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I tend to spend a lot of my mornings before work peering through news stories and Twitter, and often run into interesting tidbits about upcoming fights, boxer insights, promoting, etc. I figured I'd start a post and share the interesting ones I find, for anyone who may be interested.

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"Dave Allen has announced that he's agreed terms to face France's 2016 Olympic gold medallist Tony Yoka on June 23rd in Paris"

Big step up for Yoka, who I know was a pretty talented amateur, but makes me worry that Allen is taking this fight on such short notice, especially considering he has fought twice already this year(albeit short fights). He has fought 4 rounders two of the last three, with the third ending after one due to a headbutt. This would be a 10 rounder. Will Allen challenge this kid?

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Yoka is a drug cheat?

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I heard he missed some tests for the French boxing federation, not sure if he ever actually failed or not, but the testers assume it to be tantamount to a failure. Not sure what stipulation or litigation is in place to let him fight still, but this will be his second fight since the suspension was handed down.

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"WITH the news George Groves will be in the final of the World Boxing Super Series to face Callum Smith, no one will be happier than the boxers, bar one man, Joe Gallagher.

Gallagher, trainer of Smith and his three brothers Paul, Liam and Stephen, told Boxing News of his joy when hearing Groves will be in the final, after recovering from a shoulder injury sustained in the final round of his semi-final triumph against Chris Eubank Jnr.

'I’m really pleased for Callum Smith, he entered this tournament because the best fighters were in it,' Gallagher said.

After victories over Erik Skoglund and surprise semi-final replacement, Dutch kickboxing world champion Nieky Holzken, the Liverpudlian has improved his record to 24-0.

But Smith’s determination to prove himself the best in the super-middleweight division rests on fighting George Groves. As it seemed like Eubank Jnr was becoming an increasingly likely contender to replace the injured Groves, it looked like Smith would have to wait yet again to test himself against the division leader.

'Obviously George Groves was in it and he’s got the world title,' Gallagher said. 'Chris Eubank Jnr was in it and there were lots of good domestic fights to be made and Callum Smith’s aim was to come out as a world champion.'

'When George injured his shoulder and there was talk of Chris Eubank in the final I felt sorry for Callum, it seemed like he was cursed.'

'It’s alright beating Chris Eubank in the final but he would still have come out of it without a world title.'

'Groves is recognised by everyone … as the number one in the world at that division so what a great opportunity for Callum Smith'.

'Callum Smith’s got a huge opportunity to become the number one in the world after the final and I’m so happy for him.'

Fortunately for Smith, with the announcement Groves will be in the final, he will get his chance to prove himself as the best in the 168lbs division, something that wouldn’t have been the case if Eubank Jnr did fill in as a replacement.

If it would have felt like an anti-climax for Smith had he not met the winner of the other semi-final in the final, Gallagher can certainly confirm this, and he believes the public have got what they wanted too.

'I don’t think I have to say much – you just have to look at social media and what the take on it was when there was the suggestion of Chris Eubank becoming a replacement, it was resounding that nobody wanted him in it,' he said.

'He had been beaten compressively by George Groves, I think everyone made their feelings known, and when it was confirmed Callum would fight Groves it was met with a great response.

'I’ve seen people tagging the Sauerlands [promoters Kalle and Nisse] and the WBSS and saying ‘finally you’ve seen sense and it should be them in the final’.

'We came in this tournament to become a world champion and fight for the world title and I feel if it hadn’t been someone with a title in the final the tournament would have lost a lot of credibility.'

'Especially if putting someone like Eubank in who had already been beaten comprehensively in the semi-final.'

Before it was confirmed Groves and his WBA world title would be present in the final, Gallagher revealed how important it was for Smith to fight for either a world championship or against a credible name, with the trainer even calling for Gennady Golovkin to move up eight pounds.

'I did say if it wasn’t going to be George Groves try and get another world champion, a [David] Benavidez, a Tyron Zeuge,' Joe said.

'At one point when the ‘Triple G’-Canelo fight fell apart I even said go and see if ‘GGG’ wants a place in the final. That’s how much we wanted a title on the line or a big name in the final.'

Smith booked his place in the final four months ago, and it seems he has been waiting on an opponent ever since.

This kind of inconvenience has led to a disruption in appropriate and detailed training, something Gallagher has actively dealt with up until the confirmation that Groves had recovered.

“We had been phoning around arranging sparring partners and it’s a case of we have this group of sparring partners for this opponent and this group for this opponent,” Gallagher said. “We don’t know when to book our flights, when to book hotels, is it the end of June, is it July, and we had all that going on.

“It looks now like it will be end of August, early September a week or two either side. We’re there now and we can plan and concentrate on George.”

Concentrate Joe will and his preparations for Groves are slightly helped by the fact the trainer has been in this position before.

In 2011 Gallagher and Paul Smith stood across the ring from a 24 -ear-old Groves at the Wembley Arena in London.

That night Groves retained his Commonwealth and British super-middleweight titles with a second round stoppage of Smith, leaving Gallagher more than respectful of the challenge ahead while recognising lessons can be learnt from the defeat.

“You’ve got to take on board the things we did for that fight but obviously Paul and Callum are different styles, but one thing we will do is respect George Groves’ boxing ability and his punching power,” he said.

“Groves has always been familiar to us we’ve watched many of his fights, and so with Chris Eubank, it’s not someone like Nieky Holzken, on last minute who you know nothing about, we have someone we can plan and prepare for.”

A domestic feud for Groves is a familiar thing, just like with Eubank Jnr the Londoner had heated pre-fight build ups with James DeGale and Carl Froch, but despite his track record, Gallagher doesn’t see a the WBSS final going the same way.

“I think both kids are hugely respectful of each other, they both acknowledge how talented each other are and it’s a final which involves two talented fighters and two gentlemen who carry themselves correctly as well outside the ring as they do inside,” he said. “Groves himself is absolutely delighted to be in the final and he wants to fight Callum Smith in the final, I think it’s great and we’re really looking forward to the fight.”

Groves showed mental strength in the final round of his encounter with Eubank Jnr, like he did to come back from three failed attempts at world title glory when he defeated Russian Fedor Chudinov on the fourth time of asking to capture his WBA strap.

This kind of attribute is something Gallagher recognises, but feels the public may not be aware of.

“I think a lot of people don’t give George enough credit for his mental toughness,” he said.

“The way he conducted himself in that last round [against Eubank Jnr] the way he man-managed himself and to be able to think on the spot and not complain to the referee, by doing that he would have brought pressure on himself.

“He’s had his jaw broken and come back in no time, he is a very mentally tough man and you need to, like Carl Froch did, nail George to the canvas to beat him because, George will keep coming.

“While George is in that ring in front of you he’s there to take you out and we are fully respectful of his achievements and what he brings to the fight and we need to work on the game plan to take care of that.”

Man, what a roller coaster Smith's team had to go through. Having GGG mentioned as a theoretical replacement is very interesting.

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I like Bellew, and I think this could be a fun fight if it happens. I don't know if he'd beat him, but he'd be a real second fight for Fury if it was to happen, and be a significant step up from Seferi.

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Bellew doesn't lose (at least not above 175), because he knows when he will or won't win, and why he will or won't win, like Mayweather (not saying Bellew is as good as Mayweather or on the same level, he isn't, but they both have the mental quality of realism), Mayweather would never have lost, because he knew when he would and wouldn't win, he knew he might not have beaten an unclean Pacquiao, he knows now, he couldn't beat Crawford or Lomachenko, and would probably lose badly, in his prime, I think he'd have fought them and beaten them both, close though, but he is over the hill, that's why he fought that bum McQuitter when he needed some extra $s, but he knew he could beat a clean Pacquiao. Bellew 100% admits he wouldn't beat Fury is 2 years, but timing is so much more important than many people realise, and if Bellew was in Seferi's place, I think he'd have a 50-55% shot at winning, but the older Bellew gets, and the more activity Fury regains, the less likely Bellew, hypothetically beating Fury seems.

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I'd like to see Bellew use his WBC Cruiserweight champion emeritus status he somehow has if Gassiev wins, not going to happen but I can wish. Doing these calculated business style moves is not interesting and doesn't endear himself to a lot of fans, people like when guys like Rungvisai take difficult fights and give rematches to difficult opponents.

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No, fighting that version of David Haye was not interesting. In theory when you hear the name David Haye it is, but we all know once we saw him in the ring that he hadn't fixed his injury issues. Targeting both of them is a good example of what people accuse Floyd Mayweather of, targeting names that are larger than their actual ability. He should care what fans think of his matchups, outside of the UK no one wants to see Tony Bellew face overmatched opponents. Taking risks is rewarded in boxing. Rematching Estrada is really risky, someone who has the boxing skills of Estrada can definitely change things up in the rematch. Rungvisai could have just taken a voluntary defense to get a check but he didn't do that. I can't really blame Bellew for taking the easy route and getting these money fights considering how many boxers leave with little money and a lot of damage, but I can criticize him from a fans perspective for getting oversized coverage for facing Haye. I can definitely complain about his emeritus status. Guys like Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko earned it by being great champions. Tony Bellew beat Makabu and Flores and can now challenge for the WBC Cruiserweight title automatically at any time.

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Probably best we not talk on this topic either.
No beef, and I'll respond to that other comment on the McDonnell vs Inoue page.

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You are only saying that because you don't like Bellew. Not yoy were all saying before the fights. Load of BS you got written there.

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"For the second time, middleweight world titleholder Billy Joe Saunders said on Sunday that he has suffered an injury that has forced him to postpone a defense against British countryman Martin Murray.

Saunders was due to make his fourth defense against longtime contender Murray on June 23 at the O2 Arena in London in the main event of a card scheduled to stream live in the United States on ESPN+.

But on Sunday, Saunders said the fight was a no go, though he did not specify what kind of injury he had suffered.

"Apologies for any inconvenience, but due to the injury, I had to withdraw from the fight on June 23," Saunders said. "You have your ups in boxing, but for me, the last three months have been downs. Sorry to Martin and the fans. I'll be back soon."

Saunders and Murray were initially scheduled to fight on April 14, but Saunders said he suffered a hand injury in training and the bout was postponed until June 23.

Murray was disappointed once again.

"There's nothing I can do. I'm obviously gutted," Murray said. "My management team is working on alternatives, so hopefully I'll have a new date in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for their continued support."

Murray voiced serious displeasure in a video posted to his Instagram account.

"He's s--- out again. The first time it was his hand, now it's his hamstring," Murray said. "We know that he's trying to make a big money fight with [Gennady] Golovkin or Canelo [Alvarez] and I'm too risky to fight. He just don't want to fight me, but there's nothing I can do. This is the second time I've took myself away from my family, got my body in this condition -- ready to fight -- and I get told last minute it's canceled."

Promoter Frank Warren said he would announce the status of the card on Monday.

"Due to an injury suffered by Billy Joe Saunders, unfortunately he has had to withdraw from his June 23rd fight with Martin Murray at the O2 Arena. A full statement on the show will be made [Monday]," Warren said. "We apologize for any inconvenience."

The top two undercard bouts on the card are supposed to be heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois (7-0, 7 KOs), 20, of England, in a 10-round fight against Tom Little (10-5, 3 KOs), 30, of England, and light heavyweight up-and-comer Anthony Yarde (15-0, 14 KOs), 26, of England, against an opponent to be determined also in a 10-rounder.

Saunders (26-0, 12 KOs), 28, a southpaw, is coming off the most impressive performance of his career. He traveled to Laval, Quebec, to face former world titlist David Lemieux in his home region on Dec. 16 and turned in a masterpiece as he easily outpointed Lemieux by scores of 120-108, 118-110 and 117-111.

Murray (36-4-1, 17 KOs), 35, has fought for world titles four times at middleweight and super middleweight but is 0-3-1. He was held to a controversial draw against then-middleweight titlist Felix Sturm in 2011 and lost middleweight world title fights to Sergio Martinez in 2013 and Gennady Golovkin in 2015 and a super middleweight title fight to Arthur Abraham later in 2015.

But Murray has won three fights in a row since a unanimous decision loss in June 2016 to George Groves, who went on to win a super middleweight world title."

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Shame. Is Saunders vs Murray significant enough that it is worth rescheduling again? That is a question.

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I doubt it. Seems as if BJS, when he is healthy, may be trying to position himself in the right way in case that GGG-Alvarez negotiation falters, which makes sense. Murray was very game to be unhealthy in the ring against. Not enough money in that fight to potentially dump the belt because your health wasn't right. Better to reset, and potentially get a fight worth 3-4x as much, and be able to fight healthy.

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Remember when you said there was no way they could cancel Saunders vs. Murray to pursue fights with GGG/Canelo? That's what some people suspect he just did by pulling out of the Murray bout again with another "injury".

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Stupid speculation, he pulled out, because he got injured.
That doesn't happen, you don't cancel a fight, for another, avoid it in the first place, yes, but realistically, that's just silly, he pulled out because he was injured, like Haye against Fury, scared?, no, he got injured twice, was unlucky.

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I'd believe Murray who thinks there may be foul play over Billy Joe Saunders who has a history of pulling out of fights. There is a difference between someone who redlines their body like Haye and Billy Joe Saunders. It doesn't help Saunders case that he is tweeting at Golovkin hours before the Murray fight was announced as canceled. I don't see how Frank Warren will make money off of this card now though, tickets weren't moving well the last time I heard and now he has a card headlined by prospects like Yarde and Dubois.

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Don't read anything into that (twitter and all that crap).
Crazy to believe Murray, he is angry, he will say all sorts!

Leather vs Davies should be great, and like you said, Yarde and Dubois, great prospects, Dubois will be a world champion 99% definite, what a talented fighter, and Yarde as well, stopped Nikola Sjekloca.

Fish Eyes is a joke! Sooner or later, his fighters will go to Matchroom, because Hearn is the real promoter, not Frank Fish Eyes Warren.

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Murray seems to be a reasonable guy unlike Saunders, I'd be mad too if someone wasted that much of my time and money like Saunders did to Murray. Its obvious Saunders is going to try to get a match with either Canelo or Golovkin, the timing is right.

Dubois looks to be a good prospect but they are going to have to start moving him up the levels soon. I agree Frank Warren has been a pretty bad promoter recently but he has done a lot for British boxing over his career. He needs to match his guys competitively though and get some more capital to sign quality fighters, no one wants to watch Terry Flanagan fight overmatched opponents in a "world title" headliner.

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"Gennady Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler told ESPN the rematch with Canelo Alvarez was dead at noon PT and that they were moving on to fight world titleholder Billy Saunders in late August. Loeffler said he had a deal done for that fight in case the Canelo rematch didn't get finalized. "We definitely had an agreement in place with Billy Joe Saunders," he said. "I was up front with them and told them if there's a way to get the Canelo deal that was a priority but Gennady had no hesitation fighting Billy Joe Saunders because he felt it was a challenging fight to fight an undefeated champion." It now seems evident that the hamstring injury Saunders claimed when he pulled out of the June 23 defense against Martin Murray was fake. So now Saunders has no Murray fight in June and no GGG fight in August."

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Champ says no one would ever fake an injury to sign for a better fight though? :) On a more serious note, even though I don't like Canelo I am happy Golovkin is getting the fight. If I had to guess I'd venture to say Golovkin would have to fight Saunders ten times to get the payday he will get for the Canelo rematch. He can certainly retire rich now. Even though it is a rematch I think there are some unanswered questions such as Golovkin's age, Canelo's year out of the ring, was Canelo actually knowingly taking banned substances, etc that will bring some new intrigue to the rematch plus the bad blood of the original rematch date failing.

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Not exactly what I said, don't appreciate mockery, even if I was wrong, which I wasn't.
I said fights are never scheduled, tickets sold and everything, for it to then be cancelled for another fight, that's what I said. If Saunders faked the injury, which he 80-90% didn't ,he had to, because outright pulling out for another fight, does not happen!

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Except they did schedule the fight, sell tickets, and canceled it to try to chase the Golovkin fight in August. Now it is a prospect card which will be a tough sell. Credible sources are saying the injury was fake and it wouldn't make sense if he was actually injured to take by far the largest challenge of his career two months later.

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Sorry has Saunders got a fight scheduled? No, stop trying to stirr.
I said, you do not canceo a fight that is already confirmed, for another fight, and that didn't happen, or if it did, it was behind closed doors, you have a wild imagination for someone who likes to be the human computer.

Bellew deserves much more credit than you give him for the Haye win and your last post on that fight was garbage! Horn gad a weight advantage over Crawford, without it he would have been stopped earlier and would have had even less success. Crolla deserved the Linares rematch. The people who have the most of a right to have their voices heard on drugs, are boxers, no question.

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He did have a fight scheduled versus Martin Murray, already confirmed and in training camp with a site chose and tickets sold but he cancelled it because he thought the Golovkin vs. Canelo rematch was off and he would fight Golovkin in August. You can look on ESPN and Boxingscene for stories on the Golovkin Saunders bout. Negotiations aren't done in public so yes, it was done behind closed doors.

Don't go back to old subjects that you were already wrong about such as Bellew, Horn, Crolla, they are all irrelevant now, if you would like to talk about relevant boxers that is fine by me.

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It most likely wasn't, you clown! For al you know, the August date was an old possibility, and recently, it was supposed to be later, that is a likely explanation. He did not pull out against Murray to fight Golovkin you idiot. Put this in a different language, I'm sick of your ridiculousness, attitude, STFU, clear off, stay out of my way, fool.

I was right aboit all those and you were wrong!

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"Tom Loeffler told ESPN the rematch with Canelo Alvarez was dead at noon PT and that they were moving on to fight world titleholder Billy Saunders in late August"
"We definitely had an agreement in place with Billy Joe Saunders"
"It now seems evident that the hamstring injury Saunders claimed when he pulled out of the June 23 defense against Martin Murray was fake."
"Golovkin-Saunders Deal Was in Place For August 25, at LA Forum"
"I have to give Saunders credit, they had already accepted the offer It had already got to that point where I had made a firm offer to Frank Warren, which they accepted"

Its okay to be wrong once in a while

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You should know you are wrong more often than anyone around here, moron. Now, kindly fuck off you stinking fly.

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If you want to learn about boxing I can teach you about boxing, but you have got to be teachable, stop trying to create your own version of the sport, you are too stubborn with your BS, I can't tell you aboit this if you won't learn, just like with the weight topic, you are unteachable, the most annoying person around here, so, kindly, do not speak to me again, because I have absolutely had enough of your bullshit.

Re: Boxing News

Do not ever speak to me again. If you want to argue about boxing learn about it first, because now you have no knowledge, stop talking to me about something I have wasted my time trying to teach you about.

Done, clear off, goodbye, this is finished!

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Maybe you should inform Dan Rafael and Steve Kim they don't know shit about boxing either since they used their sources to find out the same thing I already told you about Saunders pulling out to try to make a bigger fight? :)

Re: Boxing News

I will still add fights for you as well, but not talk boxing with you, keep me out of your conversations as well, no need to go looking for trouble, but I'm prepared to include you in activities like PCOM, and I will still add fights, but, and this is simple, don't talk to me about boxing again, and do NOT mention my name to other scorers, is that clear?

Re: Boxing News

I wish you well, you are still in PCOM, but talking to you triples my blood pressure and makes me want to smash a window, you are an absolute nightmare! Stick around if you want, enjoy this site, but do NOT talk to me anymore! Understand?

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I have forgotten more today than you will ever know about boxing and don't you forget it.

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"BREAKING: Oscar De La Hoya told ESPN on Tuesday night that “the Canelo train has left the station” and that he is now negotiating with promoter Eddie Hearn for a Sept. 15 fight between Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs. De La Hoya said he has moved on from trying to finalize the rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Alvarez because GGG won’t come off his demand for a 50-50 revenue split and “it’s not going to happen.”

WTF Golden Boy? Where does GGG go from here? BJS seems like the most logical opponent, to unify, but other than that, taking on the young guys who aren't quite title shot worthy yet, before getting a chance to unify wouldn't be good business for him. Clenelo is a complete dope, and has hurt the sport so much with all of this, IMO.

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They are saying Jacobs but I bet it will be Spike O'Sullivan, it may very well be too difficult to reach an agreeable purse split with Jacobs camp. One thing that may make the bout more likely is that Jacobs's performances in his bouts after Golovkin haven't been outstanding so he may seem like a less risky opponent to Golden Boy. If they actually make Canelo vs. Jacobs/BJS those are live opponents who actually have a chance unlike O'Sullivan so I won't be complaining.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being Spike, but I'd hate to see it. GB is a joke for this whole debacle, and if they don't at least put Clen in against Danny, they really don't care about their fans or the sport at all, in my opinion. No one wants or is asking to see Alvarez-Spike, haha.

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Yeah, I'm sure Golden Boy is just looking out for keeping their big meal ticket in Canelo going. I just wonder how much the Mexican PPV market will stand by him. If they go ahead with Spike I think that will likely answer the question of how many PPV's Canelo can draw by himself after this drug testing scandal considering Spike has absolutely no drawing power.

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For sure, this will be a test, as at least Danny is a real opponent. You see what the IBF did to GGG? He potentially had a chance to set up a unification bout, nullifying the mandatory fight by my understanding. For them to strip him with all this in limbo is terrible. Hopefully, Derevyanchenko can win it against someone in a bout to fill the vacancy, GGG mops up BJS, then they can unify. If GGG can't work out a fight with BJS, I don't know what he should do next, maybe move up and pick off a DeGale, or give a younger fighter, like Charlo a shot, neither of which gets him the payday or chance at history he is looking for. He was just monumentally screwed with all of this.

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"Former heavyweight world titlist Joseph Parker and former title challenger Bryant Jennings have agreed to terms for an Aug. 18 fight, Top Rank vice president Carl Moretti told ESPN on Tuesday.

The fight, which will be scheduled for 12 rounds, will headline a Top Rank Boxing on ESPN card at the new Ocean Resort Casino, which opens on June 28 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on the property previously occupied by the Revel.

"They've both agreed to the fight and the paperwork has been sent to both camps," Moretti said. "It's an interesting fight between two of the top heavyweights in the world. The winner really is positioning himself to be in a better position."

David Higgins of Duco Events, which co-promotes Parker with Top Rank, said they are working to finalize the fight but added "we have other options on the table, including (a fight with) Alexander Ustinov."

Parker (24-1, 18 KOs), 26, of New Zealand, will look to rebound from his first defeat, when he lost his world title belt by unanimous decision to England's Anthony Joshua on March 31 in a title unification fight before 78,000 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Jennings (23-2 ,13 KOs), 33, of Philadelphia, lost a decision challenging then-heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, but he has won four fights in a row since signing with Top Rank and ending a 20-month layoff in mid-2017. Jennings is coming off a one-sided 10-round decision win over Philly rival Joey Dawejko on April 28.

The co-feature of the Aug. 18 card has not been determined, but Moretti said that Top Rank is looking at two possibilities, either a fight involving junior featherweight world titlist Isaac Dogboe (19-0, 13 KOs), 23, of Ghana, making his first defense, or one with Philadelphia super middleweight contender Jesse Hart (24-1, 20 KOs), 28.

In a fight of the year candidate, Dogboe rallied from a first-round knockdown to knock out Jessie Magdaleno to win a 122-pound world title on April 28 in Philadelphia in the main event of the card on which Jennings beat Dawejko.

Hart, who lost a hard-fought competitive decision challenging super middleweight world titlist Gilberto "Zurdo" Ramirez in September, has won two fights in a row by knockout since, including a seventh-round stoppage of Demond Nicholson on the April 28 card in Philadelphia."

What do you guys think of a Parker/Jennings matchup? I've always respected the grit of both, and think this would make for a good scrap.

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Not news, but an interesting video. Mikey and Robert Garcia talking the sport and bodybuilding with Big Boy from Street Cartel. Nothing crazy, but cool to see these guys laid back and comfortable, and talking the sport. Long-ish watch, but interesting for anyone with the time.

Re: Boxing News

The Garcias are cool guys, never have a bad word to say about anybody, interesting people as well, share their hobbies, opinions on boxers historic and current, and they can teach you a lot about boxing.

Re: Boxing News

I agree, and the guy who is chatting with them is a nice, interesting dude, too, with a lot of info about body building and strength conditioning. If you have an hour or so to kill, this was a good watch with some good insights.

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"Here we go!!!! Deontay Wilder has accepted the terms offered to him by Anthony Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn for them to meet in the United Kingdom for the undisputed heavyweight championship this fall, Shelly Finkel, Wilder’s co-manager, told ESPN on Monday night. “We have agreed to the terms that Eddie has put out to us for a fight in the U.K.. Deontay has accepted his terms to fight in the U.K. Deontay sent an email to Joshua (Sunday) night and I sent one today to Barry Hearn and Eddie telling them that we officially accept the offer to fight under the terms they gave us and to send us the contract,” Finkel said. Finkel said that the offer is a two-fight deal with terms also agreed to for a rematch that would take place in the United States."

It's happening this year guys!!! Who do you got? I got the Bomber by late KO!

Re: Boxing News

I think W-, J-
I don't know!
I think I'd just edge Wilder, I'm talking 50.5/49.5!

Re: Boxing News

I'm just excited that it will happen. Only snag now, allegedly, is if Joshua wants the tune-up against Povetkin before, which there is enough smoke there to be fire. I think that could help Joshua by stretching out Wilder one more fight/year, since he is the older fighter. But, Povetkin is dangerous, and he could cost himself a lot of money/respect should he lose. So, I hope this gets made official and we can all enjoy a unification fight!

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Yeah, I'm going to cross my fingers on this one until it is made official, there is still a lot that can go wrong. I really hope it happens though because it would be a great way to make up for the failed Golovkin vs Canelo rematch.