Sean Dodd vs Tommy Coyle

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Sean Dodd vs Tommy Coyle
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Echo Arena, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
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Commonwealth (British Empire) Lightweight Title


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Champion97's picture


What a match up! Batman vs Superman, haha.

This is a great fight, I think it will be the most entertaining fight of the evening, it's not the main event, it is a Commonwealth title fight, a domestic clash, but that is still a high level to compete at when you consider what a hard sport this is.

Dodd and Coyle are very fan friendly fighters, both are great at British and Commonwealth level, they are tough as fighters come, always put up a great fight fight, win or lose.

Sean Dodd has over achieved in boxing, he didn't have a great amateur career, he turned professional at 27, later than ideal, but he's learned so quickly, learned on the job, and he's proven that he can fight, he can box too to a degree, but he's certainly a good fighter who is easy to underestimate. I don't think Dodd is a good world level fighter, but he has done very well to get as far as he has and achieve what he already has at the level he has succeeded at, he's defended his Commonwealth title twice now. I thought Tom Stalker would comfortably beat Sean Dodd, professional career wise, there didn't seem like there was anything in it, they'd both been beaten once or twice, both drawn at least once, neither had had 20 fights, but in terms of amateur pedigree, there was no comparison, and Stalker, expected to prove too skilled, was the favourite to win. For 2 rounds, it looked like we were right, but for the rest of the fight, it was absolutely all Dodd, Stalker looked way out of his depth, and Dodd dominated the fight, proving that professional boxing is by no means the same as amateur boxing. You had to be impressed with Dodd's win over Stalker.

I think Tommy Coyle has always been underrated, he isn't world class, but at this level, he's a very good fighter. Coyle has had his ups and downs in his career, he was knocked out cold by Derry Matthews, who came from behind, he suffered a tough loss to Luke Campbell, he's been defeated a few times. Coyle has achieved a lot in his career, but what stands out to me, is that war against Daniel Eduardo Brizuela, that was one of the best British boxing fights I've ever seen, the heart from both fighters, knockdown after knockdown, incredible. I remember whe Tommy Coyle fought former world title challenger, former Interim world champion, Michael Katsidis, I thought he would struggle in that fight, Katsidis has done well in his career, against very good world level fighters, and Coyle bulldozed him in 2 rounds. Coyle is an unpredictable fighter, he always gives you an entertaining fight, his vulnerabilities, flaws, only make his fights more dramatic, but his grit, stamina, willingness to fight, makes him a dangerous fighter, and this fight is for the Commonwealth title as well (that's just an added bonus, because this isn't about belts, not really). I think Coyle can still achieve a lot at this level, including, and aside from this fight.

It is quite tough to make a prediction for this fight.
- Coyle is the younger fighter
- Coyle has had a lot more pro fights
- Coyle has probably been in against the tougher opponents
On the other hand
- Dodd has been more active, and more successful over the last 2 years
- Dodd has less losses
- I've seen both guys fight many times, and I think Dodd is the more compact, less targetable fighter, maybe more naturally resilient

I think this fight will catch fire early, Dodd's feet are slow, he does take time to find his rhythm, so I think Coyle, being the faster, more mobile fighter, should take the lead, but by round 4, I think both will have landed a lot of leather.
Dodd looked right at home in the trenches against Stalker, like a pig in muck. When Dodd gets into a good rhythm, he's a nightmare, constant pressure, good work ethic, he's patient, mentally, he's always sound, and he gradually breaks down an opponent, as he did against Stalker. Coyle is no Stalker, and as the rounds tick by, if Dodd makes a mistake, he can be hurt despite his durability, as he was in the first Cardle fight, Coyle can turn the tables on opponents who think they are getting to him, Coyle doesn't fade late either.

I think Dodd will win this, I think it will be an absolute classic, it will be brutal, but in the end, Sean Dodd will get the win, I think it will be extremely competitive, it will go the distance, and Dodd will win by a narrow margin. I wouldn't be surprised if Coyle won, he can't be written off in this fight.