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Jarrett Hurd

Erislandy Lara

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What did you think of the fight?

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Great fight, I'm glad that Lara finally got respect from fight fans in this one. I wish he would've pulled it off, but nonetheless it was great.

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I was rooting for Hurd, I don't like Lara, but like him or dislike him, as a fighter, you have to respect him, I think he should definitely retire now, but he has had a great career, not lost once conclusively, two very narrow defeats, one defeat wafter which judges were suspended, he's been a world champion, beaten Austin Trout, Vanes Martirosyan, Terrell Gausha.

Do you have predictions for the fights in Japan next week?

I'm a fan of both but I was pulling more for Lara because he seemed he was the underdog coming in the fight. I think he still has left in the tank and I think if he were to get a title back, he should go the WBO route.

I don't really know whos fighting that well so it would be hard to make a prediction.

You hear about another injury with Thurman?

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We'll see, but I absolutely think he should retire, 100%, 34, been in some hard fights, and in this one, he took a bit of a beating, on a logical basis, you could argue that because it was very close, there isn't that great an argument that is career is over, but regardless, he still took a lot of damage. Lara I think ultimately proved himself against Hurd, he did much, much better than I thought he would, it was only a split decision, he did lose though, but I just think he proved so much in that fight, and in terms of how he will decline later in his career, and what he has already proven, I just think he is better off retiring, this is a rough sport, you box until you are a certain age, you put yourself through the wear and tear, the ordeals Lara has been through, if you can provide for your family, then hang up the gloves.

Ok, it is only that I think people should put a prediction down for every fight in the vault, just to give themself the best chance of winning.

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I heard he had a hand injury and won't fight in May, real shame, I do think though that if an injury isn't that bad, still fight, it isn't what a physio woukd tell you to do, your mother tells you not to, it doesn't seem like a good idea, but ultimately, this is boxing, it is painful, it is dangerous, and as bad as it sounds, boxers who give it 100% at the cost of permanently weakening a joint. I'm sure Thurman is telling the truth when he says he is injured, when he did his neck in that car crash, the fight was going to be postoned, he hurt his arm, very frustrating for that to happen, I think to compete in a high level fight, yeah pull out, but in a 'tune up', and as well, now, same situ, hand injury, well that's nasty, again, a bad disadvantage, but assuming he wasn't fighting a guy who was supposed to give him problems in May anyway, you would think he'd fight one handed if he had to, I mean pulling out of fights is something you do if you Absolutely have to, not in a "best rest up" scenario, because time is too valuable in boxing, you cannot waste it! Tony Bellew broke his hand against David Haye in round 2 I think, I mean, I think a big part of Thurman's struggle might be mental.

I question how much Thurman wants this now, I'm not saying he doesn't have the desire he had before, I'm saying he might not, if he retires, then he has still achieved a lot in his career, but it would be a shame, and I would say, at least 5 fights too early.

Apparently Garcua vs Porter might be ordered! Let's hope we see that fight this year!

That's awful to hear because I was looking forward to see him fight. I used to think it wasn't a mental thing with Thurman now I'm starting to think it is. Errol Spence had an interesting quote on Thurman he basically said that he had a different tone about fighting a few years ago then he does now, he wanted to fight everybody now he is all different on fighter. So i think there is a strong possibility that it is a mental thing. I think he should be stripped by now, I feel if you don't fight for a year or at least have a fight scheduled within a year. It's holding up the division.

I agree on that.

I love that fight, interesting style matchup.

Usyk vs Gassiev who you got?

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"He's talking like an old fighter", it's harsh but true, I mean, if you are Spence, you are not going to be happy, you have a belt, have waited very patiently to win that, and the guy who has 2 belts, that's half of his plans to unify the division, delayed to say the least, and there are injuries, not Spence's problem, and the Horn vs Crawford winner, Spence, even Matthysse, these fighters deserve the opportunity to unify, and Porter, Garcia, these guys deserve the opportunity to fight for world titles, I think Spence is being as fair as you could expect. I agree that he should ve stripped, not even taking into account the time from now until he will next fight, it's been 13 months, that is far too much time without a fight, Spence and Porter, also Horn have fought twice, Garcia has fought once, Crawford has fought 3 times, in the time it has taken Thurman to have no fights. You're absolutely right, it is holding up the division, injuries stink, not his fault, but if I were him, I would just try to stay active. If Thurman is smart, he will fight a limited opponent, maybe in June, be mobile, use that right hand, or maybe (depending on which is the good hand) get his jab going, not got a good jab? Work on it! Do what AJ has done in the past year or two, everybody criticised him for jumping the gun with the jab against Whyte, but against Parker, his jab was great. I think If Thurman hasn't fought by the end on June, he should lose his belts.

Do you think Porter would win? Or Garcia?

I understand Spences frustration, he had to wait so long for Kell Brook to fight him. Then for Thurman constantly being injured makes Spence have to wait even longer. He definitely sounding like an older fighter right now I feel. There's fighters that deserve that chance to unify, and it's unfair when a fighter is unavailable all the time.

Hard choice but maybe Garcia, not 100 percent on that what about you?

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Keith Thurman might want to retire, my advice to him now is forget about your hand, fight for goodness sake, soon, or retire, because he can't keep letting injuries hold him back.

If I had to say I might lean towards Garcia, just, but what a fight that would be, I'd give Porter more than a 45% chance. Something Gold said yesterday, I agree with him, he said that Garcia vs Porter should be for a vacant title which is taken from Thumran, maybe an outright WBC title fight, rather than Interim this and final eliminator that, I think Thurman should lose the WBC, and it should be the prize for winner of Garcia vs Porter. Thurman isn't fighting, so he is not a defending champion.

Surprised Charlo vs Trout is confirmed, also Russell vs Diaz on the Stevenson vs Jack undercard, what do you think of that fight?

Sadly, that's true and I agree 100 percent.

It's 50/50 to me on who wins but I might lean toward Garcia. I also agree that fight should be for the WBC belt rather then an eliminator. Thurman hasn't defended in a while so give Garcia and Porter a chance. I gave Thurman a pass in 2017 for not fighting more then once, but now it's getting out of hand.

I'm not a big fan of Charlo vs Trout because he's lost a lot in his last few fights. I like the Gary Russell fight, my only problem with Russell is that he needs to be more active.

Roman Gonzalez is fighting again on May 5th what do you think?

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I think they both deserve another world title shot. I see why, there is only a certain amount of time you can defend a fighter for not fighting.

I like the fight, Charlo is just staying busy, and with a tough opponent, and Trout has nothing to lose, he has been in tough fights, he got beaten really bad by Jarrett Hurd, he is declining, but he is still good, provided he hasn't been absolutely wrecked by the Hurd fight, the rest will have done him good, he has had a fight in the 8 months in between, and he's 32, not too old, so he should have a good effort in him, but whether he is truly shot or not, he isn't as good as he used to be, that, we know. I think Austin Trout has become a stepping stone, but if you're Trout, who cares?, you earn good money, get good opportunities, world title fights, chances to prove you are a warrior, and chances to show people what you are capable of, not too bad if you ask me.

I think Diaz will beat Russell.

I think he should retire, but he is still fighting, we have to respect his decision, and wish him all the best. I think moving up to 115 was 100% a mistake, no question!, if you have been at 105, you should probably never compete at 115, 108, even 112 if you move up within reason at the right time, but he shouldn't have gone to 115. At 112, Gonzalez might get back some speed, power, he might be sharper, but he is still quite old for a flyweight, has been in a couple of wars, been sparked as well, and he is declining, but he was so good in his prime, provided he hasn't been destroyed by Rungvisai, he should be able to have success at world level at 112, he is wasting no time, his opponent is good, a real test, so if Gonzalez wins, then that will be impressive, and we will know he has a bit left in the tank afterall, one thing we know though, he must not fight at Super fly again! What do you think?

I agree, and I think if you don't defend or have a fight scheduled within a year you should be stripped.

I'm not against a stay busy fight, but I just feel that Trout took a lot of damage against the other Charlo and Hurd. He's not too old I agree on that but I feel he has to put himself in a position to earn the title again, and he should rack up a couple wins as well, but I'm not truly against the fight but I thought there could've been a better fight out there.

Russell has a good chance of beating Diaz.

I think if he continues fighting after this one then he should fight at the weight below he got beat ar. It will be interesting to see how much he has left.

Another note I think Degale should give Truax a rematch then retire. I think the champions of 168 would beat him. What do you think?

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I think that is fair, strict, but fair, and this case affects many people not just Thurman, and it isn't good for boxing. I think if Thurman had the desire which Porter, Spence, Garcia, Crawford have, he would fight with a bad hand, with a bad elbow, with any minor injuries.

He did, but I think because of his effort, because of the ability Trout has proven to have over the years, he should get one more opportunity, and I think in terms of damage, if he was 5 years older, and had taken more beatings like he did against Hurd, then I would agree, but it just depends on what perspective we are talking from, is it a good fight for Charlo?, absolutely, is it a good fight for Trout?, well that is arguable, but I think there are worse things to be than a stepping stone, and hey, Trout has always been good, won probably 5 rounds against Jermall, at least 4, nearly beat Canelo, showed a lot of durability and fitness against Hurd, built a 5 or 6 round lead, so this is still a good match up, should be a good fight, let's hope Trout has one or two big efforts left in him, and let's hope he can test Charlo. That's a fair point, but I think when a fighter is at the career stage of Trout, the clock is ticking, and if there aren't fighters ahead of him, it is good to see him fastracked into another world title fight. I don't see a better title defence for Charlo.

Let's hope Diaz can pull it out, I think he will, but obviously it is a challenge, Russell has blurring hand speed, good, solid physical attributes, and he is dangerous. I think Diaz wins.

Well this is a flyweight title fight, so he is already back at 112. Let's hope it works out for him!

I don't think so, I mean why go through that again?, he beat Truax, he proved a lot of people wrong, and I think he deserves to be a world champion again, for now. I agree he doesn't beat Groves, Ramirez, maybe not Zeuge, but I would like to him in a unification fight this or next year, and retire in 2019 or 20, probably has a few fights left, DeGale.

I think the elbow injury was serious but I'm not sure on the hand.

That's true he's not in his late 30's so the damage really isn't that bad. I still do think he got beat up against Hurd. I think it is a better fight for Trout then it is Charlo. This is another chance for him to win a world title.

I'm neutral on this one but I think Russell pulls it off.

I think he's better at 112.

I think even Uzcategi can give him a good fight as well. I think a 2 fights max then retire.

Tyson Fury is officially back, who do you want to see him fight?

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It is certainly a tough 'stay busy' fight for Charlo, a prime Trout is no stay busy fight for anyone, you could make a valid argument he should have gotten the decision over Alvarez, he beat Cotto comfortably, but now, and especially after the Hurd loss, he is past prime, there a lot of miles, and he isn't a tough, tough opponent anymore at this level, but he is a tough opponent by the standards of a 'tune up' fight or a stay avtive fight. Well it's Troug who has the opportunity, but he is the opponent, there to lose to Charlo, I'm not sure how important it will be for Charlo that he beats Trout better than Hurd did. Trout is a stepping stone, a gatekeeper, a good gatekeeper, who has only ever once lost and not done brilliantly (because he dod great against Alvarez, Charlo and even Hurd), Trout has nothing to lose, but if he takes a beating here, I think retire.

When we disagree on the outcome, we know it is an interesting fight! I don't think Russell is great, he has absolute lightning hands, he is a good combinations puncher, he hits hard, but who has he beaten?, and how active has he been? Russell is still a good world level fighter, I think he is probably still the favourite, and I would not be at all surprised if he won.

No doubt! Moving up to 115 was a mistake, the question is, now, after the mental and physical toll of the Runvisai fights, how useful can moving back down be for Gonzalez?, and how much potential does he still have?

I agree, I think Uzcategui beats DeGale. DeGale did better than I thought he would against Truax, but I still don't think he is as good as he was, and I don't think he was ever as good as some said he was.

Ideally, I would say Charr, but he is fighting Oquendo. Briggs maybe, Rudenko, Solomon Hamunu, maybe a tougher opponent, Bryant Jennings maybe. You?

It's a pretty tough stay busy fight. Even though I had Canelo winning, I still think you can make the case of Trout winning. I still have to see the Cotto fight but I plan on seeing it soon. Trout is a higher level journeyman I feel, he's tough enough to play spoiler in fights.

For sure. The only concern I have about Russell is his inactivity and that can cost him in this fight.

I agree on that. he should have never went to 115. People criticized his opposition, but he had a really tough schedule from Viloria on, and he also fought Estrada. I wonder how much he has left as well. I didn't think moving up 3 pounds would be a huge difference but I was wrong on that.

I think he beats Degale as well. My biggest problem with Degale is that he makes fights harder then they have to be and that causes him to take some damage. I think Groves beats him more decisively this time around if they fight again.

I think those are good options, I would say Price but he is coming off a brutal loss. Maybe a Charles Martin might be a decent matchup or Gerald Washington.

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I agree.

And does Diaz want the win more?

3 pounds is a lot for a flyweight.

I agree, part of that is a mental thing, but yes a lot of his lack of improvement wasn't lack of gym time or lack of playing to his strengths, it was that he wasn't working on his flaws, putting mistakes right, but he did that quite well against Truax, the best adjustment was not being a target against the ropes as Truax came in, that suited Truax a lot in the first fight. I've always said Groves beats DeGale, even when people were insisting that wasn't the case.

I don't think you can put Washington and Martin in the same class, and I would say Martin might be slightly below optimum even for the first fight, Washington might be a good opponent for Fury, but I honestly think Rudenko would be a great opponent for him, and later in the year, why on earth not fight Charr?, win a belt!, give Joshua and Wilder a reason to fight you!

I think he could give Charlo some problems.

We'll see on fight night.

I thought that it wouldn't but it definitely is.

You could tell in some fights that he wasn't working on fixing his flaws in the gym, he would make the same mistakes over and over again. He would make fights more difficult by going to the ropes more. He did a good job last week by not doing that and playing in to Truax gameplan. Even though I had Degale winning the first fight, I would've picked Groves in the rematch.

Oh I agree Washington is better then Martin, they were just suggestions for his upcoming fight. I wouldn't be mad if it was Charles Martin. I also thought of it what do you think of Gary Cornish as an opponent? I also think the Charr fight is a good one. Realistically it could be Briggs since they are both big talkers and both have been inactive.

Thoughts on GGG's fight with Vanes? I'm not going to complain about it because obviusly it wasn't his first option or even second becasue they were getting O'Sullivan, so what else could GGG's team do on short notice.

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It will be interesting to see how he takes the punches, see what his punch resistance is like, I think if Charlo can't do a lot of early damage, then it won't be easy, that doesn't mean of course that he can't hurt Trout later in the fight, but if Trout isn't shot, does have a bit left in the tank, as I think he will, then for at least 6 rounds, probably more, Trout shouldn't be much lesser fighter than he was against the other Charlo, and Hurd, and if that is the case, Charlo will have some problems, I don't think he will seriously struggle, but I think Trout will be right in there, competing with him. I think ultimately, the younger, fresher fighter, and the fighter who in all honesty, in terms of potential and calibre, is just a notch up, I think he will come out on top, and Charlo will win a UD.

Yep, should be a good fight, would be the best win of Russell's career for sure, he might prove me wrong, but I'm not convinced he's as good as he has looked at times in his career, and at world level, I don't think he's that good, he has an opportunity to prove me wrong, but fighting once a year, that won't help him, if you ask me, he shouldn't be getting away with that, in my opinion, like Keith Thurman.

People need to understand that in ring weights often mean relatively little, what weight categories fighters are used to fighting at, is usually what is important, moving up in weight is a big deal, it doesn't always go wrong of course, but it can be a terrible mistake.

Absolutely, and staying on the ropes, I think waiting for an opportunity to be emphatic, to land really big shots, but it was often an opportunity he never found, he wasn't setting his opponent up, just abusing his own movement. DeGale, in the first Truax fight, made the same mistake many times, going to the corner, and moving as an open target, mistiming his movement off the ropes, so instead of making Truax chase shadows, he would make it easier for Truax to swarm him, almost move into some of the punches, full credit to him though, he didn't make that mistake the second time, that is why it was so messy and scrappy, and apart from an early-mid round or two, Truax never really landed solid, quality shots on DeGale. I think Truax did his best in the first fight, that was his fulll potential, he wasn't the one making mistakes, he was the better fighter that night, but in general, he is not, and in tne rematch, all he could do was repeat his effort, try his best again, it was DeGale who had the potential to build on his performance, and that's why he won the second fight.

I don't like Fury vs Martin. Again, not a huge of that, I suppose it is his first fight back, but he wants at least a degree of a challange, and the difference in levels is so big. I don't like Martin or Cornish as opponents, and apparently Eddie Hearn would not sign with Fury because he wanted to face to weak a level of opposition. Could be, I think though Rudenko would be the perfect opponent, or maybe Dimitrenko, or maybe Kevin Jonnson, or Sherman Williams.

What?, that's confirmed is it?!

It'll be good to see how much he has left. I think Charlo takes it by UD.

This would be his best win I agree. I think he's good but I still think we have to see him at his best. I don't like that fighting once a year stuff, Stevenson does that to, but I think he's a much better fighter world level then Russell.

One of my examples of weight jumping gone wrong was Roy Jones Jr to heavyweight, he was never the same after.

He was only hurting himself in that fight. I think I made a mistake on the first fight because I don't feel Degale lost. He did all the right things in the fight and was making it a rough fight for Truax.

I would've liked Fury to sign with matchroom but I guess I can understand why they didn't want him. I don't really mind any first opponent back as long as they don't have a losing record. I would like to see Fury vs Jennings at some point or against Washington.

No, I think people are freaking out over it it's not like he's the first option. O'Sullivan backed out there was nothing he could do.

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I agree, Stevenson has more experience, has done a lot more at a high level, but both, are champions who don't really compete against the other champions, and don't seem to want to, and most of us don't like that, but credit to them both, they are both fighting tough opponents now.

Good example, Roy Jones, age, and weight wise, just didn't care what he was doing to himself, it was his decision, but obviously, it was the wrong one.

Didn't you have it 116-112 Truax the first time? He was the one with the potential to build on the first fight, he outboxed Truax the second time, proved me wrong.

At this rate, Golovkin is not going to be able to fight on May 5, maybe they can make it work on a week or two's notice, but it is clear that Canelo has done damage to the sport with failing the test, it is terrible!

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Sorry for cutting in on this conversation, but I saw you were talking about weights and I still am waiting for your reply on it :)

It wasn't necessarily that going up in weight was wrong for Roy Jones, it was cutting muscle at 34 years old to get back down to Light Heavyweight. It seems up in weight significantly and going back down is much more damaging. There were actually some relatively interesting and competitive match-ups that were discussed at the time at Heavyweight for Roy Jones that he could have won. I know rematching Toney was seriously discussed as well as facing Corrie Sanders. If he didn't want to do that he could have easily dropped down to Cruiserweight, I don't think he was over 200lbs versus Ruiz.

It just depends on a lot of things if fighters can go up in weights easily and some is stuff that isn't easy to discern. Bernard Hopkins, for example, made a 157lbs catchweight versus Oscar De La Hoya without much difficulty and less than two years later was fighting as a legitimate and good sized Light Heavyweight.

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I've been busy with other things, you had a point, to a degree, but what I was saying right, you were wrong! It is hard to explain, to be honest, I deleted my comment, because discussing that topic with you, drove me nuts!

Everyone knows that was a bad idea!

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Everyone knows what was a bad idea?

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No disrespect, I think analytical fans like you are good for the sport, you obviously know your stuff, business aspect, general boxing history, my knowledge does not come close to yours! And basically, most of the jibber jabber in our posts, we agree with each other on, it is just a few simple points that we will not only not agree on, but it is not a matter of opinion! I think we are both very stubborn, but I think I have been the one to ask myself when I could be wrong on something, and at times, if you have said something, you'll say anything you can to back up your argument, even if what you said was not accurate. You look at this sport from a more critical angle than me, I look at boxing from a more positive viewpoint, and watch fights of all levels. I 100% maintain that Anthony Joshua is a clean fighter, and that fighters have more of a right than anyone who isn't a fighter to say, from a moral standpoint, what should happen to drug cheats when all said and done. You disagree on those points, the second of those two is a matter of opinion, the first, is a case of guilty or not guilty, we do not KNOW which, I have to accept you believing some of the fighters who I look up to are on PEDs, but what you cannot say, is that you are 100% certain that a fighter is on drugs, hey, I get it, I'm still convinced Glenn Foot is on something, so is Luis Ortiz, so was Manny Pacquiao, but no matter whether I'm 60 or 90% sure, I don't go and say I'm 100% certain like it's a fact, and I know for sure, which I do not!

I'm extremely confident that on the weight topic, a couple of points you made, a couple of crucial, prime points, were false, and the points I was making, were right!, I mean I don't know what I'm supposed to say, I'm against Anyone including me or you being bullied and dictated into agreeing with something! If you want to continue to discuss that topic, I'd be happy to, but we would both have to keep it more constructive, yap on a lot less, because I do not have the time for or the interest in pointless back and fourth arguing and sidetracking.

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Just know that like Anthony Joshua, Manny Pacquiao has never tested positive for a steroid test. It is all circumstantial and investigative evidence like what exists with Joshua.

If you would like to have a conversation about weights I agree that we would have to make some distinct points and stay on track.

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That's not the point, the point is, don't get ahead of yourself, don't get carried away, make accusations, and pass rash judgement onto other people, I don't go saying Pacquiao is 100% certainly on steroids!, so don't do the same with Joshua, that's what I am saying! I hope one day, you are proven wrong, that is nothing against you or your opinions, but I hope you eat humble pie one day on this, but I guess you could say that is just what I want to see happen. I'm going on trust, and thinking the best of people, I don't try to become some kind of self trained anti doping agent:)

Can't knock them for the fighting who they are currently fighting now. Also, I am struggling to make a prediction for Stevenson vs Jack. I'm switching to Stevenson for right now.

He looked good against Ruiz, then after that it went all down hill from there.

I was fine with my card for the first fight, the second one is where I had trouble.

If I were him, I would scrap the May 5th date then fight in June or July. It's terrible all around for Golovkin, Canelo failed the test then O'Sullivan declined what else is he supposed to do?

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That's interesting, you think he gets him out early?

I saw you had it for Truax by 1, fair enough, not the way I saw it, but I'm not you, and both of us can make a mistke, I might have been wrong.

Might be an idea, but I do think they will plan to salvage the fight until maybe it gets into May, because potential opponents have been training for a long time, and we know Golovkin is ready to fight. I think ideally, they would postpone it, I think Gonzalez vs Guevara is significant enough to be the main event. I feel sorry for Golovkin, he is bound to be fired up, a lot of time of his has been wasted, he got hard done by last time in the fight, he won in my opinion, he has spent a career being humble, it is disgusting that Canelo has the audacity to rage at Golovkin when he fucked up the fight, ban him I say.

You hear that Usyk is injured? The Gassiev fight is postponed.

I can see it going decision, but who knows this is a difficult fight for me to pick. By fight time I might have Jack by stoppage.

I might watch it again just for scoring purposes.

That's what I think they are going to do, because so many people paid for the fight why cancel the date. I would be so pissed if I were GGG with all this wasted time. It's not his fault that he has to pick an opponent no one wants. This reminds me of Davis's situation when he couldn't fight Salido got hurt then Martinez got hurt so they had to get Fronseca who wasn't that good to fill in.

I'm a little disappointed but at least we'll see the fight, also when do you think it will be rescheduled and who wins?

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We'll see, what changed your mind? I think Stevenson is going to have to make a great start to have a chance of winning a decision against Jack, I don't think he will be at all strong after 4, but I might be wrong, you could argue that Jack might not be able to do the damage to stop Stevenson, or even win all the rounds in the second half.

If you want, but personally, I don't think I'll watch it again.

Yeah, but at least in that scenario everybody is a victim, and it is nobody's fault, but with Golovkin and Canelo, that isn't just bad luck.

Impossible to say because I don't know what injury Usyk has and what the severity is, my assumption is that if it was very, very bad, the fight might be cancelled, but there haven't been talks of Usyk being out all year or anything like that, so I wouldn't imagine it is that bad. If I had to guess based on what I've read I would say maybe 2 months. I'd lean towards Gassiev, you?

I don't know really, maybe the experience at the weight, and he has more power then Jack. I thin that Stevenson has the skills as well to beat Jack as well. It depends on how Stevensons gas tank is later on in the fight, if it's good then I can see a stoppage.

Honestly, I might not I wasn't a huge fan of this fight.

That's true and did you see the new commercial with GGG and Abel calling out Canelo on the tainted meat thing. It's crazy people are saying GGG is ducking tough competition. He's in a tough spot for this fight.

I heard it's minor and will be postponed. I am leaning towards Usyk in this fight.

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He does, I'm not saying he has a 0% chance, or even a miniscule chance of stopping Jack late or out pointing him, but I do think that is pretty unlikely, I can definitely see him stopping Jack in 2-4, but Stevenson does not like the 12, he carries excess muscle, he doesn't have a good chin, he is very old, and Jack has been at 175 a good few times in tne past, he could not make 168 after the DeGale fight, he had the Cleverly win, he is taller than Stevenson as well. I don't agree, I think Stevenson is physically capable of what he is physically capable of, and he has to work with his weaknesses, and that is him understanding that he can't dominate a fighter as naturally big, compact, as consistent as Jack over 12, and by far his best chance of the win is the early finish.

It was a messy, ugly fight, not my first choice for a review.

Saw that it is there, didn't watch it. People are fools, I stay away from all that crap, my interest is in boxing, not Internet adicted bullshitters.

I see that, it is a tough call, I think Gassiev has the work rate, the general professional ring experience, but Usyk has the Briedis win which tackles the argument about his opposition, and he has the amateur pedigree, possibly the awkwardness, and certain skills Gassiev might not, but I think Gassiev is slightly better.

Do you think Bellew beats Haye again?

I think it will be a decision win for Stevenson. This is a hard fight for me to pick because of everything we know. The thing is, is that every time I pick Jack to lose he proves me wrong so who knows.

Not a big fan of it, I might just keep the score as is.

I though it was funny on GGG's team, I wasn't a huge fan of Canelos response. He got caught and ruined the fight it was all his fault. Really I need to stop looking at the negatives in boxing.

I think Usyk will win based off his skills and ring IQ. I think Gassiev will put up a good effort and even knock Usyk down, but I still believe that Usyk will come out victorious. I think for who ever wins this needs to be top 3 pound for pound, what do you think?

Yeah, because since their last fight Bellew has been in better shape while Haye has been injured numerous times.

Champion97's picture

Yeah well we'll see.

It's natural human instinct, curiosity. You are a boxing fan at the end of the day, and you know that, like me, what I do when I see those comments and videos, and I ask whether or nkt I want to read or watch, and I ask myself, "what has this got to do with boxing?". I have 0 interest in watching two fighters trash talk each other, I pay to watch fights to watch the sport, that's it.

I'm not sure about that, certainly top 20, probably top 15, maybe top 10, but that's my opinion, your list is your list.

What do you think of the undercard?

It's going to be a great fight!

True. Honestly I don't mind the trash talk unless it's fake or crosses a line. Like I didn't mind Ali and Fraziers trash talk because they genuinely hated each other same with Morales and Barrera. I also like rivalries that are purely left in the ring like Pacquiao and Marquez, they showed each other respect out the ring but put on great fights in it. I think in GGG and Canelos situation is that they both had respect for each other until GGG (rightfully so) called out Canelo for the failed drug tests, now it's turned into a rivalry.

Being undisputed is hard to be they'll definitely make my top 10, I actually might update it now since Thurman has been out for a while.

Not bad, I see Joe Joyce is fighting Lenroy Thomas, not a terrible fight. I'm really looking forward to the Broner card this weekend with Charlo and Davis. Also forgot Khan and Frampton are fighting as well.

Champion97's picture

I'm looking forward to it, we'll see how much they want to win, they will be tested, Stevenson can inflict serious damage on Jack with an early attack, Jack will have to dig deep, he'll need his desire, on the other hand, Jack can beat Stevenson up, drain him, push him to the limit, he'll have to tough it out, show some grit himself, we know he avoids tough fights, but what is his desire like when he is actually in the ring?

Meh, I don't know, my interest is in the tactical part of boxing more than anything else.

Oh yeah that's right, I forgot that the winner unifies. In that case top 10 seems very likely. We don't know how hard Thurman is even training, if he decided to postpone his next fight, that's his decision, but at least keep yourself organised, get a new fight date sorted, or narrow it down to a couple of possible days, and does he even know how long he will be out? This is a mess, I think Thurman should definitely lose his belts now.

I like that fight, good test for Joyce, it is good to see that at 32, 3-0, Joyce is wasting no time knocking out guys who are just their to give it half an effort and get paid. The heavyweight division is good, let's say Joshua has the belts over the next 5-7 years, there are plenty of tough challengers kn the division, Joyce, Dubois, Rahman Jr, Gorman, Yoka, more, maybe not all these prospects will go far in boxing, but complaining about whatthe division is like now is just a negative way of looking at it, here's another way of looking at it, in a few years, these fighters who making great starts to their careers might well be major threats at the top of the division, I think they all have a lot of potential, especially Dubois.

Me too, if you look at the predictions on the scoreboard page, you see we are very split on the fight. I'm honestly still leaning towards Broner, but Vargas has a great shot, does he want to win more than Broner does?, because if so, Broner won win I don't think, but I think they both want to win as much as each other.

Frampton vs Donaire should be great, I'm rooting for Donaire, but I think Frampton wins. I think Khan should be fighting a tougheropponent than Lo Greco, but still, worth watching, although the undercard is much better, more competitive than the main event.

Butler vs Rodriguez who you got?

They will be each others best opponents that's for sure. I feel that Stevenson and Jack will bring out the best in each other.

Oh I agree for sure I like the tactical part more. The trash talk or rivalry is just a bonus. That's like with Mayweather Mcgregor, I was never a fan of it because it was a fight made of hype over quality unlike a fight like GGG Canelo or Ward Kovalev which is quality over hype.

I'll put him on a reserve for pound for pound right now until he returns. I agree Thurman should lose his belts, who knows when his next fight will be.

I didn't know he was 32, that's a bit late to start but he'll be fresher in his 40s. Heavyweight division is strong right now, the prospects will keep it going for more years to go. Of all of them I think Dubois is the best of them.

I give Vargas a very good shot at winning. The fight is at a catchweight at 144 so we'll see what happens. I'm still picking Broner, also where does he go from here if he loses?

I'm neutral on the Frampton vs Donaire fight, but I'm picking Frampton to win though. I'm not mad about Khans opponent and we'll get to see where he's at.

I got Butler, what about you?

Looks like the GGG Vanes fight is official what's your thoughts?

Champion97's picture

I don't know about Stevenson, props to him if he proves me wrong, but I just don't think he improves with a tougher level of opponent.

100% agree! And I like an interesting fight, as well as an exciting fight. Joshua vs Klitschko was more exciting, more entertaining, but Joshua vs Parker was more interesting.

It is a problem, I'm not sure whether it is laziness, incompetence, or the association and council have inside information which brings them to the decision not to take his belts, for example, maybe his next fight is in talks.

Well yeah, but it's not something to rely on, miles or no miles, a 40 year old is at some disadvantage. I agree, could be the next guy to take over the division after Joshua and Wilder.

I have no idea, maybe he could be offered an opportunity late this year like Trout was against Charlo, but I don't know. Broner might be mentally stable, in which case, even if he loses, he could compete at 140, because at 140, mentally sound, he is right in the mix, and at 28, even Vargas beats him, as long as it isn't a bad, bad loss, he can achieve a lot at 140, and get good opportunities.

I'm not sure we will exactly, it is, not inevitable, but it is predictable what will happen, I don't think Lo Greco can really test Khan, and even with the layoff, the level of opponent is disappointing, Lo Greco did not have success against Porter or Spence, and now, he is older, more faded than he was then, put it this way, the Lo Greco fight will show us as much about Khan as the Molina fight did. I expect Khan to win every round, be breaking Lo Greco by round 6, and I think at some point, his corner will pull him out. The fight has been overhyped, and I think it might be slightly competitive for 3 rounds if that, but although level wise it is less significant, there is no comparison in terms of how competitive, entertaining they will be, when we look at the undercard fights, Mulcahy vs Rehman, Dodd vs Coyle, even Jonas vs Obenauf, even if they are not significant in terms of levels, they will be much more entertaining that the Khan vs Lo Greco mismatch.

Rooting for Butler, but I think Rodriguez. What about Cox vs Ryder?

Good! Martirosyan has been inactive I think, he isn't a middleweight, but he was very good at 154, challenged, had success against Lara, Andrade, Charlo, this is a good fight. You?

If he loses, I think it will because his level of competition and age.

Yeah, I rather watch a fight that is good then a circus that is built off hype and not good competition. I like trash talk it adds hype, but it's just a bonus.

I don't know why they haven't got around to it.

Oh for sure, it shouldn't be something that you should rely on. What I meant was that at 40 he will be more fresh then a 40 year old fighter that has been doing it for longer.

I don't know where Broner would go after a loss to Vargas. Another thing I was thinking, if he beats Vargas would this be his best win?

I forgot about Spence vs Lo Greco, that was one of the first fights I've watched when I became a new fan, he really didn't do much. I actually might change my prediction for this fight, because I can see Khan doing a number on Lo Greco and his corner stopping the fight, I think Lo Greco might have a decent round but not enough to win it. There are probably better fights on the undercard but I think it's getting overhyped because of the return of Khan, if Khan had been active in the time he wasn't and Lo Greco was an opponent I don't think people would care.

I'm picking Ryder, what about you?

Better then nothing, when you think about it Canelo failed a drug test, O'Sullivan rejected as a replacement, what else can you do?

Champion97's picture

Can't disagree with that, you could argue Stevenson deserves more credit than he gets, but ket's be honest, he ducked Ward, he ducked Kovalev, he ducked Alvarez, and I thini he would duck Jack if he knew what a capable fighter Jack is.

To be honest, I don't like the concept of trash talk, but I can't deny, when I watch it, I keep watching, it's a laugh.

Thurman deserves credit has a former world champion, one of the greats of a portion of his era, but one thing he is not, here, now, in 2018, is a legitimate world champion, there is a line to wait in for all challengers, all other champions who want to unify, and because of Thurman's inactivity, the line is not moving, and the division is suffering!

You are right on that! It is combination of both those factors, 40 is 40 to a degree, but that is not all there is too it, damage taken, miles, is a big part of it, especially in terms of punch resistance.

Yes I think so, up there with Granados in terms of opposition, but in terms of the reward, no I think that would have to be one of his world title wins, but no it would be some victory if he beat Jessie Vargas, I think he will, but it will not be easy, I think it will be very close.

I think you have hit the nail on the head there, and I also think Lo Greco's personality is playing a part.

Same. Cox is good, but I think Ryder is a lot bigger, and he has more experience at commonwealth sort of level, and he has the better wins.

Nothing, Golovkin vs Martirosyan should be a good fight. Martirosyan is a much better replacement than O'Sullivan! Do you rate Martirosyan very highly?

He deserves credit for his skills, but not so much for ducking big fights. I heard Ward said he avoided a fight with him, and we know about Alvarez and Kovalev. Also Kovalev is fighting Alvarez soon because Browne got arrested recently.

It is a laugh, but if that's all a fight is good for then I'm not interested.

Couldn't agree more with what you said. He's a good champ of this era but he deserves to be stripped, because other fighters deserve to fight for the title to. It's not like Thurman will never be allowed to fight for the title, he will once he's back.

That's true.

I think Malinaggi was a better win then Granados, but if he beats Vargas convincingly then this will be his best win I feel. Still a close fight.

How so?

I know more about Ryder that's why I'm picking him.

You think it is? At 154 I rate Mairitosyan highly at 154 then I would at 160. I'm not complaining about this fight since all the replacements were declining. The thing people need to understand about GGG fighting an elite level fighter is that they would've had no time to prepare and it would've been unfair to them, and people would've used the less time to prepare as an excuse if they lose. The other thing is that all the other top middleweights have fights scheduled, what else can he do?

Champion97's picture

Well that's disappointed, do you know what for?

Exactly, I don't blame Thurman for not vacating as much as I blame the WBA and WBC for not taking the belts from him.

If you were Broner's trainer, what would you tell him to do against Vargas?

Well think how many tickets have been sold and how much drama has been added to the build up because of that stupid verbal battle at the first press conference.

What? A good replacement?, absolutely. No well he is at a slight weight disadvantage, and he has been inactive, but still, he will challange Golovkin, apart from Canelo, Jacobs, Brook, who better than Martirosyan has Golovkin fought? Not saying by any means it is a step up in opposition for Golovkin, what I'm saying is, if we look back to before last year, who Golovkin was fighting, even Lemieux, Stevens, I think Martirosyan is better. Exactly, backed up against the wall, but Golovkin vs Martirosyan is a great replacement, maybe Andrade would have been better, but I'm glad it's not O'Sullivan.

Domestic violence I believe.

Yeah, I don't really blame him either because he wants the titles hold on to them while you can.

I would tell him to throw more punches, because sometimes in fights he wins he has a problem of being too economical and not throw too much, and I would also tell him to add movement. What about you?

That's true, you think the Brook fight will ever happen? I think they are doing the 150 catchweight to adjust him to 154.

Yeah, I think other then the weight advantage and inactivity the replacement isn't too bad. I just think if they got an elite replacement, people would've used the excuse of not enough time to train as to why they lost.

Champion97's picture

That's bad, I think when a man hits his girlfriend, he is a victim and so is she, and he needs to man up and get out for both their sakes, at least for a certain time period. Domestic violence is terrible, I met a girl once who had been set on fire by her partner.

If the WBA and the WBC aren't actually handling the situation, then I don't know what they are doing with their time, I think of they were doing their jobs, Thurman would either lose the belts, or he would be ordered to fight before a deadline.

First of all, talking about almost all aspects of boxing is interesting to me, but this topic is by far the best to dicuss in general for me. I agree, but does he have that in the tank for 12 possible rounds against a bigger fighter who will be pushing the pace?, I agree also that movement is important, but what he has to do, is move when necessary, no unnecessary movement, what he doesn't want to do is try to make Vargas, early, miss by miles, he wants a controlled, measured pace, make Vargas just miss, and he is in a better position to counter. I think Broner is great at setting traps, he is a good offensive fighter, but for a few possible reasons, he hasn't done that in all his fights, against Granados, he couldn't control the fight, he just fought it out and produced the more quality work, but against Vargas, he has to be patient, if he tries to make Vargas punch himself out early, that won't work against a fighter bigger and as well prepared as Vargas, he has to bait him in, draw him into counters whenever he takes a risk, he needs the early rounds, that is very important, and to put them in the bank, he should aim to steal them, be economical with his punch output, early, but waste nothing, and as the faster fighter, use the closing seconds as best you can.
What would you tell Vargas?

My thoughts exactly, Brook could make 151 I think, I think they could fight at that weight. I would love to see that fight, but I think Khan would be unwise to go to 154, a catchweight is the answer.

No it wouldn't have worked out.

That's horrible.

I agree on that, I think they should give him a deadline to schedule a fight or he gets stripped. I didn't mind that he was going to be out of the ring for a year because he had a fight scheduled for May, now that it got postponed he should be stripped soon.

I agree on the unnecessary moving part, even though Pacquiao was able to get away with it, I don't think Broner can. I don't think his stamina is an issue, he is still able to carry a good bit of power into the later rounds. I think that Broner just needs to throw more and use the right amount of movement. For Vargas I would tell him to pressure Broner from the opening bell, what about you?

A catchweight would be better for this fight.

I agree. Also what happened to rorsach? I saw his name isn't on the top scorers anymore.

Champion97's picture

A lot of it depends, it depends on a couple of things. Broner has the conditioning to carry power through 12 rounds, definitely, but two things to consider are the difference between working at your own pace, and being made to work at a different pace, and also, Vargas is so much bigger than Broner naturally, and as the rounds go by, Vargas is going to be able to raise the tempo, and if he can really overpower Broner, give him no choice but to work really hard, that is draining. He needs to try to set traps, make the most of breif moments when he has Vargas going backwards maybe just slightly, and then backpeddle, and when Vargas walks forward with an attempted response, that's when Broner can really punish him, tag him clean coming forward. Centre ring, Broner can be unpredictable with the feints, jab to the body, he can set Vargas up, but he has to be patient, he needs tactical discipline, and he has to have worked on the right tactics with Kevin Cunningham.
Well Broner is stylistically not a fighter with a good output, if you can make him work, make him throw more punches than he plans, even ta the cost of giving Broner some success, that is going to sap steam out of him, so Vargas has to make Broner work, early, he has to give Broner no choice but to run a mile just to stay on even terms with him, and you are right, he should pressure Broner, but he needs a balance, not hesitant front foot movement which makes him there for Broner to potshot, no over committing, because that would suit Broner, Vargas needs educated pressure, he needs to make Broner work, and in rounds 4 and 5, when Broner is maybe taking more rests, that's when Vargas has to jump all over him, even if it is in parts of the round, because he can steal rounds that way, rather than trying to get Broner out of there or win rounds unnecessarily one sided, because any over commuting, a gutsy counter puncher with variety, like Broner, can exploit. I would definitely tell Vargas not to let Broner use the last 20 seconds, a late flurry in a tight round can be very important, they have to take that away from Broner.

I think it would be, Khan doesn't have to go to 154, Brook does not have to drain himself to make 147, no I think they should do it at 150, or 151. I think the weight compromise would be worth the money and opportunity, for both fighters. I think now might be the best time for Brook vs Khan, because yes they are probably slightly past their primes, but not much of at all, and at this stage, they don't have that much to lose, I think it would be a fan friendly fight.

You excited for Broner vs Vargas?

Your guess is as good as mine!

I agree on that.

Good point, I'm not a huge fan of catchweights but I don't mind it in this situation because of the weight situation. That's another good point, Khan and Brook aren't at their best now but still good enough to put on a good fight. I still would love to see this fight, who are you rooting for in that fight? I'm picking Brook to win and rooting for Brook.

Very, this Charlo fight will be good to. I'm picking Charlo by stoppage.