Jermall Charlo vs Hugo Centeno Jr Scorecard by Gold

scorecard by GOLD



Jermall Charlo

Hugo Centeno Jr

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This will be a bloodletting, Martirosyan has no reasonable path to winning. He was a decent contender that could push guys through his consistent come forward style and toughness, but that was at Super Welterweight, he is coming off a two-year layoff, and he is working with Edmond Tarverdyan who doesn't know shit about boxing. Golovkin by TKO/KO 1-4

SalTnutZ1's picture Just saw this. What do you two think? I'm doubtful that AJ's side will take it without a rematch clause that stipulates one fight here and one there, but other than that, the numbers looks solid. And with Ortiz/Whyte ordered, I think Pedvetkin needs to step aside and let the champs unify.

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Me or Gold?, or are you talking to either of us?

If this what not a message to me, I hope you don't mind me chiming in.

I agree 100%, but I don't think that will be hard to sort out! I think the real hurdle is/was the money, if you think the money isn't an issue, I think the fight will happen!

I think Povetkin should be Anthony Joshua's next opponent to be honest, that is assuming Joshua vs Wilder doesn't happen this year, but I think really, Wilder vs Whyte, Joshua vs Povetkin should be this year, then Joshua vs Wilder next year! I think Whyte deserves to fight for a world title straight away. If Joshua vs Wilder happens this year, then Whyte, Povetkin, Miller, they will have to wait, but the heavyweight unification would be brilliant!

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I don't think Joshua and Hearn will take it but I don't think it is because of the lack of a rematch clause. I think what they offered is a good deal if Hearn actually believes the fight won't make 100 million or more. A lack of a rematch clause and the location choice is mostly a problem just because it gives Wilder's team more leverage rather than being actual conflicts in the contract. The rematch clause won't really matter in my opinion because they two would likely fight again just out of the fact of being each other's biggest draws. Wilder being the one to pick the location is an issue in theory but the fight will need to be in Las Vegas to maximize its earning potential anyways. I don't think Ortiz vs. Whyte will happen, it is too high risk. I think Whyte will go the IBF route versus Pulev. I think Povetkin will certainly take step aside money if he is given a guaranteed match in the future versus the winner of Joshua vs. Wilder.

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Do you believe the only reason they wouldn't take it would be due to expectations greater than $100M, or because he wants a tune-up before hand, or both?

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I think Hearn thinks it is a better strategy to milk 1-2 more paydays (versus Povetkin in Russia or in the UK and someone else in the US) to get as much money possible and build the fight up more rather than doing it now. I also think he actually believes it will make over 100 million and is just saying it isn't built up to that point as a negotiating tactic.

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I hear that. I also feel like they want to stretch Wilder out more, as the older fighter with more mileage, also hoping he gets a tough bout or two before they get in the ring. When/if it happens, who do you got? I think Wilder is the better athlete, and that whip of his can spark anyone. I don't see as much natural power from AJ, though I do believe him to also be a tremendous puncher. I think it will be harder for him to land his best punch, his upper cut, against the taller, rangier Wilder, while I do believe Wilder can touch AJ with that overhand much easier.

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Yeah, I agree, the longer Joshua and Hearn wait the better for them. Wilder does not really have a lot of mileage on him though, so they would have to be hoping his athleticism starts to decline pretty soon. I agree Wilder is the better athlete and I think Wilder has the best punch at Heavyweight by far. I don't rate AJ's power as much as other people, I see him more as a heavy-handed guy that can put a guy in trouble if he lands in combination. He certainly has good power though. I agree with your assessment of the uppercut and overhand. Also, Wilder is very hard to predict and time which could cause an issue for someone who is more robotic like Joshua. Personally, I see it as a 50/50, if you would have asked me a year ago I would have said Wilder has a slim chance but not much more as I would have said Joshua is too good of a boxer for the unrefined Wilder. However, Wilder has proven himself in my opinion. Especially in his fight versus Ortiz, who also was much better than I expected, he showed his style was effective and unorthodox rather than simply unrefined.

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It was to both. Here is the scenario I'd like to see. I'd like to see a Povetkin v Miller and Whyte v Ortiz to happen while AJ and Wilder fight their first fight in the Fall. Then the winners of the Pov/Miller and Whyte/Ortiz would face off while Wilder and AJ get their rematch in. If not Ortiz in that mix, then Parker. I only say Ortiz over him, because I think he showed more in his fight with Wilder than Parker did with AJ. Then those top contenders will have all gone through eliminators and the champs will have unified. But, as we both know, this isn't likely, just what I'd like to see.