garcia will be slipping to his left, right, just a lot of slight head movement. I think Garcia will be patient, aim to get under the jab of Easter, gradually narrow the gap, before letting his own shots go. I think when it is about concentration, finding openings, exploiting small mistakes, Garcia will score the first points, and hit Easter clean with a couple of shots to steal a quiet opening round, maybe a couple of isolated singles within the last half of the round.

I think Garcia will try to start the second round with a flurry, but he will miss a 3 or 4 punch combination as the range dictation of Easter causes him to fall short, but Garcia, slipping under the attempted counter jab from Easter. I think for the middle 2 minutes of round 2, Garcia will be aiming to work and point score off the jab, feinting, keeping the subtle head movement up, and looking for gaps and openings, I think Garcia will have occasional success with a jab to the body, a sharp, clean shot, but it will be another tentative round. I think Easter will put his foot on the pedal a little bit in the last 20 seconds, managing to push Garcia back and trap him momentarily on the ropes, throwing a 6-8 shot flurry at him, landing clean with a right to the body, and one to the head, but Easter, made to pay for his gamble with a well timed Garcia left hook to the head, a good shot, and a second before Easter (having caught slightly off guard) can reorganise himself and get himself together, Garcia will jump forwards and quickly, but accurately and methodically sink in a right hand to the body, a hurtful punch which Easter takes well, and Garcia, moving back out of range, going back to being cautious for the closing seconds of round 2.

Garcia will sustain his movements in round 3, and Easter will miss with jabs. Easter will be reluctant to let anything go, sensing Garcia's timing. When Easter is tense, confused, Garcia is patient, all Garcia needs is Easter to slip up focus wise, or make a mistake, and Garcia will either tag him on the counter, or step in with his shots, almost negate Easter's counter ability by hitting his gloves on the way to landing shots. Garcia will beat Easter to the jab in round 3, Easter's reach will make patience more necessary for Garcia, and he won't have as much success with the jab as he would if Easter had less reach, but Garcia will out point Easter. I think Garcia will be smart, know when to pull the trigger, find the balance between aggression and tactics. I think near the 2 minute mark of round 3, Garcia will jump forward as Easter moves back, and fire a 6 or 7 punch cluster to head and body, stepping in, closing the gap, and as he throws, with variety, lands 2 or 3 clean, he will overwhelm Easter, keep him defensive, having caught him at the right second to hit him. After Garcia has let a flurry go, as he is pivoting, being slick, Easter might respond, miss a couple. I think Garcia will be smart towards the end of round 3, he will feint with his jab, maybe bait Easter by feigning an opening, slip under a shot, and land the counter jab upstairs, and time his defensive movement as Easter tries to respond, making Easter miss, maybe by almost nothing. Garcia will set up an opening near the end of round 3, patiently make Easter hesitate to throw his jab, and in the last 15 seconds or so, he will land a beautiful right hand up the middle, best punch in the first 3 rounds, which Easter takes well, but Garcia, maintaining his patience, not getting careless.

Garcia, after 3 rounds, will seem to be starting to dominate, and Easter, maybe, losing some confidence.

Garcia will stay within himself in round 4, but he will raise his output, and Easter will start the round off, ill at ease, still very reluctant to throw anything. Garcia's jab will still be a little bit delayed by the the reach disadvantage, but he will still work his way into the right distance, still be an almost impossible target for Easter to aim at, but he will begin to throw combinations at Easter, mostly blocked, but Easter, bullied, and on the defensive. I think throughout round 4, it will be educated but sustained pressure from Garcia, he will have Easter on the back foot, and after the first minute of the round, Garcia will be cutting off the ring better, finding more accuracy with his punches, walking Easter down, working away at the body, landing big shots clean to the head as well. I think the pace will dip slightly in the last minute, Garcia, still punishing Easter, but with more spiteful shots, less of them, and at a lower tempo, taking a toll on Easter, and frustrating him by not leaving himself open for Easter to benefit from Garcia throwing more punches and being more aggressive in round 4. I think Garcia will finish a great 4th round with a perfectly timed, clean uppercut which lands flush with about 10 seconds left in the round.

I think Easter will seem to be tiring after 4 rounds, as he walks slowly back to his corner.

Garcia will be quite active early in round 5, landing the jab to the body, the jab to the head less so, Easter will land a couple of clean, sharp jabs as Garcia walks forward, but that will open him up more, and as Easter is backed up against the ropes, he and Garcia try punch to with each other, Garcia will land the only clean punch or 2, and as Easter tries to get back on his bike, Garcia will land a good straight right which catches Easter on the temple as his head was turned at an angle, it drops Easter. Easter is buzzed, but not seriously hurt, although Garcia is able to exploit his disorganisation, by cutting off the ring, pinning him down, and unleashing a 10-15 punch flurry of power shots to head and body. I think for 1-2 minutes, Garcia will be sustaining educated pressure, letting Easter exert movement, and throwing commited he straight shots, mostly the the body.

Garcia will slip under and step away from an attempted 4 or 5 punch combination from Easter to start round 6, and he will not let Easter rest for a second. Garcia walks Easter down and within the first 30 seconds of the 6th, they will be throwing leather. Easter will dig deep, show toughness, and land some punches of his own, but for about 90 seconds, itnwill be Garcia who looks stronger and with much more in the tank, he will be landing more, and he will be landing the harder shots. In the last minute of the round, Easter will land a really good right uppercut to the head, a shot Garcia takes well, but Easter, encouraged, will find some extra bravery, and spend 2 or 3 seconds trying to throw the kitchen sink at Garcia, maybe believing Garcia might have felt the uppercut, but Easter, only making it worse for himself, as a very well prepared Garcia, unfazed by Easter's best punch of the fight, lands a counter combination, ending with a sickening left to the liver, a shot which drops and almost suffocates Easter. Easter will show the courage and heart of a champion, get up at 8 or 9, but Garcia, stalking his prey, and for a 30 seconds which is very, very tough for Robert Easter, Garcia will really pull the trigger, have Easter in terrible trouble, teeing off to head and body, giving Easter a real beating.

Easter slumps on his stool after 6 rounds, grimacing, being told to breathe, his corner working on facial damage, water on his head, and his trainer telling him to stay off the ropes, stay on tne outside, and use his jab. Garcia sits on stoll and seems to be able to recover very from working himself hard, not fatuiged, and still being calm, listening to his brother.

Easter looks under confident and tired as he gets off his stool for round 7, Garcia, looking light on his feet, not arrogant, just calm, ready to resume his work, and stick to the plan.

Garcia finds it easier to close the distance and slip the jab than earlier as Easter is more ragged and laborued with his feet and offensive movements. Easter tries to be mobile and land the jab when Garcia isn't prepared for it, and Garcia, the aggressor, walks into a clean but quite weak looking jab, before making Easter miss with a couple more, and setting Easter up as he cuts off the ring and looks to walk Easter down. Garcia lands the jab to the body, and then dummies with a throw away jab, a repeat jab to the body, and Easter, desperate, takes the bait, lunges forward with an attempted right which Garcia looks unprepared for, but Garcia, a step ahead, and landing a solid counter left hook to the jaw from low, hurting Easter and dropping him to a crouch. Easter gets up at 6 or 7, still hurt, Garcia goes for the finish. Garcia traps Easter in the corner, and really goes on the attack, Easter tries his best, still with a stagger on, swings big shots back, only fatigues himself more and makes himself more of a target as Garcia lands a couple of massive punches to the head, Easter holds, gets some respite, Garcia waits for the referee to break the clinch, and then pulls the trigger with a right hand, right on the button which staggers Easter, almost drops him, and Easter, falling back on the ropes again, Garcia fires away to head and body, landing huge punches which make him fall to his gloves, Easter gets up from a fourth knockdown, just beating the count, but defenceless, on the edge of being stopped, the referee gives Easter a chance, but as Easter is forced back again and hit with another 3-4 crushing punches, the referee stops it.

My prediction is Mikey Garcia by TKO in round 7.