Gavin McDonnell vs Stuart Hall

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Gavin McDonnell vs Stuart Hall
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Saturday, June 16, 2018
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England, UK
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WBC Super Bantamweight International Title


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This should be a great fight!
I thought Stuart Hall was done, he has been in wars, and against Butler, he was beaten in a very one sided fight. Hall should have maybe retired, he is in late his late thirties, and he is only going to keep declining, but his decision to keep fighting, respect to him, you have to take your hat off to Stuart Hall, that win over Vusi Malinga will never be forgotten, and since then, even though time has been really against him, he has fought tooth and nail to becoming a world champion again, he came so close against Haskins. This is a step down for Hall in terms of not fighting for a world title, and probably not working towards fighting for a world title again, but I don't think he is fighting an opponent who can't compete at world level.

Gavin McDonnell is not just 'Jamie's twin brother', he is a good fighter himself, and is his own competitor, he lost to Rey Vargas, and that was a fight which would have skyrocketed and changed his career had he won it, but he showed he could mix it again really good world level opponents, Vargas is a serious world champion, and McDonnell lost a majority decision, certainly won rounds made it competitive, but came up short. McDonnell is always an active fighter, he dominates fighters at a certain level, I think he is capable of winning a world title. McDonnell did great back in March when he pulled out that great upset win over Gamal Yafai. I don't think Gavin is as good as Jamie, but I don't think there is a lot in it.

Jamie McDonnell beat Stuart Hall when they fought back in 2011, Gavin will want to do the same, Jamie knows Hall very well, he can give his brother good advice, on the other hand, Max McKracken also trains the Yafai brothers, so he might be able to help Hall prepare better for McDonnell.

Prime on prime, I would say this is more or less a dead even 50/50 fight, I might edge Hall. There is no comparison as to who was more successful in their last fight, Hall looked very, very slow against Butler, he is a good 6 years older than McDonnell, he probably has more miles on the clock as well. The weight aspect is interesting, McDonnell is big for 122, and Hall's big fights have all been at 118, so it has to be said that McDonnell has the weight advantage, but not a massive weight advantage, because Hall has always been a tank of a bantamweight, he has competed at 126, 4 times, and fighting at 122, is nothing new to him, although he never been 12 rounds at 122 before, never had more than an 8 round fight at 122, all his title fights have been at 118, so fighting at this level at 122, is new to Hall.

Both these guys are strong, both are good pressure fighters and have great stamina and output, I think Hall has the better jab, McDonnell has the better variety, Hall is better at doing some of the basics, such as managing to block shots from his opponent to try to keep him off, but McDonnell's head movement is better. It would be a real 'pick em', but I think McDonnell, with the slight weight advantage, and the big age advantage, I think will have the beating of Hall.

I think McDonnell wins, UD.