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PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (October)

1. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (29)
2. JML14 (27) Matchroom (27)
3. Champion58 (25) SalTnutZ1 (25)
4. Champion97 (24)
5. Gold (23)
6. Boxing Knowledge (22)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Vargas vs Dulorme

Boxing Knowledge - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
Champion58 - Vargas beats Dulorme (late) (0 points)
Champion97 - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
Gold - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
JML14 - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
Matchroom - Vargas beats Dulorme (UD) (0 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Vargas beats Dulorme (late) (0 points)

Roman vs McDonnell

Boxing Knowledge - Roman beats McDonnell (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - McDonnell beats Roman (UD) (0 points)
Champion97 - McDonnell beats Roman (MD) (0 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Roman beats McDonnell (MD) (2 points)
Gold - Roman beats McDonnell (UD) (2 points)
JML14 - Roman beats McDonnell (UD) (2 points)
Matchroom - Roman beats McDonnell (UD) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Roman beats McDonnell (UD) (2 points)

Miller vs Adamek

Boxing Knowledge - Miller beats Adamek (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - Miller beats Adamek (late) (3 points)
Champion97 - Miller beats Adamek (mid) (4 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Miller beats Adamek (late) (3 points)
Gold - Miller beats Adamek (mid) (4 points)
JML14 - Miller beats Adamek (late) (3 points)
Matchroom - Miller beats Adamek (mid) (4 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Miller beats Adamek (mid) (4 points)

Beterbiev vs Johnson

Boxing Knowledge - Beterbiev beats Johnson (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - Beterbiev beats Johnson (late) (3 points)
Champion97 - Beterbiev beats Johnson (UD) (2 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Beterbiev beats Johnson (early) (5 points)
Gold - Johnson beats Beterbiev (mid) (0 points)
JML14 - Beterbiev beats Johnson (mid) (4 points)
Matchroom - Johnson beats Beterbiev (late) (3 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Beterbiev beats Johnson (late) (3 points)

Rungvisai vs Diaz

Champion58 - Rungvisai beats Diaz (mid) (2 points)
Champion97 - Rungvisai beats Diaz (mid) (2 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Rungvisai beats Diaz (early) (2 points)
Gold - Rungvasai beats Diaz (early) (2 points)
JML14 - Rungvasai beats Diaz (mid) (2 points)
Matchroom - Rungvisai beats Diaz (early) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Rungvisai beats Diaz (early) (2 points)

Inoue vs Payano

Boxing Knowledge - Inoue beats Payano (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - Inoue beats Payano (late) (3 points)
Champion97 - Inoue beats Payano (UD) (2 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Inoue beats Payano (mid) (4 points)
Gold - Inoue beats Payano (mid) (4 points)
JML14 - Inoue beats Payano (late) (3 points)
Matchroom - Inoue beats Payano (early) (5 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Inoue beats Payano (late) (3 points)

Relikh vs Troyanovsky

Boxing Knowledge - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (UD) (5 points)
Champion58 - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (UD) (5 points)
Champion97 - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (late) (2 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (UD) (5 points)
Gold - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (late) (2 points)
JML14 - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (MD) (4 points)
Matchroom - Relikh beats Troyanovsky (UD) (5 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Troyanovsky beats Relikh (late) (0 points)

Shiro vs Melindo

Boxing Knowledge - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
Champion97 - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
Gold - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
JML14 - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
Matchroom - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Shiro beats Melindo (UD) (2 points)

Tete vs Aloyan

Boxing Knowledge - Tete beats Aloyan (UD) (5 points)
Champion58 - Tete beats Aloyan (mid) (2 points)
Champion97 - Tete beats Aloyan (UD) (5 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Tete beats Aloyan (late) (2 points)
Gold - Tete beats Aloyan (mid) (2 points)
JML14 - Tete beats Aloyan (late) (2 points)
Matchroom - Tete beats Aloyan (mid) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Tete beats Aloyan (UD) (5 points)

Crawford vs Benavidez

Boxing Knowledge - Crawford beats Benavidez (UD) (2 points)
Champion58 - Crawford beats Benavidez (late) (5 points)
Champion97 - Crawford beats Benavidez (late) (5 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Crawford beats Benavidez (mid) (4 points)
Gold - Crawford beats Benavidez (late) (5 points)
JML14 - Crawford beats Benavidez (late) (5 points)
Matchroom - Crawford beats Benavidez (UD) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Crawford beats Benavidez (mid) (4 points)

Murata vs Brant

Boxing Knowledge - Murata beats Brant (UD)
Champion58 - Murata beats Brant (UD)
Champion97 - Murata beats Brant (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Murata beats Brant (UD)
Gold - Murata beats Brant (UD)
Matchroom - Murata beats Brant (late)
SalTnutZ1 - Murata beats Brant (mid)

Dadashev vs DeMarco

Boxing Knowledge - Dadashev beats DeMarco (UD)
Champion58 - Dadashev beats DeMarco (UD)
Champion97 - Dadashev beats DeMarco (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Dadashev beats DeMarco (late)
Gold - Dadashev beats DeMarco (UD)
Matchrooom - Dadashev beats DeMarco (late)
SalTnutZ1 - Dadashev beats DeMarco (UD)

Farmer vs Tennyson

Boxing Knowledge - Farmer beats Tennyson (UD)
Champion58 - Farmer beats Tennyson (UD)
Champion97 - Farmer beats Tennyson (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Farmer beats Tennyson (UD)
Gold - Farmer beats Tennyson (UD)
Matchroom - Tennyson beats Farmer (mid)
SalTnutZ1 - Tennyson beats Farmer (mid)

Galahad vs Kahn Clary

Boxing Knowledge - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (UD)
Champion58 - Kahn Clary beats Galahad (late)
Champion97 - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (UD)
Gold - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (UD)
Matchroom - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (UD)
SalTnutZ1 - Galahad beats Kahn Clary (MD)

Rodriguez vs Moloney

Boxing Knowledge - Rodriguez beats Moloney (UD)
Champion58 - Rodriguez beats Moloney (mid)
Champion97 - Rodriguez beats Moloney (late)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Rodriguez beats Moloney (UD)
Gold - Rodriguez beats Moloney (UD)
Matchroom - Rodriguez beats Moloney (SD)
SalTnutZ1 - Rodriguez beats Moloney (UD)

Dorticos vs Masternak

Boxing Knowledge - Dorticos beats Masternak (UD)
Champion58 - Dorticos beats Masternak (late)
Champion97 - Masternak beats Dorticos (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Dorticos beats Masternak (late)
Gold - Dorticos beats Masternak (mid)
Matchroom - Dorticos beats Masternak (late)
SalTnutZ1 - Dorticos beats Masternak (early)

Pulev vs Fury

Boxing Knowledge - Fury beats Pulev (UD)
Champion58 - Fury beats Pulev (UD)
Champion97 - Fury beats Pulev (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Fury beats Pulev (MD)
Gold - Fury beats Pulev (UD)
Matchroom - Pulev beats Fury (UD)
SalTnutZ1 - Fury beats Pulev (late)

Jacobs vs Derevyanchenko

Boxing Knowledge - Jacobs beats Derevyanchenko (UD)
Champion58 - Jacobs beats Derevyanchenko (UD)
Champion97 - Jacobs beats Derevyanchenko (late)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Jacobs beats Derevyanchenko (UD)
Gold - Jacobs vs Derevyanchenko (UD)
Matchroom - Derevyanchenko beats Jacobs (late)
SalTnutZ1 - Jacobs beats Derevyanchenko (UD)

Prograis vs Flanagan

Boxing Knowledge - Prograis beats Flanagan (UD)
Champion58 - Prograis beats Flanagan (late)
Champion97 - Prograis beats Flanagan (late)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Prograis beats Flanagan (UD)
Gold - Prograis beats Flanagan (mid)
Matchroom - Prograis beats Flanagan (mid)
SalTnutZ1 - Prograis beats Flanagan (mid)

Baranchyk vs Yigit

Boxing Knowledge - Baranchyk beats Yigit (UD)
Champion58 - Yigit beats Baranchyk (UD)
Champion97 - Baranchyk beats Yigit (late)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Baranchyk beats Yigit (UD)
Gold - Baranchyk beats Yigit (UD)
Matchroom - Baranchyk beats Yigit (late)
SalTnutZ1 - Baranchyk beats Yigit (SD)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I have Davis by SD(changed earlier this week)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard
Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Moral of the story kiddos; don't pick Draws and too many upsets, and you may win the comp, haha. Congrats JML.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Is it too late to switch my pick for tonight Champ? Because I'd like to switch to Rojas by late stoppage if possible please?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Hi champion, could you change my prediction for the Khan-Vargas fight to Khan beats Vargas by UD?

Thanks in you advance.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

No problem

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Hey Jonny. I updated my picks, and have Orozco over Ramirez.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Ok, that's 8 fights with disagreement, 6 with more than 1 either side, but we both have a fight now that everyone else disagrees on, I think Palicte and you think Orozco, so if we are right, only scorer to get points from the fight.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (March 2018)

1. JML14 (15)
2. Gold (14)
2. SalTnutZ1 (14)
3. Boxing Purist (12)
4. Champion97 (11)
4. Champion58 (11)
5. martin eden (10)
6. EndOfMe1994 (9)
7. what_is_the_default_password (5)

JML14 wins PCOM!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Is there a difference in this game if you pick KO or TKO ? I always write KO and by that i mean KO,TKO or DQ...so a win inside the scheduled distance. I've noticed you put KO by my name and TKO by others so.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Not at all, it doesn't matter. Nobody gets any points if it is a disqualification, but that rarely happens, you can predict a disqualification, and get 3 points though.

Great that you made predictions, but maybe make one for each fight in the prediction vault, up to you, but the more fights you make a prediction for, the better chance you give yourself of winning!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Yeah i plan to make a prediction for every fight in the fault...but i want to do it week by week...but i can do it for the whole month in once if you prefer that.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It is 100% up to you pal! Great to have you involved, the more participants, the better!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (April 2018)

1. Champion97 (33)
1. SalTnutZ1 (33)
2. JML14 (32)
3. Champion58 (29)
4. EndOfMe1994 (26)
4. Gold (26)
4. mike25 (26)
5. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (20)
6. what_is_the_default_password (9)
7. Boxing Purist (5)
8. martin eden (4)

Me and SalTnutZ1 are the winners of PCOM April 2018!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (May)

1. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (31)
2. EndOfMe1994 (29)
2. mike25 (29)
3. Champion97 (28)
4. Champion58 (27)
4. Gold (27)
5. SalTnutZ1 (25)
6. JML14 (22)
7. what_is_the_default_password (12)
8. Boxing Purist (0)
8. martin eden (0)

Floyd tough competitor mayweather wins May's PCOM!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard


Just made a tracker for you to use if it helps. Here...


Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (June)

1. JML14 (49)
2. Gold (41)
3. SalTnutZ1 (40)
4. Champion97 (35)
5. Champion58 (34)
6. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (33)
7. EndOfMe1994 (31)
8. Chrisvilla (28)
9. mike25 (26)
10. what_is_the_default_password (3)

JML14 wins PCOM June!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (July)

1. Champion58 (33)
2. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (29)
3. SalTnutZ1 (27)
4. Gold (25)
5. Champion97 (24)
6. JML14 (21)
7. EndOfMe1994 (5)
8. mike25 (4)
9. what_is_the_default_password (2)
10. Chrisvilla (0)

Champion58 (dad) wins PCOM July!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Congrats father Champion!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Cheers mate! Pity about Dib, best name in boxing Billy Dib, but Farmer deserved to win.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Beltran beats Pedraza TKO. (Mid)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Hey man are you in?
If so then best to make a prediction for every fight, if you want to win!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Yes I decided I'd give it a try. I want to get the experience of the whole site, so I'll try this. Just wish I hadn't missed Zoe again because I really want to be able to add fights like you guys.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm sorry about that, if you need anyfights adding, I'll add them for you, but I'm sure Zoe will give you permission at some point

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Me, too. Just post them, and Champ and I will square you away. Actually plugging away at some requests tonight, and will do some more tomorrow. If you think of any, start another list!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Late? Mid? Early?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard


Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Alexander beats Berto UD
Love beats Quillin UD
Kovalev beats Alvarez UD
Bivol beats Chilemba TKO (Mid)
Diaz beats Rojas UD
Frampton beats Jackson UD
Rosales beats Barnes UD
Fury beats Pianeta TKO (late)
Dogboe beats Otake UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Love looks to be clearly on the way to losing a wide UD, ****.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I agree, **** for me to.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Wow, I had a terrible first weekend in the league lol.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (August)

1. Gold (34)
2. SalTnutZ1 (31)
3. Champion58 (28)
4. Champion97 (27)
5. JML14 (24)
6. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (21)
7. Matchroom (10)
8. EndOfMe1994 (4)

Gold wins PCOM August!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Congrats Gold! I was so close, yet so far!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Thanks! This next month is going to be a great one, really stacked with good competitive fights.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

You're going down Gold, next month will be my month!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm coming for both of ya! Haha

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Gold winning August was like Groves finally winning his world title!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Haha I hope I can defend it. I'm picking Groves to successfully defend as well!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Imma take youe belt, just like Smith will take Groves's belt, haha.

Seriously, I would be happy for Groves if he beat Smith, but already, he has done great, regardless of actually how good you think he is, he has done well to come back from the brink after he lost to Jack, to rebuild like this, but I just think this is Smith's time, I think he is a very good fighter, and he'll have too much for Groves, I'm 60/40 on smith winning, but we'll see. Is the winner of Groves vs Smith the best at 168?, in my opinion, maybe so, I know Uzcategui, Ramirez, Benavidez are right up there, but I still think the WBSS winner will be the best in the division, I definitely think those are the top 5.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Ioka beats Arroyo UD
Nietes beats Palicte UD
Estrada beats Orucuta Late
Khan beats Vargas Mid
Porter beats Garcia SD
Ramirez beats Orozco Late
Dadashev beats DeMarco Late
Golovkin beats Alvarez II SD
O'Sullivan beats Lemieux Mid
Munguia beats Cook Early
Gonzalez beats Fuentes Early
Joshua beats Povetkin Late
Campbell beats Mendy II UD
Tanaka beats Kimura UD
Groves beats Smith UD
Charr beats Oquendo Mid
Ortiz beats Molina Early

Not seeing Ortiz vs Molina listed anywhere?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It's listen in the Vault and on the Scoreboard, and I added the fight

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Great you're still involved, 7 competitors, not bad.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I would like to change GGG beats Canelo to Canelo beats GGG by UD?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard


Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm leading by 1 point with a big weekend to come woo hoo lol!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Still have my lead, a whole 2 points now!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Does Ortiz vs Molina still happen?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It shouldn't, but it looks like it might.
Ortiz should get 20 years in prison and we should never see him in the ring again!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Just so you know https://twitter.com/Boxing_NewsNow/status/1045129118562443265 Brandon Figueroa vs Oscar Escandon replaces Ortiz vs Molina Jr. as the main event of that card. However it might be to late to add a fight to the league.