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What did you think of Naoya Inoue's performance?

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Brilliant! McDonnell was weight drained, he shouldn't have taken the fight, he was always going to move up, but, there was always going to be a small possibility of that, and weight drained opponent or not, Inoue getting inside that reach without getting grazed by leather at all, and being so restricted, patient, still doing such damage, you can not criticise, and when a fighter does that, there is only so much you can take away from his performance because of any issues with his opponent.

If you are a 118 contender, and Luis Nery wins back the WBC, who on eartn do you look at as the weak champion?? Burnett, Inoue, Nery (I know he isn't world champion at this current time), Rodriguez, Tete. Phenomenal division, and the tournament, most of those guys are set to compete in that!

You have to take your hat off to Jamie McDonnell, what a professional, refusing to miss the weight, defending his title even though this is his last fight at 118, he could have come in at 120 or more, done really well, but lost his title all the same, probably still lost like Quigg and Butler did, but no, he chose to be a professional, make the weight, he should be respected for that, and people can laugh at him for crying, they are pussies, because that shows they don't understand, all that is, is a sign of how much winning meant to him, how far he is willing to push himself to win, he has integrity, you have to take your hat off to him, the tougher the athlete, the stronger their desire to win, the harder it is to lose like that. I think McDonnell would have a good shot against Rey Vargas at 122, that's a winnable fight for him.

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Yeah I agree, McDonnell did look like he had some weight issues but Inoue looked like a pound for pound level fighter. It was shocking how much power he had even coming up in weight, he isn't a particularly big guy. You would be surprised but some people are actually criticizing Inoue despite winning via first-round stoppage.

I think Inoue may be on a different level from the other guys at this weight save Nery who is still theoretically the lineal champion if he can make 118. I love the WBSS format though and I think it will make some really good fights and whoever wins will have a nice boost to their resume. Hopefully, they can get the vacant WBC bout as a part of the Bantamweight tournament.

I agree, McDonnell seems like a good professional. Going on the road and taking risky fights like that isn't something a lot of fighters would do. Do we know how bad his weight cut was? He looked pretty bad visually but that's bound to happen with such a big weight cut. I agree McDonnell could do pretty well at Super Bantamweight, it seems to be a division in limbo, there aren't a lot of established strong champions.

Do you think Inoue is the favorite to win the WBSS?

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Absolutely, but besides raw power, it was his precision, his offensive skill, his ability to just naturally let the shots go and do damage by being methodical and using his power, very impressive. Pal, if there is one thing I have learned it is not to take notice of morons, your time is too valuable, there is absolutely no grounds for criticism, at all, obviously.

I wouldn't get carried away just yet personally, because Inoue is unproven?, no, because he is a hype job?, haha, no!, but at 118, think about the competition, Burnett, Nery, Rodriguez, Tete, he might well be the best already, I would struggle to say personally, but I highly doubt he is a level above those 4, especially considering the weight disadvantage. 100%! Brilliant tournament! I bet Nery is kicking himself now, those other guys are all champions, all in the WBSS, he failed a PED test, he failed weight, and this is his punishment, he is missing out, his fault, but as much as I hate drugs, it is good to see him take responsibility. Even without Nery, the tournament is great, especially if the WBC is included.

Not exactly, but we know he was weight drained, I bet it was just that last lb or two, which was the killer, a weight drained fighter cannot take body shots. This was a guy who had been cutting weight for ages, and his history at 118 supports your argument about being able to cur or build weight, but now, still doing everything right, he can't do 118 anymore, he is too big for the weight, that supports my argument. McDonnell was always going to move up after the Inoue fight, and he has been tight at the weight a couple of times before, he was definitely seriously weight drained, him not going half a round, losing that badly is even more proof. He is getting old, but 122, I think McDonnell would have a shot against Vargas.

Oh he will be the favourite, he has made the biggest statements, he is being promoted the best, he has the biggest name. At this current time, I think Tete would have too much for Inoue, in a couple of years, different story, in my opinion.

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Yeah I agree, he has shown throughout his career he knows how to vary his shot selection and is a very good finisher. I know not to take lot from people's opinions who say stuff like that, even a lot of boxing fans don't follow these lower weight classes anyways.

I agree that guys can only cut massive amounts of weight for so long, it was inevitable he was going to have to move up. We will see if Eddie Hearn can hook McDonnell up with some good fights once he moves up.

What do you think of Tete's resume? That is kind of my hang up on him, he doesn't have a good enough combination of resume and eye test for me to rate him versus someone like Inoue, albeit I think Tete is better than anyone at Bantamweight other than Inoue.

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I think it is safe to say, it isn't that he is just a massive puncher, he is a phenomenal offensive fighter, there are fighters around, who I think are great defensive fighters, but not great offensive fighters, Farmer, Rigondeaux, but no, Inoue is not one of them, I'm not sure I can think of a better all round offensive fighter than him at any weight below 135.

He should be able to, I think he should retire, but a few more fights, at 122, might not be a bad idea. At this current time, I do not think 122 is nearly as competitive as 118, Vargas, Roman, Iwasa, don't think they compare to Tete, Inoue, Nery, Rodriguez, Burnett, Dogboe is brilliant, and maybe they are decent champions, especially Vargas, but no, I just do not think they compare to the top 5 at 118. At the moment, it seems like at 122, you can be a fighter who has always dreamed of being a world champion, but know you are no Lomachenko, no Crawford, but believe you can win a world title against the right opponent because not all are great, world level champions, whereas, at 118, who on earth do you target?

Very good! Villenueva, Butler, Narvaez. I don't really read too much into that, I mean, atba certain point, you can't get obsessed with certain aspects, really, the only difference is based on resume, is that rather than being 100% proven, you are left having done everything but proven yourself at that level, by beating a lot of really good fighters, and doing it so well, dominating fight after fight, look at his record, he hs beaten some good names, he has a decent resume, and I'm saying based on what I've seen from him in the ring, and his extreme amount of success, that he would have won, impressed, satisfied your criteria had he stepped up and fought opponents who were a notch up, and based on tnat strong belief, I rank him top, not because his CV looks the best, heck, he has lost 3 and the other 4 are unbeaten!, not for that reason, but because I think he would beat Inoue now, and the other 3 as well, I believe, bssed on what I've seen from all 5, that Tete is the best.

You can opinionate that Inoue is better than Tete, it is very subjective, but you cannot bu any meams try to shut down my argument that Tete is the best, because you yourself admit that he is better than the other 3, and they all have good resumes, especially Nery and Burnett with the Zhakiyanov and Yamanaka wins, Inoue has done it at the most weights, ok, but that doesn't iron on his place at the top, because I could argue the others could have done that, and he was more fortuante to get opportunities, earlier, but no in terms of one or stand out wins, I don't think Inoue's resume is necessarily the best of the bunch.

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I don't know if Rigondeaux is a viable player at 122 still but if he still has the desire, ability and can get a fight I think he could be a really good wildcard at 122. I agree that it is a lot more open than 118, Tete and Burnett are established champions which 122 doesn't really have. For my money, Dogboe has the best chance of being an established champion at 122.

In general, I am biased towards the more proven fighter, Tete has looked good in the eye test but that fight with Narvarez kind of lowered him for me. It is difficult to get guys out of there who just fight to survive but Tete should have been able to do more. I don't really put a lot of stock into his losses, they were quite some time ago. I just don't think stopping Butler and decisioning an older Narvarez compare to decisioning Taguchi, stopping Hernandez, blowing out Narvaez, and stopping Kono. Inoue looked very impressive in all of those bouts as well.

Maybe, I suppose if you are basing it off of eye test that would be subjective enough to say Tete is better than Inoue, but I have a really hard time seeing an argument he is more proven/has a better resume. Nery I don't think is going to be a factor at Bantamweight, he is on probation with the WBC and hasn't fought at Bantamweight since he popped for steroids. I agree Burnett has a good resume but I personally don't rate him highly in terms of eye test. If you are just talking about what they have done at Bantamweight, I can surely see arguments that Tete and Burnett are more accomplished but I'm not sure how much that says about them in a head to head matchup.