Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi

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Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi
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Saturday, June 9, 2018
Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
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Champion97's picture

Good to see Fury's return is confirmed, the guy has a lot to prove, I'm not sold on Tyson Fury anymore, I think if he does compete at world level again, he will lose, but at least now, he will at least try to prove me and a lot of other people wrong, and rather than just talking, at least now it all this talk of coming back and taking over, at least that isn't hypothetical anymore, and he has actually taken a step towards trying to get to where he was when he pulled out that brilliant upset win against Klitschko in 2015.

I think his next opponent might be Shannon Briggs, I think the trash talk between those two hotheads, would certainly sell the fight. I think Fury vs Briggs would be a good match up, but for the age and career stage of Briggs. Briggs is 45 I believe, very old, and he has been in some tough fights, endured a long, toll taking career, especially with that 12 round beating against Vitali Klitschko. Briggs is very slow, gasses, probably doesn't take big shots as well he thinks he does, but this isn't the best Tyson Fury, he's coming off 30 months out, so maybe Briggs could make something of that. I think Briggs could challenge Fury for 2 or 3 rounds, if he could test his chin, then that could be interesting, but I would expect Fury, still 29, and in good condition, to stop Briggs in 6.

In my opinion, there is an obvious answer, I have no idea why there haven't been talks of it, and that is Charr vs Fury. If you can win a belt, win a belt, it is that simple, give top fighters like Joshua reason to fight you. Charr has a fight against Fres Oquendo, but after that, I think Frank Warren should pay Charr to come to the UK, and Fury can fight for a title. Charr is no bum, but if Fury wants to talk about ever fighting Joshua, Wilder, then fighting Charr, even straight off the layoff, let alone in his next fight, that shouldn't be too much of a challenge, given that Charr is past his prime, did beat Ustinov, but has a few losses, and is almost certainly the third best of the three heavyweight champions.

If not Briggs, then I think Fury might fight Andriy Rudenko, maybe Artur Szpilka, an opponent of that level, and I think that would be wise, fight either a guy who will give him rounds, like Rudenko, or a guy with skills and awkwardness, like Szpilka.

I think Fury should fight twice this year, if he impresses, more importantly, the second time, then I think next year, he could be back in the mix. I don't doubt that Fury, in the condition he is in now, if he has missed boxing, is in a better place mentally, can be good, is capable of winning a world title against a certain level of opponent, but it is almost guaranteed that he will never be as good as he was, certainly never as good as he could have been, and I do not think he can unify the division, I think he had the potential to do that, I think he had a few performances in him that were better than against Klitschko, but now, that is not the case, and if he fights a Wilder or Joshua, even in tip top shape, he will lose.

Gold's picture

He is going to fight an absolute bum like Raphael Zumbano Love. I would be very surprised if it was someone like Briggs because they would have announced him as the opponent by now to build up hype. Fury looks to be in good shape so far in preparation for this fight, I didn't think he would even get to this point.

Champion97's picture

No he didn't hire a new trainer and lose 120 lbs just to not fight ever again, I knew he would get a fight. That's true now you mention it, still got a few weeks to go though, but I agree that it seems less and less likely as time goes on.

Let's hope fights a better opponent than that! I think Andriy Rudenko is the perfect opponent for Fury's first fight back, "no not interested in that fight, Rudenko got schooled by Hughie who is unproven and Browne who was never that good", well, it is his first fight back after 30 months out, and Rudenko has never been stopped, also, there is setting the bar higher than Zumbano Love, but there is also rushing it, Fury needs to get his activity back before he fights opponents who are more of a threat to him. "Don't like the fight, Rudenko not an exciting fighter and not marketable", it's Tyson Fury's return, tickets will be sold!, doesn't so much matter who he fights, not at this stage.

Gold's picture

Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant going from being suspended, retired, and fat to getting fit again, regaining his license, signing with a promoter, and having a date booked. Rudenko would be fine in my view as well. Rudenko is a lower level journeyman type, Zumbano Love is just a bum. As long as he turns it around quickly and fights someone like Briggs I don't think Zumbano Love is the end of the world though.

Champion97's picture

Oh I see.

Agreed. I don't think Fury vs Briggs would be great to be honest, I think Briggs is far too old, he has taken so much damage, he is very lethargic, probably doesn't take punches anywhere near as well as he thinks he does, and to think he has always been a fighter who gasses, I think for 2 rounds, could be a good fight, but really, surely, for this year, if you are Tyson Fury, fight Charr!, win a belt, give Joshua and Wilder reason to fight you!

Gold's picture

It wouldn't be a great fight, if Fury is even partially what he once was he will beat Briggs easily. I don't think Charr is a good idea but it isn't the worst idea either. The WBA paper championship means nothing in terms of him getting a fight with Wilder and/or Joshua. For Fury, getting big fights is just about rebuilding his public profile, which fighting people who talk trash like Briggs will do. He also needs to show that the old flame can be rekindled versus this lesser opposition, make people believe that he can box Joshua like he did with Wlad. If he does these two things he will certainly get a match with Wilder or Joshua, being able to promote the fights by talking trash is a great asset to him building himself back up.

Champion97's picture

Why not? Version of the title. Matthysse is a world champion, so surely, so it Charr, same bekt at a different weight.

To me it isn't much of a mystery, he can still box, but he will never be as good as he was, definitely never as good as he could have been.

Gold's picture

To an extent championships only mean as much as the person who won them and holds them, but the WBA regular is absolutely worthless. Sanctioning bodies can logically only have one champion per weight class and the regular is just a paper title to collect sanctioning fees. Matthysse is not a world champion and should not be after beating Kiram, Thurman is the rightful WBA champion. Fury winning the WBA regular wouldn't give him any increased leverage or reason for Joshua to fight him over fighting someone else who is at Charr's level but is a better draw. Fury's draw as an opponent for Joshua or Wilder is that he has accomplished more than anyone outside of Joshua at Heavyweight and he can promote a fight. To illustrate how worthless the WBA regular is, Povetkin is the WBA's mandatory while Charr is the regular champion. How does that make any sense?

How do you know that about Fury when we haven't seen him in the ring yet?

Gold's picture

If this comes off as aggressive it is just because I think the WBA is the worst sanctioning body by far, no ill will towards you.

Champion97's picture

I know, no worries.

Champion97's picture

Well for a start, what I do know, is that you can't make too much logical sense of this, because everyone, and I mean everyone, is somewhat confused by the WBA.
Put it this way, Lucas Browne is a former world champion, he will go down as that, Lucas Matthysse was very emotional after winning the WBA title, and why is it that Pacquiao is fighting him?, for the same reason there were talks of Thurman fighting after the Kiram win. Ryota Murata is a world champion, so is Charr, just the way it is. Surely it would because for whatever reason, Fury would have a version of the WBA, Joshua, Wilder, would want to be the one and only world champion, surely, there is something to be gained by beating Charr and in this hypothetical scenario, by extension, Fury, for the same reason Matthysse is a man to beat at 147. I don't know, it is confusing, but just because the officialdom is a mess, doesn't mean aspects are necessarily worthless.

What I'm saying is, it is very predictable, against whoever he fights, he is very, very likely to win and look good, but will he ever be as good as Joshua and Wilded are now? Doubtful, Fury, in the shape he is in now, 29, he should definitely be well capable of winning various titles, and against a certain moderation of opponent, a world title, but after 30 months out, been obese time and time again, substance abuse, no consistency, mental health issues, he will never be as good as he was, I highly doubt, but on the other hand, a heavyweight, under 30, training hard, in good shape, still with experience, serious about gettkng his activity back, nothing stopping him from still being very, very good at any level, I highly doubt. It is predictable!

Gold's picture

Their title system makes sense in that you know who the real champion is, it just doesn't make sense because each sanctioning body should only have one champion. If there is a Super champion, they are the real champion and everyone else is just a paper champion. If there isn't a Super champion, whoever holds the unnamed "WBA Champion" title is the real champion and everyone else is a paper champion. None of those guys are world champions dude, I don't know what to tell you. Anthony Joshua is the real WBA Heavyweight Champion, Thurman is the real WBA Welterweight Champion, Golovkin is the real WBA Middleweight Champion. Pacquiao is fighting Matthysse because it makes money, that's what he fights for at this stage of his career. The winner of Joshua/Wilder, if that happens, would be the one and only WBA champion because each sanctioning body can logically only have one champion per division. Matthysse's title means nothing at Welterweight because Thurman holds the real title, but he does have a name that is likely larger than his actual skill at this point, therefore he is a worthwhile fight for some.

Oh yeah, I agree he will very likely win versus the low-level opposition. I agree it is likely he will still be in good form but he has had a really long break so I am going to withhold my judgment personally.

Champion97's picture


Well, good to see Fury has not only a fight confirmed but an opponent as well.

For a start, Fury, for the past year, at least from where I'm standing, has been irrelevant to boxing, 2015 was 2015, 2017-18 is/was 2017-18, and based on the timing aspect, the issue of lost years, Fury wasn't to be highly ranked depsite his outstanding win in 2015. It is a different story, now, Fury training, 270 or less, is much more convincing and easier to take seriously than a 350lb+ Fury, doing nothing but eat and do drugs, it shows a good, basic, but important step towards bouncing back from the dark place he has been in, but even then, he wasn't setting himself above the many thousands of professional athletes in the world, most professional athletes are superfit and training, at a variety of levels. Now, he has his licence back, he has a fight date, and opponent, we cannot say Fury is back in the mix just yet, he has a long way to go, but now, he is fighting, his inactive streak will come to an end, and we can talk about as a current fighter, not just a historic fighter who ruled the heavyweight division for a very, very short time.

For opposition, obviously, Fury being 30 months inactive, does not want to rush it, that means not only staying away for Joshua and Wilder, but also Povetkin, Ortiz, and starting at definitely a notch below these sort of fighters.
Whilst Fury shouldn't be rushed, he should also not be wasting any time, because in boxing, you have to make the most out of the time, and suggestions he was considering fighting Raphael Zumbano Love (39 years old, 39-16, has lost 4 of his last 5, his last two, first round KO losses to Filip Hrgovic and Alexander Ustinov), were disappointing, Love is an example, but Fury fighting these sort of opponents, opponents who can't test him, who are old, limited even at a level below Fury, is waste of his time, it is not the mark of a true warrior and a true champion, it is lazy, it's not good enough.
I said recently, that Andriy Rudenko would have been the perfect opponent for Fury, 34, not old, not young, 3 losses, not too many, but a few, 19 KOs in 31 wins, a reason to be cautious, but not extreme power, lost wide to Tyson's cousin Hughie, and Lucas Browne, almost shut out by Povetkin, so very beatable, not a step too far for Fury, but Rudenko, never been stopped, so he would likely give Fury rounds, test Fury's stamina, so Fury wouldn't be in a lot of danger, but would have to put a shift in, would have do a lot of rounds.

Lefer Leferi, I don't think is bad for Fury's first fight back, he is much better than fighters of the level of Zumbano Love, younger, less losses. I wouldn't say Leferi is the perfect opponent for Fury, but Fury's opposition here, could be worse.

Seferi is an old fighter (31), he does have a fair bit of general experience (24 fights), he has a very good record (23-1), and his record strongly suggests he can punch (88%), he is not a bum, and he should be a live opponent, he has 3 weeks as well, to train knowing he will fight Fury. I think in terms of levels, you can definitely question how good Seferi is, he may be used to winning, but 15 of his opponents have had losing records, around 30% some of them, more or less guys who just never win, he has never beaten an undefeated opponent (bar a fighter making his debut), so his opposition, has not been good at all, you could argue that his form is better because he his last 3 victories were against fighters with winning records, but you could also argue that it is still a poor level of competition because they all had at least 10 losses. Leferi may be a frustrated fighter, who (by no fault of his own) fights poor opponents because it is better than inactivity, and he can't get the opportunity to fight anyone better, which would say a lot about his motivation for this fight, but this is an assumption, we don't know, and what we do know is, for whatever reasons, Seferi has overall, fought very poor opponents, and he has very little experience at this level, he has no wins at nearly this level.
Seferi is also at a weight disadvantage, his Boxrec doesn't say his height, but I he is shorter than Charr for sure, who is 6'3-4, he isn't close to 6'9, Seferi, he is a two weight fighter, a very small heavyweight, 6 of his last 10 fights were at 200.

I think Seferi will try to work his way forward, a very short fighter has to close the range before he lets shots go. I think for a couple of rounds, Seferi will move his head, try to cut the distance, but he will take the only clean shots landed in the early rounds, not many though, I think for a couple of rounds, Fury's rhythm will be off, he'll be tense, very defensive. I think when Seferi lands a good shot, his first good shot in the fight, Fury will react, blink, but he won't be in serious trouble, and if Seferi tries to build on it, the bigger, younger, higher calibre fighter will put him back in his place. I think Fury slow down in rounds 7 and 8, but I think he has the skill and authority take rests, control the pace, and land the better shots, more of them. If Seferi tries to take advantage of Fury's fatuige, he will be made to miss with basically everything, and he'll also fade down the stretch. I think Seferi will try to rally late, but the younger fighter will find the extra gas in the tank, and the bigger fighter will have the better of the inside battle, overpower his smaller opponent.

I think Fury wins this by UD, landslide on all the cards, at least 98-92.

I think this, now, is exactly what Fury needs, a fight, and not against a fighter who is ridiculous easy to beat, nothing worse than inactivity in boxing, fighters must fight, either retire, or don't, Fury's boxing career has already lost two and a half years, he can't lose any more time. Fury is fighting again, getting his activity back, it is a good start. If Fury was to lose this fight, it is highly likely he would retire, I would be very shocked if he lost this fight. I don't think looking good in this fight is important for Fury, I think pushing himself, enduring minor struggles, building back up his ring stamina, going into territory he hasn't been in for a while, this is important, winning is obviously vital for his return, and not taking a beating is also very important, I think him taking a beating and/or losing, two things that are very unlikely. I don't think we can expect Fury to look as good as he did against Klitschko, because of the break, but because of the level of Seferi, we can definitely expect him to win comfortably, he has a chance of stopping Seferi, and being very dominant, there is a vast difference in levels and calibre, but a lot of this depends on Seferi as well, who we can't know too much about, we know about his age, size, lack of experience at any kind of level really, aside from Charr, who has he fought?, but we don't know exactly how hard he hits, how much he wants to pull out the upset.

I think theoretically, if Fury is to win this, and with some degree of ease, then the next fight for him, would be a shot at the WBA Regular, against Manuel Charr, because he is yhe only one to have beaten Seferi up until now, and because he beat him wide, it would be a clear step up, not too much too soon, but that would be the perfect fight for Fury. Unfortunately, the Charr fight won't happen this year, Charr vs Oquendo is happening late in September, which I think is ridiculous given Oquendo is 45 and has not fought since July 2014, meaning he is coming off a 4 year break, terrible. Fury should definitely aim for two fights this year, probably best to fight again in December, and target someone who is likely about as good as Charr, maybe Herve Hubeaux, Gerald Washington. I think Fury should have at least 3 fights before fighting Joshua, Wilder, of course, he doesn't necessarily choose when he fights them, but I think he should turn down any fight offers within the next year, and next year, but he also shouldn't go into a Joshua or Wilder fight coming off a tough, tough fight, so next year, if he got the shot at Charr for the WBA, or fought another opponent of that sort of level, that would be the best plan for him, but then again, he might decide to fight an opponent closer to the level of a Joshua before fighting him, so maybe he'll have 4 fights, not fight against the top guys until 2020.

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Yep, my bad.

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You're all good. I just wanted to make sure. Good analysis/prediction. I think it will go in a similar fashion, or a late stoppage by Fury just due to size. I think Seferi is just slightly bigger than his brother, who is also a Cruiser, and he is 5'11. So that weight and height difference will be massive.

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Tyson Fury has recently said he might persue a medical career after boxing, I think that is brilliant, I didn't know he was that much of an academic high flyer. Fury's days are numbered in the ring I think, I think his comeback, at the top level, ultimately, will not go well for him, but boxing aside, he could have a great career in medicine if that works out for him, and he is very young, has plenty of time left in that field, boxing is a particularly age restricting job.