Claressa Shields vs Hanna Gabriels

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Claressa Shields vs Hanna Gabriels
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Friday, June 22, 2018
Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan, USA
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WBA & IBF Women's Middleweight World Titles


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Champion97's picture


Awesome match up!
I love Claressa Sheilds, not just because I think she's hot, but because I think she is very admirable, and she is a special fighter who is really doing well at the moment!
I have never seen Hanna Gabriels fight, but she will have to be some fighter to beat Claressa Sheilds!

This is an interesting fight, Shields is much bigger than Gabriels, she is a two belt world champion at 168, and Gabriels is a two belt world champion at 154, it is interesting that they have met halfway, made the fight at 160, for two vacant world titles, it is a very interesting fight, and it is great that really good fighters can fight each other.

In terms of who the weight benefits, you would say maybe the bigger fighter, so Shields, but making weight and rehydrating is important, it is not easy when you have to work your way down to a weight, if she is drained, she has a problem, but I think Shields is a really disciplined professional, she'll make the weight, and she'll be prepared. If Claressa makes the weight and and is ok come fight time, she has the weight advantage here, she is stronger than Gabriels, Gabriels hasn't fought above 155 since her first fight, and that was in 2007 (she started at 161), she fought at 147 in 2009, so really she isn't a middleweight. Sheilds has made 160 once before, she fought above 168 in her other fights, but I think she can make 160 and do well, again.

Gabriels has much more experience than Shields, she has had 20 fights, Sheilds has still only had 5. Gabriels is an experienced fighter, she has had 11 world title fights, won 10 of them, she is a two weight world champion, but she is moving up in weight in this fight, and she is 35 years old, much the older woman, Shields, 23, not in her prime yet, still learning, but she has the age advantage for sure.

Sheilds must be the favourite, I think this whole night of boxing is just awesome, 2 fights, all 4 160lb belts on the line, winners fight with two belts each, winner of that is THE female middleweight world champion, and Hammer vs Sheilds seems like the big fight everyone is hoping happens, could be the biggest fight in women's boxing, but I'm sure Sheilds will not overlook Gabriels, and if she did, it would be some mistake, because Gabriels has plenty of experience, and she has achieved a lot in the sport, so she is definitely a good fighter.

I think Claressa wins this, I think this will be the toughest fight of her career so far, she might struggle for a few rounds against a veteran world level opponent, but I think she will take over down the stretch, it wouldn't surprise me if she got the stoppage, might go the distance, but no I think Sheilds might stop her, late. This is a good test for Shields, her skill and mentality will be tested, I believe she will succeed, and also learn a lot from this fight, gain valuable experience.