Gilberto Ramirez vs Roamer Alexis Angulo

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Gilberto Ramirez vs Roamer Alexis Angulo
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Saturday, June 30, 2018
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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WBO Super Middleweight World Title


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I think Gilberto Ramirez is brilliant!
168 is a good division, Groves, Zeuge, Smith, Uzcategui, DeGale, more, it is competitive, but in my opinion, the stronest champion, strongest fighter in the division, is Ramirez. I hadn't heard of Ramirez until he boxed Arthur Abraham in 2016, and won every round of the fight, scored a complete shutout win. Since the Abraham win, Ramirez has dominated Max Bursak in another 12-0 win, had a competitive fight against awkward, tough contender Jesse Hart, won that, he recently dominated Habib Ahmed (a good challanger) in a 6 round stoppage. Ramirez does still have a bit to prove, but he has done enough, been a world champion for long enough now, that he should be recognised as a really good, world level fighter, and at least a strong candidate for being the best at 168. I think Ramirez might well be top 20 in the world, at only 27, he has already defended his world title 3 times, and he is 37-0, that is a lot of fights for a young fighter in his prime, especially early prime, even had his fights not been at that high level pre Abraham, it is a lot of general professional boxing experience, which goes a long way, but Ramirez schooled Gevorg Khatchikian and Derek Edwards before he beat Abraham, these are good, tough opponents, he was also the first to beat Porky Medina, he was only 19, and he still stopped an unbeaten Medina.
Ramirez did get hit, show some flaws against Hart, but I think part of that was him taking a few too many risks, knowing he could hurt Hart after he hurt and dropped him early in the fight, but wven though he got caught a bit, he was also absolutely brilliant in that fight, he beat Hart wide, and Hart is very good, unbeaten outside that fight, and was 100% there to win. I think Ramirez has a great work ethic, great output, phenomenal engine, great variety, hand speed, Mexican durability, he attacks the body, but he can box, I haven't seen that much of his jab, but his movement is brilliant, and he is big for the weight, at 6'2, he might end up moving to 175, but first, I wonder if we could see him in a unification bout or two, because it would be brilliant to see him take on the likes of Uzcategui, Groves, Smith, Zeuge. For now, I think it is important for Ramirez to be active, so it is good to see him taking this fight, probably won't be too busy a schedule, but at the same time, he is not fighting a bum in this fight, that much is clear.

I have never seem Roamer Angulo fight, I know he is 34, 23-0, and he has stopped 20, clearly a puncher, at this level, is he as big a puncher as his record suggests?
Angulo has been in 3 Latino title fights, but that is highest level he has ever competed at, very few of his fights were scheduled for 12 rounds, and many of his opponents have been poor, nearly half of his opponents had losing records, so his level and and calibre of opposition has clearly been much lower than Ramirez. It can be said for Angulo that he is an active fighter, 3 fights in 2017, and this is his first fight of the year. I think Angulo has to be taken seriously as a live, confident opponent because he is unbeaten, and an unbeaten fighter with a punch, always a threat, at least to some degree.

Looking at this fight, it is clear that Ramirez is a heavy favourite.
Ramirez has a lot more general fighting experience than Angulo, having had 14 more fights, as well has having a big age advantage, 7 years, and that is a bad combination for Angulo. From what I can see on their records, neither of these guys had good amateur careers, but with Ramirez, he turned pro at 18. Ramirez has much more experience, and the higher level experience, by a long way.
Angulo does have the higher KO percentage, doesn't necessarily mean he is the bigger puncher for an obvious reason, and that is the level of opponent, but is one thing, on paper, Angulo has on his side.
In terms of stamina, distance throughout the fight, it does not look good Angulo, because not only is he quite old, but he has been 8 rounds, once, never any further than that, he has been 6 rounds, once, apart from that, never completed 4, in 21 fights, does that say more aboit his power or his competition level? Angulo's last 5 fights have all ended inside 2 rounds. Angulo is not well adapted to boxing long rounds, he has done 6, done 8, that is good, but doing 12, even 10 is unfamiliarity territory, and Ramirez has done 12, 3 times, finished strongly in all of them, so pace wise, it will be very tough for Angulo.
As far as I can see on his record, Ramirez has never been knocked down as a professional, in 37 fights, Angulo, once, earlier in his career, on his way to a split decision win, in a 6 round fight, and not against a good opponent, so based on what you can tell from their records, Ramirez has the better chin, and taking shots, again something that is to do with age, so that gives Angulo less reason to take risks in this fight, but as the less experienced fighter, he has to do that.

I think for a good 2 rounds, Angulo will be very strong, if he does go out swinging, and he lands flush, he could hurt Ramirez, but in trying to, he's only going to open himselfmup for counters. I think in the first round, Ramirez will throw clusters of punches, use his feet, outbox Angulo, but Angulo will have that confidence of an unbeaten fighter, and he will keeping pushing the pace, forcing the fight. If Angulo runs forward like a steam train (which you might expect a guy who is used to getting early knockouts to do), and is made to miss and pay, he will get tired, and he'll probably drop his pace a lot after 4 rounds, his power will fade, he'll be in more of a position to take shots, and if he tries to drop the pace, get the better of Ramirez on a technical basis, that will probably fail, because of the experience aspect of this fight, and Ramirez can be patient, break down Angulo by working away at the body, bringing his attcks up to the head, and if Angulo raises the pace, he will gake a lot of punishment, I don't think Angulo is a high enough calibre of a fighter to set traps against a fighter of Ramirez's level, if he tries to smother Ramirez's work, make it a rough, inside fight, I highly doubt that will work. I think early, Angulo will try to go 100% for the finish, he will be in the fight for a short time, but by round 5 at the latest, I think Ramirez will be getting the best of it with ease.

I think Angulo will win maybe one early round, possibly, but for the most part, it will be all Ramirez, I think after 4 rounds, it will turn into almost a mismatch, Ramirez will beat Angulo up, win every round without trouble, and after maybe 8 rounds, Angulo will be pulled out.