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Jarrett Hurd

Erislandy Lara

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I like catchweights, I think theynare a good idea, for a few reasons, one of them is simple, two fighters who are not much, but significantly too different in size to compete at one weight, they can make the fight happen, find a way to compromise, it is a great way to sort it out, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr couldn't have made 160, Canelo was never going to go to 168, but 164.5, and for Brook vs Khan, Khan might not decide he is prepared to go to 154, and Brook, well trying to make 147 is a bad idea for him now, I think the fight's best chance is at 150. Even better I think, because they can't physically do 12 like they used if any difference at all, but they are basically still potentially still fighters who are not nearly shot, and now they have less to lose, the fight will be better.

Neither, I don't like either of them, but meh, doesn't matter. I think Brook, Brook is more adaptable, Khan has outstanding speed, and against any opponent, his speed is to say the least, intimidating and can even dominate the fight for 3-4 rounds, but Brook can time shots better, he can take shots better, he hits harder, and I think he beats Khan, who could frustrate Brook, move, a lot, be negative, and I think he would take the first 2 or 3 rounds, but as the fight goes on, Khan either engages, come off worse, or refuse to, let Brook dictate, steal the rounds.

The Charlos are tanks, Jermall made a great statement, it was what I expected, only rounds earlier, and slightly better executed. I think Charlo has adapted well to 160 even though he has only had 2 fights and 4-6 rounds. 160 is great. You looking forward to Jacobs vs Sulecki?

I like them under certain circumstances. If it's a situation with two guys in the same weight class that can easily make the weight I'm not a fan of it. If it's a situation where two fighters that are a weight class or two far away then to meet halfway with a catchweight is reasonable. I would have no problem with Brook vs Khan being at a catchweight for that reason. Even though I do wish the fight was at 147, I would still accept it at a catchweight.

I would root for Brook in this one. I think Brook is has the tools that can beat Khan. I think Khan is good and has what it takes to give Brook problems but comes up short, just what he did against Canelo and Garcia.

Jermall's knockout was something else. His power carried up just find at 160. How do you think he does against GGG? I think I'd rather see that then Canelo at this point, he's only going to get screwed again against him. I totally forgot about the Jacobs fight, I am rooting for Jacobs and hope he wins. Who do you think wins?

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They can't happen too often, because we have 18 weight categories for a reason. It is a compromise, a compromise is the answer in these scenarios. It is the only way it happen I think, unless you can see Khan going into Brook's wheelhouse, or Brook killing himself to make 147, which I'm telling you now, is a bad idea!, then it has to be at a catchweight. Khan has said today that it has to be at 147, if he keeps up this BS, he will sabotage the fight!, I think Brook could definitely make 150, if Queen Khan still has her knickers in a twist, maybe 149, but that's your lot, Brook does not have to come down and fight Khan, especially seeing as there is a stronger argument for Brook being the A-side, than Khan, until he fought Spence, he was a world champion, well Khan hasn't been a world champion for a very long time, several years, so Khan, does not call the shots! Well the closer to 151.5, the more interesting, at 147, Khan beats Brook, at 154, Brook murders Khan, I think Brook can beat Khan at anything over 149.

I agree.

Just a couple of fights, even short fights, can be just what a fighter needs when they move up in weight. Man, I don't know, I think mayhe he beats him you know, the Charlos are mustard! Golovkin should still be looked at as the top dog at 160, he is the prime champion, unbeaten, and is the career middleweight who has collected belt after belt, but he is old, and getting older, timing is very important in boxing. I think Charlo, Andrade and Jacobs would all edge Golovkin now, I think the clock is ticking until Jacobs and Saunders also do, and I think Derevyanchenko and Murata are very, very live threats. I think Jacobs wins, but Sulecki is very good. If Jacobs wins, then that will be 3 wins over unbeaten opponents in 5 fights. I think Sulecki is a step up from Arias, I think he will challenge Jacobs more than that fool did. You?

Yeah, I think it has to be at a catchweight for this one, Brook would have to kill himself to make the weight, and Khan would be not as strong as he is at 154, so to meet halfway is reasonable. I think if the fight isn't made Khan is to blame. Brook seems to wantv the fight more. Also, how do you think Brook does at 154, and Khan at his new campaign at 147?

I think that Golovkin still has some time left to beat these guys, but the clock is ticking for him. This might be a tough schedule, but I say Golovkin should fight Saunders next, if he wins maybe Charlo then a random opponent then maybe retire, what do you think? Also I think that Sulecki will challenge Jacobs more then Arias did, but I still think Jacobs wins it. The Arias fight was disappoiniting, Arias seemed content with surviving and going the distance.

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He has sabotaged it once, he might sabotage it again. I think Brook wants the fight more as well, I think they dislike each other, but Brook is willing to make compromises, unlike Khan, who won't make any allowances, has refused to fight Brook before many times, hasn't made any effort to cooperate, acts like Brook isn't deserving of the opportunity to fight him. I think Kell Brook is top 3 at 154, I don't think he beats Jermell Charlo, or Jarrett Hurd, but anyone else in the division, I think he beats. Khan, if he stays busy, has a fair bit left, I do not think he is top 5, but I think he is easily top 10, probably top 7, but to be fair to Khan, 147 is more competitive than 154 now. You?

Well if I were Golovkin, I would have put my career on the line, given the Canelo rematch every last breath, but Canelo squandered that, so now he is in a tough spot. Golovkin is 36, he has achieved a lot, really, it is time to retire I think, but the problem is, Jacobs is very underrated, and he didn't actually beat Canelo, it was a draw, so what is there to sement his legacy?, his problem is, at 160, there is Saunders, Charlo, Andrade, great fights, but they are all unproven as well, there there isn't an Andre Ward, a Floyd Mayweather Jr, Terence Crawford at 160, no proven top level fighter for him to try to defeat, and define his career by defeating. I think Golovkin should fight Saunders this year, maybe December, if he wins that, he unifies the division, or maybe Murata, then Saunders or vise verse, but I think for Golovkin, just a couple more fights, then retire, if he could THE middleweight world champion, sweep up WBA (super and regular), WBC, IBF, WBO, and retire a boxing legend, but realistically, if he fights Charlo, Saunders, Andrade next year or later, I think his chances of winning are slim. I think Golovkin should try to make a statement against Martirosyan, target Saunders this year, maybe Murata next year, and maybe take real risk if Charlo or Andrade is established as a top level fighter next year, but I think Golovkin should be well and truly retired by 2020. He was completely overwhelmed, he learned a lesson about levels, he really struggled mentally, John David Jackson could not tell him what to do, because Jacobs was prepared for anything, and was simply classes above Arias, and he won every single round clearly. I think Jacobs isn't Golovkin, Ward, Mayweather, Crawford, Lomachenko, but he is absolutely 100%, everything but, everything but spectacular, a bit like Povetkin, Porter, Lara, Pacquiao. I think Sulecki will be right in it for a good few early-mid rounds, but while he will be more of a challenge than Arias was, he will bring more out of Jacobs, and I think Jacobs will get a late stoppage, could be wrong though, might go the distance, or even, Sulecki might pull out the upset, he's unbeaten, beat Centeno, beat Culcay, we can't write him off.

Gonzalez vs Guevara who you got?

Brook said that Khan keeps pushing the goalpost to make the fight happen. He keeps saying Brook needs to do all this stuff and he keeps doing it and nothing. I think Brook is top 3 and Khan I'm not sure because he's good enough to challenge opponents but come up short.

I would fight Saunders next, fight Murata maybe then fight Charlo or Andrade then retire. I really hope he becomes undisputed before it's all said and done. Hopefully he doesn't fight Canelo again and goes after Saunders instead. The thing about Arias, it showed levels in the fight game, I also don't think Arias was ready for elite level opponents yet. We can't right off Sulecki you are right about that.

Gonzalez, what about you?

Thurman vacated his wbc belt.

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I definitely think 147, currently, is more competitive than 154, to be fair to Khan. The fight might never happen, Khan is the reason why.

I'm now reading that apparently the fight is off, a shame.

Good move by Thurman!

WBC final eliminator between Luis Ortiz and Dillian Whyte, ordered, interesting, didn't expect Ortiz to be so close to getting another opportunity straight after losing to Wilder.

If there was a superfight that I would expect to not happen it would be that one and because of Khan.

The Gonzalez fight? I didn't see it listed on boxrec anymore.

I agree.

Me either, I think Ortiz wins it. Also Porter and Garcia can be for the WBC belt now which is good.

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It is a shame, but Khan can continue his career at 147, Brook can do the same at 154, the fight may or may not happen, it is not the be all of boxing.

Yep, real shame, was looking forward to that one, 50/50 fight, but oh well. HBO aren't showing Cecilia Braekhus vs Kali Reis either, so I don't see how there will even really be an undercard.

It might not happen, I'm not sure Whyte's team want him to fight Ortiz. Really, I think Ortiz should retire, but if not, get in the queue, because Whyte, really, I think deserves a world title shot next, if he has to win an eliminator first, he might not opt to fight a risky opponent like Ortiz, then again, could be Hobson's choice, maybe he has to fight Ortiz to get a shot, it has been ordered, so I suppose either fight Ortiz or Joshua, but not Wilder this year.

Great! That is brilliant! Respect to Thurman for vacating the belt, because aside from his own career, at least tht provides an opportunity for other fighters, but really, that isn't his responsibility, it is the WBC who should have done that. Let's hope Porter vs Garcia happens next!

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I agree on that, but it's still a fight I rather see happen then not.

I wonder what they'll do now, they can't put up a good undercard on such short notice.

I wouldn't want Whyte to fight Ortiz either, look how well he did against Wilder, nearly stopped him and looked very dangerous. Whyte is in a tough position here. He has to fight a Ortiz to get to a title. I heard that Wilder sent an offer to Joshua, I think it'll be one that'll benefit both.

I agree on that. It proves an opportunity, and he still gets to challenge for it when he gets back. I really hope that fight happens next, I think it will, what about you?

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Me too, we'll see, it might get made at some stage, depends on Khan's willingness to grow up and cooperate.

Your guess is as good as mine, shame about Gonzalez vs Guevara, I was looking forward to that fight.

I could see Whyte beating Ortiz, I'm not sure if I'd favour him to pull it out, but one thing I will say is, to make a good case for Whyte winning that, you have to be reliant on the damage on Ortiz from the Wilder fight. It's tough, but Whyte might just have to go for it, he might want it more than Ortiz now, but I do think that if Ortiz isn't shot yet, and his desire is is tact, I don't think Whyte has what it takes. Let's hope so, it shows you how much Wilder wants the fight, he needs it more than Joshua, Joshua is richer in pocket, titles, and time to play with. I think Hearn would agree to a deal, if the money is right, for 2019, it is possible they could get right down to business, make the fight this year, but I wonder if they are too close to confirming Joshua's next opponent.

It depends on Garcia and his team, but I think so!, what a fight it would be!

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

I'm in the lead for the prediction competition this month, I think I can win April, could be your month next month!

You looking forward to the fights this weekend?

I hope.

Who knows and yeah I was looking forward to his return.

If he looks mentally out of it from the Wilder fight and still effected physically Whyte has a shot, if not then Whyte will lose badly. I think if the terms are good and the deal looks legit Hearn will do it. I wonder who Joshua will fight next if it's not Wilder.

I think there's a great chance of it happening.

No problem.

I hope so.

For sure, hopefully I'm not too busy for them.

Ready for the Loma Linares fight?

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Guevara would have been some risk. I think Gonzalez could still have a good couple of years at 112, but we don't know what the Rungvisai defeats have done to him physically and mentally, I think the second tells the story, but the first was the one that did the damage.

I agree, it is guaranteed that the Wilder fight has lessened Ortiz physically, but just how much and what about his mental state is what depends. I think Povetkin or Miller.

I think Magdaleno vs Dogboe is the fight of the night.

Can't wait! I think Linares will challenge Lomachenko, but I think Lomachenko stops him late. Linares is a threat, he is very good, especially with the weight advantage, I just think Lomachenko is absolute top level, could very well be the best boxer in the world, that's going to be Linares's downfall in the fight I think, not that Linares isn't a great world level fighter, could well be top 30, probably is in my opinion, he has the potential and the discipline to reign in the division for more years, he is just unfortunate that he is up against a special fighter.

I think Gonzalez would've won but I don't know by how much. He has a few years left, I think he should just stay at 112. That first fight played a lot in Gonzalez mind during the second one.

For sure, I still think he has enough to beat Whyte in my opinion.

I thnink so to, I'm looking forward to the Jacobs fight more because I'm a bigger fan of his.

I think so to, it'll be harder for Linares and Lomachenko. Linares will have the weight advantage, but Lomachenko has the skill advantage for sure. That's how I feel on Linares, he's a world level fighter and could be a good world level fighter but he just is going against Lomachenko who is a level above him. I think he's the second best at 135 excluding Lomachenko, I think he beats Easter and Flanagan. Also Mikey is ordered to fight Robert easter next, good unification fight.

Also, I'm having a hard time giving Pacquiao a good shot against Matthysse, what chance do you give Pacquiao of winning? The only chance I give Pacquiao is that the Horn fight was simply just a bad night and he's back to form when he last fought Bradley, but at 39-40 I doubt it.

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Retiring is still a good option. Besides what it did to his mentality, I remember when the fight happened, I was behind, and before I had even seen a minute, I saw a comment from you, and you were concerned about the loss of blood, you asked "how is he not passing out?", and Gonzalez, not the best defensive fighter in the world, against one of the world's biggest punchers, and fighting at too high a weight, had so many miles put on him.

It depends, but yeah I think so as well. I hope the fight happens, I think Whyte should take it, I do think it could be a winnable fight, Ortiz is old, coming off a rough loss, the timing suits Whyte, then again, Ortiz's mentality is likely to be in tact, and if the fight has lessened him physically, but not so much, then it might not be enough for Whyte, and if Whyte takes the fight, loses, that would mean that fighting Ortiz is a mistake, the loss could cost him a lot.

Sulecki is very good, so yeah that should be a good fight, I think Jacobs will win, but we will see. I wonder if you could get Lejarraga vs Skeete on YouTube tomorrow, just after it has happened, who do you think wins?

I think it is as simple as that, he is very, very good, Linares, but Lomachenko is one of the best if not the best, he is an extraordinary fighter. That's a good one, Mikey should take that fight, I don't rate Easter highly at this level, I thought he was lucky to get the verdict against Fortuna, I think for Garcia, he can win that with little trouble, especially at lightweight. Easter is still good, unbeaten, very tall, I think he will have learned from the Fortuna fight, would be at his absolute best against Garcia, but like Linares (not saying Easter is nearly as good as Linares), could be just a case of being good, but up against a special fighter.

Well the reason a lot of people think he will win, is that Matthysse is old as well, he is nowhere near the fighter he used to be, and prime on prime, Matthysse never achieved to the extent that Pacquiao did, so it isn't like Matthysse is a fresh, dangerous fighter in his prime, 28, no he is 35, and he has a lot of miles, he is defensively poor, he has facial issues, his punch resistance isn't what it used to be, but Pacquiao, naturally smaller, older, more miles, more damage, maybe mentally is not as good a place, and Matthysse, young or old, he still trains hard, and the one attribute you carry through your thirties, is power, and when you hit as hard as Matthysse does, you can be losing a fight, but one mistake, one slip up from the opponent, and you can put his lights out in the twinkling of an eye, you can discount important aspects, goodnight Vienna! I give Pacquiao a fair shot, I see how and why he wins, but I don't struggle to make a prediction, and I think Matthysse knocks him out, maybe in say 7 rounds. No Pacquiao is getting worse and worse, I don't think he had an off night against Horn, I think when you are 38, jumped up weight after weight, and have the damage he has, timing is against you and then some, but also, I think Jeff Horn is very underrated in the states, he was a fighter who wanted to win more, gave it absolutely everything, and I think he will only lose to Crawford for the same simple reason Linares will lose to Lomachenko and Easter would lose to Garcia.

Retiring would be a good option, he had a tough schedule and I think it took a lot out of him, I still wouldn't mind watching him fight a few more times.

I'm 80-85 percent Ortiz wins. He had to of taken some damage from the Wilder fight especially at his age. I still think he has what it takes to beat Whyte.

Sulecki gave Jacobs a hard fight. Also even though I heard Skeete lost I was gonna tell you he was going to win.

You can make a strong argument for Lomachenko being the best fighter in the world. He is a special talent, and it'll take a special fighter to beat him. I think Garcia should take the fight to. I like Easter, but I don't think he has what it takes to beat a Linares, Garcia or even Lomachenko. I thought Fortuna beat him as well.

Matthysse is old as well so anything can happen I guess. He has also taken a lot of punishment in his career, but the same can be said about Pacquiao. I think Matthysse wins by stoppage as well. The thing is I don't think Pacquiao had an off night against Horn, if it was a simple case of an off night though then I give him a better shot of winning.

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Excuse Gold, he knows his stuff, nice guy most of the time, but this topic is not his area!

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It will be interesting to see how he takes the punches, see what his punch resistance is like, I think if Charlo can't do a lot of early damage, then it won't be easy, that doesn't mean of course that he can't hurt Trout later in the fight, but if Trout isn't shot, does have a bit left in the tank, as I think he will, then for at least 6 rounds, probably more, Trout shouldn't be much lesser fighter than he was against the other Charlo, and Hurd, and if that is the case, Charlo will have some problems, I don't think he will seriously struggle, but I think Trout will be right in there, competing with him. I think ultimately, the younger, fresher fighter, and the fighter who in all honesty, in terms of potential and calibre, is just a notch up, I think he will come out on top, and Charlo will win a UD.

Yep, should be a good fight, would be the best win of Russell's career for sure, he might prove me wrong, but I'm not convinced he's as good as he has looked at times in his career, and at world level, I don't think he's that good, he has an opportunity to prove me wrong, but fighting once a year, that won't help him, if you ask me, he shouldn't be getting away with that, in my opinion, like Keith Thurman.

People need to understand that in ring weights often mean relatively little, what weight categories fighters are used to fighting at, is usually what is important, moving up in weight is a big deal, it doesn't always go wrong of course, but it can be a terrible mistake.

Absolutely, and staying on the ropes, I think waiting for an opportunity to be emphatic, to land really big shots, but it was often an opportunity he never found, he wasn't setting his opponent up, just abusing his own movement. DeGale, in the first Truax fight, made the same mistake many times, going to the corner, and moving as an open target, mistiming his movement off the ropes, so instead of making Truax chase shadows, he would make it easier for Truax to swarm him, almost move into some of the punches, full credit to him though, he didn't make that mistake the second time, that is why it was so messy and scrappy, and apart from an early-mid round or two, Truax never really landed solid, quality shots on DeGale. I think Truax did his best in the first fight, that was his fulll potential, he wasn't the one making mistakes, he was the better fighter that night, but in general, he is not, and in tne rematch, all he could do was repeat his effort, try his best again, it was DeGale who had the potential to build on his performance, and that's why he won the second fight.

I don't like Fury vs Martin. Again, not a huge of that, I suppose it is his first fight back, but he wants at least a degree of a challange, and the difference in levels is so big. I don't like Martin or Cornish as opponents, and apparently Eddie Hearn would not sign with Fury because he wanted to face to weak a level of opposition. Could be, I think though Rudenko would be the perfect opponent, or maybe Dimitrenko, or maybe Kevin Jonnson, or Sherman Williams.

What?, that's confirmed is it?!