Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter

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Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Barclay's Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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(Vacant) WBC Welterweight World Title


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Might be the fight I'm most looking forward to! A lot of us have wanted to see this fight for some time!

This is a 50/50 fight.

Garcia is the puncher, but Porter has the much higher output.
Garcia is the counter puncher, times shots, but Porter has the much better jab.
Garcia has height on his side, but Porter has reach on him.

Garcia can box going forwards, and going backwards. Even though Garcia is a very well adapted welterweight, more than used to the weight with the 3 challanging fights, and never competing below light welterweight, despite this, Porter is still definitely the much physically stronger fighter.

Garcia comes off 6-7 months between fights, and comes off an explosive win, a good statement, good momentum, whilst Porter comes off 10 months between fights, not a layoff, but longer than ideal, and in his last fight, he finished with two bad rounds, and a broken hand. Porter is the one who has pushed for this fight, has really particularly wanted this fight for a while, Garcia has just seemed to consider Porter another opponent, does Porter know Garcia better than Garcia knows Porter?, if so, tactically, that will work in Porter's favour.

Garcia lost a split decision to Thurman, Porter lost unanimous, and Garcia didn't take anywhere near the punishment and amount of punches that Porter took. Porter did much more against Thurman than Garcia, hit Thurman much more often, hurt him like Garcia never did, lost by a unanimous 2 points, Garcia lost by 4 on a scorecard, and the general consensus is that Thurman's win over Garcia was a clearer win than the Porter win.

Garcia is the better technical fighter, and he is the puncher as well, and by that logic, you might think he should be the favourite, but when you take Porter's strengths into consideration, it is more interesting than that, because Porter has more speed in hand and foot, has the better jab, has that brilliant output, and is the physically stronger fighter.

Both fighters have iron chins, they are both about 30, so coming off impressive wins, they should still be in their primes, probably not that long before they both start to decline, but for now, I think they are still fairly fresh fighters, both have tough fights left.

Garcia and Porter are both experienced, still quite young fighters who might well be top 5 in their division, the winner is a threat to Spence and Crawford, and I think everyone else at 147, they might be too much for, so at this stage, these could be 2 of the top 4 at 147, one thing is for sure, and that is that the winner is more than deserving of the WBC title.

If Porter won, he would be a 2 time world champion, if Garcia won, he would be a 3 time world champion, 2 weight world champion.

Keith Thurman thinks Porter beats Garcia, that is definitely something to remember, because Thurman is without doubt the best person to ask, as he is the one did 12 rounds with and beat both.

I think Garcia will win this fight, I'm 51/49 on that, it is a prediction which has to be tough to make, but I'm leaning towards Garcia. I think it will be a very cloee fight, both guys will think they've won, but Garcia will get a close decision, maybe an SD.

The winner of this fight gets probably the win of his career, becomes a world champion again, puts himself on the map, and changes his career. The loser of this fight will be in a tough spot in that it will either be his third defeat, or second defeat in 3 fights, and Garcia and Porter are not that young, but it isn't necessarily the end for the loser of this fight in terms of fighting for world titles, especially if it is as close as I think it will be.

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Errol Spence Jr - Garcia
Keith Thurman - Porter
Kofi Jantuah - Porter
Boxing Coach - Garcia
1-0 Boxing prospect - Garcia
Boxing Coach - Garcia
Boxing Coach - Porter
Anthony Young - Garcia
Zachary Ochoa - Garcia
Claressa Sheilds - Porter
Jarrell Miller - Porter

Porter: 5
Garcia: 6