Shawn Porter vs Danny Garcia

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Shawn Porter vs Danny Garcia
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Saturday, August 25, 2018
Barclay's Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Welterweight World Title


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I think this fight will start off tentatively, but it will be fascinating to watch from the first bell, you will just get that sense that it will kick off and catch fire at any second.

I think Porter will take the first round, I think he will have a good 10-15 seconds, jump all over Garcia, attack with a flurry, land about 4 good shots, I think he will make it ugly, maybe wrestle Garcia a little bit, and miss a couple, but take the opening round which is pretty much a nothing round outside of one big 15 second attack from Porter. I see Garcia taking the second by landing a couple of really quality counter punches as Porter comes in, and he will offset Porter, put him back in his place, by landing clean, using his skill, early.

I think in rounds 3 and 4, the tempo will pick up, maybe some more feints, more confidence from both fighters, but I think maybe a couple of times in the rounds, they will open up, and I think when they do, the exchanges will be more competitive, I think Garcia will land 2 or 3 really good, clean counters as Porter jumps forward, with more power and authority than in the previous round, but Porter will walk through Garcia's counters, attack him to head and body, and punch for punch, he will give clearly more than he gets, only he will be unable to produce any work as sharp and clean as the rarer but more eye catching punches Garcia lands on him.

I think Porter will have a good fifth round, I think he will out jab Garcia, we will see good head movement from him, and in this session, as he pulls the trigger, Garcia will struggle to get good counter punches off. I think Porter will be patient, use his jab, and as he goes on the attack, he will throw more punches than earlier, smother Garcia's short responsive shots without smothering his own work, and he will land a couple of good, hard punches himself amongst quite a lot of punches which either don't land or land but are only enough to trump no shots from the opponent, I don't think he will hurt Garcia, but he might draw some blood, land a couple of big shots which physically move Garcia slightly, energy sapping punches. I think in round 5, Porter will rough up Garcia, bully him, and manhandle him.

I think Garcia will respond to Porter's great round with a great round of his own. I think in round 6, as Porter takes chances, tries to keep himself unpredictable, Garcia will land on the counter, and I think Garcia will also punish Porter with a counter if Porter moves onto the back foot for a second, if Porter wants to take a rest, or make Garcia walk forward, so he can bring him into a fight where he can out hustle him, without Garcia seeming to be as likely to take control with a counter. I think if Garcia is able to time Porter, keep controlling the distance going backwards, he can just let Porter take more out of himself with his own movement, and as Porter comes forward, I think Garcia will be able to time his shots, land heavy punches to head and body, with authority, and Garcia can keep control of the range, not let Porter swarm him, and Garcia, if he can keep his cool, not let Porter drag him into a fight on his terms, Garcia can work on the inside in a fight which is similar to Porter's fight so he can keep catching Porter clean when he doesn't anticipate it, meaning he can land at close range when he has leverage, rather than picking Porter off.

I think both fighters will start to take more chances as they kick off the second half of the fight, with both fighters knowing it is very close after 6.

I think Porter will cause Garcia some clear problems with his fast jab, and ability to move so quickly on his feet, I think if Garcia gets hit clean with the jab, he can't match that with his own jab, so he has to wait, and time Porter with a quality counter, and if he manages to do that, that will prompt Porter to really put his foot on the pedal, instinctively respond with an attack of his own, moving his head, and zooming forward and firing hooks and uppercuts to head and body, and lots of shots which land clean as Garcia can't escape the exchanges, can't back Porter up, but if Porter is spurred on by being hit with a counter, the liklihood is that whilst he lands his own punches, Garcia will still eb able to time him on the way in, and he will hit Porter clean a few times as Porter jumps on the attack. If they fight in exchanges like this, which I think they will, there will be no clear answer as to who is getting the best of it, Garcia, landing the more sharp, naturally powerful punches, the cleaner counters which catch the eye, but Porter, the aggressor, a bully, and able to land with a higher amount of punches.

I think in a positive fight, Porter and Garcia can really make it interesting, and entertaining by testing each other's desire, tactical ability.

I think Garcia will have a good eighth, do a good job of blocking and countering to start the round, and as Porter pushes for a response, even if he makes an effort for his attacks not to be reckless, Garcia will only be able to find more openings once he has managed to find the right range, put that pressure on Porter to have to have some success. I think at this point, Garcia will test Porter's chin, if he has Porter where he wants him, even for a second, if he can get himself in position, set Porter up or even just tee off with a solid shot, he can land a big counter, a hook, uppercut, whatever the shot is, he can land flush on the chin of Porter, who will have to tire slightly at some point because of his own movement, and is bound to not only take the odd big shot, but also walk onto it, which makes it more impactful to have to withstand.

I think Porter, at the worst of times for him, will be praised for his chin, and durability, as he has taken a few of Garcia's best shots, soaked them up, and kept coming forward.

I think Porter will be taking a clear toll on Garcia in rounds 9 and 10, I think at a certain point in a fight, a puncher who doesn't tend to throw a large amount of punches, who has already expended a lot, put a lot into some big shots he has hit his opponent with, has worked at a higher tempo than he wanted to, at a certain point, he might tire just slightly, and with an opponent like Porter, you have to stay sharp, if he can keep you on the ropes, you could be in a lot of trouble. I think Porter's game plan, to a degree, will have been to be patient, make Garcia work, keep Garcia occupied, keep him under pressure, even if it means taking some big shots, so he can wait for a concentration lapse, wait to shock Garcia, or physically wait for him to seem to fade, and exploit that, but I think at this point, Porter will appear very strong, Garcia will be an easier target for him, and in rounds 9 and 10, I think Porter will seem to be taking over, attacking Garcia to body and head, landing a lot of solid punches, I think he will make Garcia look sluggish, moving in and out of range, using the jab, moving his head, and when he let's fly, Garcia won't seem prepared, Porter will launch a big flurry on him, maybe even hurt Garcia slightly if he lands a couple of his best shots really clean, but I think definitely, Porter will attack, land a lot of punches, and 9 and 10 will be torrid for Garcia.

I think we will see urgency from Garcia in round 11, as Porter looks to be pulling away, Garcia will manage to turn the tables on Porter again. I think in round 11, Porter will still be mobile, still not be a physically easy target to hit, but from his own relentless pace, I think he will be fading himself just slightly. I think Porter will out jab Garcia, but at long range, Garcia can time him with a power shot, catch him clean, and especially if Porter's feet slow down even a little bit, if he gets sloppy moves back for a rest, Garcia will move forward, go on the offensive. I think because Porter won't be nearly out of gas, and Garcia will still be flat footed at times, Porter will still charge forward and attack Garcia, and make it an inside fight, and he will still have some success, land some shots, but a more methodical Garcia, might be intent on standing and trading with the inferior counter puncher and the less naturally dangerous hitter, and I think if Garcia can time Porter, maybe just create that little bit of extra distance if necessary, and tag Porter with really good, clean counters, energy sapping shots, and if he can move Porter backwards at all, he can thump away to head and body, put it on Porter, even if Porter doesn't really go backwards, holds his ground, Garcia can not only have a fight with Porter, he can get the best of it, land with more punches, and land with the cleaner shots, as Porter starts to look ragged and struggles to match his opponent for good work.

I think with one round remaining, with fight basically in the balance, both fighters will want to win equally badly, and both will be prepared to go to war in the last round.

I think the last round will be a 'Round Of The Year' candidate. I see Garcia aiming to pick up where left off in the previous round, but fight even harder, but Porter will seem to have recovered from a certain amount of fatigue in the previous round, and he will begin the round by sprinting forward, trying to move his head, getting low, using push and shove tactics, and I think he will bombard Garcia with punches from head to body, I think as Garcia moves to the side, Porter will easily stay with him, make it a little bit messy as he swarms him. I think Garcia will respond by landing clean counters, but Porter will bite through them, and fire his own shots back, overpowering Garcia, and it will continue to go back and fourth. I think Garcia will seem to be taking the last round from Porter as he lands a couple of massive punches, maybe a big uppercut, as he has a good middle minute, he will do everything but really rock Porter, as Porter keeps coming forward, makes Garcia drag every last punch out of himself. I think for a minute or so, Porter and Garcia will go to the trenches, and battle it out in what is basically an even slugfest, they will put it all on the line, but as the fight approaches the end, in the last 20 seconds or so, it will be Porter who seems to have slightly more in the tank, as he hits Garcia with some vicious body shots, brings the attack up the head, and I think although Garcia will have the heart to respond with decent shots of his own and tell Porter he hasn't hurt him, his shots won't have the same amount of pop as earlier, and as they go to war in the closing seconds of the fight, have a tear up, it will be Porter who is getting the better of it, as he out fights Garcia in the last 15 seconds or so.

I think both guys will be confident they have won the fight, it will seem like anybody's fight, there will be a lot of divided opinions, a lot of people will think Porter has won, a lot of people will disagree, 95% will say it could go either way.
I think when it is basically even, and it goes to the judges, often, in terms of Porter's style, and Garcia's style, I might be wrong because a lot of American judges do appreciate a really aggressive fighter, but I just think Garcia's type of success, Garcia's style is slightly more likely to impress the judges just that little, crucial bit more, and I think Garcia will win by almost nothing for that reason.

I think Garcia wins the fight via split decision.
Two judges having it 115-113 for Garcia, a third judge, having it the same margin, but in favour of Porter, is most likely I think, and Garcia will just edge out the fight, become a world champion again.

Very tough one to call, but I'm 50-55% on Garcia winning, I'm leaning towards Garcia, and my final prediction is Garcia, SD.

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Errol Spence Jr - Garcia
Keith Thurman - Porter
Kofi Jantuah - Porter
Boxing Coach - Garcia
1-0 Boxing prospect - Garcia
Boxing Coach - Garcia
Boxing Coach - Porter
Anthony Young - Garcia
Zachary Ochoa - Garcia
Claressa Sheilds - Porter

Porter: 4
Garcia: 6